Chapter 452: Swinging a golden dragon

Nalan Rumeng followed the gaze of both Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi as she looked at the table. When she was about to rush over and take a look at what the thing was, Nalan Ruyue flashed in front of her. Nalan Ruyue picked it up and hid it from Nalan Rumeng.

“Big sister, let me see! What exactly is that mysterious thing? Nalan Rumeng acted spoiled and she shook Nalan Ruyue’s arm.

“Don’t be naughty! Big sister is going to get angry soon.” Nalan Ruyue pulled a long face and chided Nalan Rumeng. Now that she was wearing the Empress’ attire, every word she said had some momentum behind it.

Nalan Rumeng pouted turned her head towards Long Yi. She tried her best to look as wronged as she could. Walking towards Long Yi, she said with a strong grievance in her voice, “Brother-in-law, big sister bullied me!!”

Long Yi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he looked at Nalan Rumeng’s wronged expression. He extended his hand and lightly smacked Nalan Ruyue’s little buttocks and he laughed, “Okay, don’t pretend to be pitiful. Shouldn’t you be taking a nap? Why on earth are you running all over the place?”

Nalan Rumeng’s face flushed red and she covered her buttocks with both her hands. She raised her head and growled, “Scoundrel brother-in-law! You’re so hateful…” When Nalan Rumeng was distracted by Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue took the chance to rush into the bathroom. She destroyed the evidence before Nalan Rumeng had any chance to get her hands on it.

“It’s the priest of the Light Church. They were here earlier to say that big sister should go to the Light Church in the afternoon for a baptism. I’m here to inform big sister!” Nalan Rumeng added.

“Damned girl, why didn’t you say that earlier?” Nalan Ruyue rushed out of the bathroom and she remembered that the priest from the Light Church had indeed told her about this matter a few days ago. It was because she was serving Long Yi just now that she had forgotten about that matter.

“I was about to tell you, however, the two of you were so engrossed in your game! You didn’t even open the door for me.” Nalan Rumeng snorted.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t have time to bicker with this playful little sister of hers. She quickly changed her clothes and was about to leave for the Light Church.

“Big sister, I will go together with you.” Nalan Rumeng said.

“Okay.” Nalan Ruyue simply agreed and turned towards Long Yi.

“The two of you can go, I’m not going.” Long Yi said with a smile. The ceremony the Light Church was about to carry out was going to be extremely boring. Not to mention the fact that Dongfang Kexin would be there. He didn’t want to meet her. He was afraid that something unexpected would happen.

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Nalan Ruyue nodded her head in agreement and left the sleeping quarters with her younger sister.

Now, the sun was riding high in the sky and the sea breeze was strong. However, the pleasantly cool breeze had a hint of heat hidden in it. The temperature of the surrounding air was much higher than before.

At this moment, Long Yi was leaning against the balcony railing. He was holding a cup of fruit wine and he took sips from time to time. Looking down, Long Yi watched the sea waves crashing against the cliff wall. The splashing waves reflected beautiful radiance under the sunlight. However, the beautiful scene only appeared for a split second before disappearing.

“Perhaps it’s time to go into the sea… I want to see my little sea princess.” Long Yi mumbled and he emptied a glass of fruit wine with one gulp.

After leaving a note in the room, Long Yi jumped out of the balcony. With a few elegant steps, he stepped on the waves. If someone was looking at Long Yi right now, they would only see his figure flash a few times before disappearing into the horizon.

The sea area where Liuli resided in was quite a distance away from the coast of Blue Moon City. It was in the deep sea area where large sea monsters roamed. However, it was comparatively safer than the rest of the ocean.

After calculating the distance, Long Yi was about to plunge into the sea. However, just when he sucked in a deep breath, the entire sea surface started to shake violently. Countless fishes started to jump out of the surface of the sea and they started to swim away from this area.

“Eh, could it be that there is an earthquake at the bottom of the sea?” Long Yi frowned as he thought. When he thought of Liuli who was living in this part of the sea, Long Yi quickly jumped into the water.

“Clang, clang……” A few sharp sounds came from somewhere in the ocean. Long Yi felt as though the sounds were exploding beside his ear. He hastily formed a layer of protection using his spirit power and he increased his speed. He shot towards the bottom of the sea like an arrow.

Long Yi was somewhat anxious in his heart. The sound which he heard seemed to resemble Liuli’s Soul Locking Seven Notes. This meant that she was in danger.

Boom, a loud sound came from the bottom of the sea once again and the water around Long Yi started to bubble.

“This familiar aura… It’s the dragon aura…” Long Yi was startled. Because of his connection with she-T. rex, Liu Xu, he was pretty familiar with the aura of a dragon.

Other than Liu Xu and his daughter, Long Yi didn’t have any good opinion of the Dragon Clan. Everything was caused by the Dragon Clan Elder Long Yi met in the Illusory Magic Forest. Long Yi had sworn that he would repay the Dragon Clan Elder ten thousand folds for his favor.

Long Yi rushed towards the place where the violent energy blast had originated from. He used Great Cosmos Shift to its limit and quickly arrived there. When he was traveling, the internal energy within his dantian started to expand. It made Long Yi feel like something was bubbling inside of him, and he started to feel somewhat hot. However, Long Yi didn’t have time to pay attention to his body. He could only think of finding the source of the energy blast.

“Clang clang clang clang……” The Soul Locking Seven Notes Liuli played started to become increasingly fierce. The seawater within 100 meters started to seethe with red, white, blue, and green colors. The four colors shined bright and the beams of light crisscrossed as it flashed unceasingly.

Long Yi finally caught sight of Liuli. Although seawater was seething everywhere, Liuli was shrouded by a seven colored magnificent radiance. She seemed to be completely fine.

Her soft white hands were flying up and down the harp and her golden hair was fluttering about in the seawater. Her fishtail was swaying around in the water in order to keep her balanced. Red, white, blue and green radiance shot out from her fingers and it shot towards the 100 meters long golden dragon not too far away.

The entire body of that golden dragon was surrounded by the four colored harp notes shot by Liuli and it was struggling and roaring endlessly. Soul Locking Seven Notes was a type of divine level spirit magic spell. It attacked the soul and spirit of the opponent. When he thought about it, Long Yi realized that he also suffered because of this Soul Locking Seven Notes.

When Long Yi saw that Liuli wasn’t in any danger, his heart relaxed. He felt happy for her. In just over a year, she had successfully cultivated the fourth note of the Soul Locking Seven Notes. If she had this strength in the past, he might not have been able to get away without the help of the god-beasts. However, who could tell the future? Liuli was making progress, but her progress wasn’t small at all. She wasn’t the only one who progressed. Even if she fought against Long Yi now, she would still lose to him.

Turning towards the golden dragon, Long Yi sized it up. When he saw the golden scales on its skin, Long Yi knew that the dragon was from the Divine Dragon Clan without a doubt. Furthermore, it was an imperial kinsman of the Dragon Clan. Looking at its bodily form, it should be reaching adulthood soon.

Gradually, the speed of Liuli playing her harp slowed down. Her beautiful face became somewhat pale as the struggle of the golden dragon became weaker and weaker. Clearly, Liuli held the advantage.

Liuli relaxed a little and she turned her head. She felt as though someone was staring at her and when she turned her head, she saw Long Yi’s smiling face.

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Yi was about to split the dragon apart but an intense golden light burst out from the body of the dragon. It was already about to die, however, it emitted a violent dragon power which would make anyone shudder. In the blink of an eye, it struggled free from the binding of the four colored radiance. It also broke the seven colored light covering Liuli before sweeping its tail towards Liuli’s delicate body.

Long Yi was shocked in his heart. However, he didn’t miss a beat and instantly appeared in front of Liuli. Lifting one of his hand, he punched towards that huge dragon tail.

Boom, along with a loud explosion sound, the water around them started to churn again. Long Yi felt numbness in his fist and there was also pain shooting through his arm. The doughty body of the Dragon Race was truly extraordinary.

As for that golden dragon, it was forced back by the impact of that punch. Both its eyes glowed with violent golden light and it spat out a golden dragon breath towards Long Yi.

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With a snort from Long Yi, a thick silverish purple lightning shot towards the golden dragon.

Crackle, the huge golden dragon trembled and the golden light around its body dimmed. Staring at Long Yi with reluctance in its eyes, it turned to flee.

Long Yi had already realized that this golden dragon had used an unknown technique or medicine to forcibly raise its power. Now that it was unable to continue fighting, it wanted to flee.

“You want to leave? Did this young master give you permission to leave?” The speed of Long Yi was faster than this dragon. He grabbed the dragon tail and shot towards the surface of the water.

Struggling violently, the golden dragon tried to shake off Long Yi who was grabbing onto its tail. It even casted several draconic magic spells. However, nothing affected Long Yi and at this moment, it was already exhausted.

Long Yi climbed up and arrived at the neck of this golden dragon. Riding on its back, Long Yi sent a few ferocious punches towards its big head. The internal force within his body circulated violently as he continued to punch. At this moment, Long Yi’s spirit was getting more and more excited. He completely ignored the scorching hot feeling in his dantian.

The golden dragon roared in pain and his huge body tossed around in the air.

Bang, the golden dragon was no longer able to endure Long Yi’s punches and fell towards a deserted small island. When its huge body fell on this island with a bang, the animals living on the island started to flee in all directions.

Long Yi wasn’t satisfied with this. After ruthlessly punching the dragon’s head, he went towards its tail. He grabbed the dragon tail with his big hand and shouted loudly. Swinging this 100 meters long dragon, Long Yi slammed it into huge boulders and trees nearby. The huge boulders shattered and trees broke into pieces. When Long Yi saw all of these, he praised the strong body the Dragon Race had in his heart. They were extremely good sandbags.

Long Yi seemed to be addicted to it. Swinging the golden dragon around, he slammed it into the huge stone mountain in front of him. He used the golden dragon as a hammer as he continuously pounded the huge stone mountain. The poor golden dragon nearly lost its consciousness after being slammed around by Long Yi.

“Don’t…… Don’t hit me anymore. I surrender……” The golden dragon no longer had the vigor and courage of the Dragon Race. Opening its mouth, it quickly voiced its surrender.

Long Yi didn’t hear anything the golden dragon said as he swung it even more ferociously.

Suddenly an explosion sound came from his dantian and the scorching hot feeling changed into an inferno. Violent internal force flooded through all his limbs and bones.

“Damn, why did this young master breakthrough without warning?” Extreme joy begets sorrow as Long Yi lost his consciousness immediately. As a matter of fact, AoTainJue had already shown signs of breaking through. However, Long Yi completely ignored the feeling as Liuli was in danger. Next, he chased after this golden dragon and became addicted to abusing it. He completely forgot the negative effects the breakthrough would bring.

That golden dragon groaned in pain as it opened its huge dragon eyes. Along with the flash of a golden light, the golden dragon transformed into a youth who wore golden armor. He staggered and stood up before looking at the unconscious Long Yi. Touching his head which was filled with lumps, he cursed, “**, beating this father like that. This grandfather will pay you back with my fists. If I don’t teach you a good lesson, this father isn’t the Dragon Clan’s second Tyrant Dragon King.”

The eyes of this youth from the Dragon Clan, who had transformed into a humanoid form, were bruised. Blood was trickling down the corner of his mouth. He took out a bottle and swallowed a pill before slowly walking towards Long Yi.

Just when he wanted to attack, the right palm of Long Yi suddenly flashed with a red light. A mysterious shadow wearing a black bone armor appeared. It was holding a blood-colored scythe and its eye sockets glimmered with a strange red light.

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