Chapter 23: Women Are Tigers

When the car came to another stop, Su Le saw someone who she did not want to see – Zhuang Wei.

Sometimes, humans are very strange creatures. When they fail to get something, they will do anything to get their hands on it. But after having it thrown away, they would feel sentimental as the substitute can never replace the original feelings they once had so they would turn their heads back to try and get back what they had originally thrown away.

Whether it’s a television drama or fictional novel, the romance genre had always been the most popular. In Su Le’s view, the genre was popular because true love never comes easy and not because they contained the most perfect romance. And because, there are uncertainties that people cannot control in reality, they sink their heads into the world of fictional novels just so as to satisfy their imaginations.

After all, people would yearn and work towards the uncommon.

To Zhuang Wei, she was someone who he wanted. And once in his hands, he threw her away for someone else. But after doing so, he deeply regretted it. It was just too bad that she was a person and not an object. In this world, not everything can be gotten back after throwing them away.

Using her hand to brush her fringe, that was slightly long, to one side, she said, “Zhuang Wei, you’re looking for me for something?”

Zhuang Wei took a peek at Wei Chu who stood behind Su Le. All the things he had wanted to say ended up unspoken. He became silent for a while. “I came here to look around.”

Looking at the time, Su Le replied him with another question, “It’s still early at the moment, why aren’t you handling your business matters? Aren’t you going to inherit your family’s business?”

“Even a company’s CEO can have some spare time, and I’m just the general manager as of yet,” Su Le’s words had the intention of shooing him away, but he ignored it and carried on speaking, “I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Talk, talk about what? What else do we have to talk about?!” Su Le finally couldn’t hold it in, “This lady got her contract snatched away in her previous company. Then, when she got home, she saw you holding onto another woman. So what else do you want me to say?! You can’t stand it that I didn’t hit you or curse you right? You want to anger me until I become a shrew right? Is it because you’re a M or is there just a problem with your brain? I’ll tell you straight up, right here right now! Zhuang Wei, there is nothing to talk about between you and I. You better stay as far as you can away from me! Don’t test my patience! Have some face, please!” Once she finished speaking, Su Le headed towards the building.

“Su Le, you …”

Su Le, whose arm was pulled by Zhuang Wei, finally exploded. She raised a foot and stomped on Zhuang Wei’s branded shoe with all her strength. Zhuang Wei let out a miserable shriek and squatted down.

Wei Chu, who stood silently at one side, shifted a little as he suddenly felt a chill.

“Since this lady didn’t hit you, so you’re seeking for one instead, am I right? Do you feel better now?!” She threw the bag, that was in her hands, at Zhuang Wei and it made a clatter sound. Instantly, Su Le felt much better. After all, what use in being poise if it can’t be eaten?

Then, she gracefully picked her bag up and slinged it back onto her shoulder before beaming towards Wei Chu, who was watching the play, “Want to come up and have some tea?”

Wei Chu glanced at the crouching Zhuang Wei from the corner of his eyes, then he looked at Su Le. He couldn’t see the slightest barbarous behaviour that she had displayed thirty seconds ago. A small amount of sweat formed on his forehead, “Alr.. alright, then sorry for the trouble.”

“Please come on in,” ruffling through her hair, Su Le strode gracefully towards the corridor as her heels clicked loudly whenever they touched the ground.

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Wei Chu followed behind Su Le. When he walked past Zhuang Wei, he revealed a hint of sympathy in his expression.

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“Su Le …” Zhuang Wei lifted his head for he still hadn’t given up.

Su Le smiled as she looked back. Her smile as beautiful as ever.

Zhuang Wei suddenly went silent.

Pleased, Su Le carried on down the corridor, making anyone who saw her think that she was a confident and graceful woman if not for the scene just now.

Wei Chu, who followed behind Su Le, slowly exposed a smile. Just as he had thought, Su Le was not someone who would let herself suffer or be wronged.


After drinking a cup of tea, Wei Chu tactfully left. Before taking the first step in a relationship between two people, it must first be established with proper behavior. When he got to the ground floor of the building, Wei Chu saw Zhuang Wei still standing not too far away as their car was parked in the same direction. He was smoking while leaning against his car.

When their eyes met, Zhuang Wei turned to get into his car and shut the door with a bang before driving past Wei Chu.

Wei Chu thought that it was a pity Su Le didn’t stomp on Zhuang Wei’s foot harder. So much harder that Zhuang Wei would be in an excruciating pain to a point where he could not step on the brake. But thinking back to how Su Le smoothly stomp on Zhuang Wei’s foot as well as her force and speed when she swung her bag, Wei Chu finally understood why his father was so afraid of his mother. A pair of heels can stomp on someone with great force, and with the addition of a twist on the heel, it would inflict additional pain. It looked so painful just from watching much less actually experiencing it.

All women are like a body of calm water but one should never provoke them as they can become as deadly as a tsunami.


In a certain apartment, Su Le logged into WeiBo and typed out a line.

【Today, I used a technique that I researched with a friend to defend against wolves. Although the action is very simple, the results were not bad.】

It felt like all the unhappiness she had built up in her heart were all vented out tonight. Su Le rested on her chin. Her WeiBo post seemed to give off an formidable effect but she thought wryly that some men are acting like they’re asking for a beating. Just look at that, after a beating, the opposite party would surely more honest while she, herself, can worry less.


Once Wei Chu got home, he got a good laugh when he saw the post on WeiBo. He then returned to handle the matters that he had shooed away during the meeting in the afternoon with a good mood.

On this night, there was a victor and a loser.


Very quickly, Saturday came by and Su Le woke up very early. She prepared a red packet and left on a bus that would take her to the neighbouring city.

Su Le had always known that Xiao Yao was from a rich family but she had never guessed that she was so rich to a stage where the wedding was held at a luxurious wedding venue which had very formally dressed greeting staff. It made Su Le think that she was in a prince and princess’ wedding.

“QiQi, you’ve arrived?” The bride, who was wearing a long wedding dress and holding a bouquet in her hands, came up to Su Le and hugged her. Her face did not mask the happiness she was feeling, “Xiao Shuang and Two Two have also arrived, they’re over there.” The bride pointed to a direction after speaking. (Xiao Shuang = Tian Xia Yi Shuang)

Su Le looked towards the direction that was being pointed at and she saw two tall and slender young women standing together as they chatted with each other. Su Le returned the hug, “Congratulations. You don’t need to keep me company. There are so many guests you need to greet, and don’t forget about the groom’s relatives.”

“Alright, then do as you please.” Even though the group consisting of them do not meet up much in reality, they had already gotten familiar with each other online so their interactions were not formal but friendly.

Watching Xiao Yao walk away, Su Le saw an energetic man running up to Xiao Yao. Su Le smiled. Isn’t that man the groom in the wedding pictures?

Turning around, she went towards the signing board and dropped the red packet before going towards Xiao Shuang and Two Two.

When the three of them met, they happily chatted about various of things before beginning to express their admiration, envy, and longing of such a luxurious wedding.

“Just now, I saw a high-quality man. He is good-looking and grandeur. Just one glance and you can tell that he’s an elite.” Two Two’s eyes kept wandering around but she did not see the man she had just seen again. She sighed with regret, “I have asked Xiao Yao about him a moment ago and I heard he’s one of her relatives. I would have set my sights on him if not for Xiao Yao telling me that he’s already attached.”

Su Le glanced at her with a glimpse of sympathy, “You may still have a chance if it’s just a crush, but if he already has a girlfriend, then you might as well hug your blanket and cry.”

“It’s just man, no need for me to cry about it,” Two Two drank a mouthful of juice, “There are plenty of men. Who knows if this man who appears neat on the surface is actually a despicable and perverted person?”

Xiao Shuang nodded, “Reasonable.”

Su Le drank her juice silently. These two ladies are both successful women in the real world, owning both a car and a house. Their looks were also good and they have a queue of men pursuing them, but she can understand why they are being extremely picky though.

“Su Le, you’re also here?” A nice sounding voice was heard behind the party of three. Two Two almost choked on her juice and she turned around. As expected, that was the man who she just described as a possible ‘despicable and perverted person’.

“Wei Chu, how come you’re here?” Su Le said with mild shock, “Are you a relative of the groom or the bride?”
Wei Chu stepped forward and smiled towards Xiao Shuang and Two Two, “Hello.”

“Hello,” the two of them smiled appropriately and acted like they had forgotten about the fact that they had just described him as ‘despicable’.

In response to the situation, Su Le came forward to introduce them, “This is my Senior schoolmate from university, Wei Chu. These two are my friends, Zhou Shuang and Li Yu Xiao. All three of us are Xiao Yao’s friends and we are participating her wedding today.” She did not say their pen names because, after all, reality and fiction needs to be kept separate since there was no need to link them together.

“So you’re Qi … SuSu’s Senior schoolmate, ah,” Li Yu Xiao smiled towards Wei Chu and coughed once when she thought back to how she had described him.

“I am Xiao Yao’s older cousin, I’m very grateful that you can come,” Wei Chu looked towards Su Le and smiled, “I never thought that you and Xiao Yao are friends.”

“Maybe it’s fate,” Su Le laughed dryly.

“Su Le, we still have things to do so we’re leaving first. You two can carry on with your chat,” Zhou Shuang and Li Yu Xiao took the initiative to leave. Everyone could see the brightly lit eyes when this person called Wei Chu looked at Su Le.

“We could have come here together if I knew earlier that you and Xiao Yao are friends,” said Wei Chu as he led Su Le to the guests’ waiting room before sitting down on a chair, “Let’s leave together when the wedding ends.”

Su Le sat down gracefully before agreeing, “Then I’ll thank you first, but don’t you need to stay behind to help out?” Though it’d be great if she was able to save on the travel fare.

“They don’t need my help,” Wei Chu smiled as he watched his second uncle and aunt smiling face as they received the guests and shook his head, “There’s nothing for me to help out with.”

In a wedding reception, the number of rules … were numerous. Su Le understandably nodded her head and waited for the wedding reception to begin.

Wei Chu glanced at Su Le’s face from the side and quietly accompanied her.

“Xiao Chu, so you’re here. Just now, your second uncle said he didn’t see you,” Xiao Yao’s mother came over and her eyes brightened when she saw a young lady sitting next to Wei Chu, “And who may this lady be?”

“Hello, auntie. I am Xiao Yao’s friend and Wei Chu’s schoolmate,” Su Le smiled slightly at Xiao Yao’s mother as she stood up and greeted her.

Xiao Yao’s mother nodded while smiling, “Schoolmates is good, very good.”

Su Le couldn’t understand. Shouldn’t she be focusing on the point that she was Xiao Yao’s friend?

At one side, Wei Chu kept a smile but did not speak.

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