Volume 3, Chapter 6 Part 2: To the Capital

After finishing my talk with Claudia, I returned to my cabin on the lower deck of the ship — where I saw a half-naked girl standing in my room. She had long blonde hair that went down to her waist and multi-coloured eyes. I didn’t recognize her for a moment with her hair down, but the girl was Rose.

That’s why I was surprised as I entered.

After realizing who it was, I took a seat on the bed.

“Rose, why are you changing?”

“I don’t want to stand out too much when we arrive in the Chaos family’s territory. I was going to change into clothes that make me look like a commoner.”

Rose said this as she finished removing her dress and picked up another that was more suited to that of a commoner. She slipped the dress on over her head.

“You came prepared.”

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“Well, when I wear Yuzuki onii-san’s clothing, I draw a lot of looks from people…. I’m sorry, I’ll still wear your perverted clothing when we’re alone.”

So there’s her real reasoning.

However, since the day we met each other, Rose hasn’t worn underwear. She still isn’t wearing underwear even when she dresses as a commoner….

“You’ve got a lewd look on your face. Are you getting excited seeing me changing clothes?”

“You should act more embarrassed if you want to excite me.”

“Yuzuki onii-san, you pervert….”

Suddenly, her cheeks were dyed red and she was covering her chest with her arms. Her figure was perfect, but there was still something missing.

“After all, Claudia is the best when it comes to acting embarrassed.”

“Yuzuki onii-san.”

I was scolded. After I gave her a shrug, I picked up the dress she had tossed on the floor and folded it before placing it on the bed.

“I’m just joking. I was looking for you. I had something I needed to ask.”

After entering the room and seeing Rose changing clothes, I got a little sidetracked.

“What did you want to ask?”

“I’d like you to tell me everything you know about the Kingdom and Lakshu Glial.”

“Oh~, right, you don’t know anything about this country, Yuzuki onii-san.”

She’s remembering the fact that I am a reincarnator brought here by Medea-nee. After Rose finished changing, she sat down on the bed and leaned against me.

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She was wearing simple clothing and had her hair down. This made her look a lot younger than usual. Seeing Rose like this made me a little excited.

“Yuzuki onii-san?”


“Didn’t you want to ask me something?”

“Ah, right…. I’ve heard a little bit about Lakshu Glial but you’re a distant relative of hers? Does that mean you’re a member of the royal family?”

After asking this, Rose giggled.

“…what is it?”

“Yuzuki onii-san, you said you wanted to know more about Lakshu…but you’re asking questions about me.”

“That is true.”

Of course, I want to know more about the yandere princess that seems interested in my clothing, but I’m more interested in Rose being a relative of the princess.

If Rose is royalty, considering everything I’ve done to her…that could be bad in many ways.

If I do something bad, I could easily see myself being beheaded.

If that happens, I’d just revive using the power of Immortality and escape.

“Hmm~, well to clear up your misunderstanding, I’m not a member of the royal family.”

“Really? But you are related to Lakshu Glial — Princess Lakshu, right?”

“Lakshu’s mother was a member of the Brad family.”

I had heard that a member of the King’s harem was from the Brad family. In other words, Rose is a relative of the royal family, but she isn’t actually a member…. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed.

“Still…a harem? Isn’t polygamy rather rare?”

“Nobles from many houses practice it. It’s the easiest way to guarantee a successor.”

“…I see. Still, if there was a successor born, wouldn’t it be better to have fewer wives?”

I thought there would be problems if more than one wife produced multiple children, but Rose just said, “Ah~, that’s not the case.”

“…what do you mean?”

“Umm, let’s see…. You know that skills and traits are easy to inherit, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that.”

Skills are often passed down to your children. So, as someone carrying the SSS ranked skill To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes, I’ve been told I’d make a terrible marriage partner.

— As I thought about this, I realized something.

“Do the nobility of this world respect bloodlines?”

“…exactly. Because they hold strong bloodlines in such high regard, the longer a bloodline runs, the higher the chance of the younger generation developing the yandere trait.”

“I see.”

Therefore, the wives of nobles are obligated to give birth to many children in the hopes that at least a few of them aren’t yanderes.

“…does that make Claudia a valuable commodity?”

“Pretty much. Even if she still had that curse and burns, if it’s Claudia, many nobles would pay a lot for her. Of course, that is if they knew about her ability.”

“I see…. We’ll have to be careful.”

Besides her high resistance to yanderelization, she also possesses many other useful skills. With this alone, she’d be considered highly valuable, but she also has a great figure and a cute face.

I have to protect her.

“…so, is the head of the Brad family Mary?”

Even if she has several husbands, it’s not like she can give birth to multiple children at once. If she wasn’t yandere, this wouldn’t matter that much. But Mary is a severe yandere that’s holding her husband captive in a room.

“Isn’t it rare for women to be the head of noble families?”

“Ah…that’s not the case.”

“…it isn’t?”

“Yeah, it’s possible to make children that aren’t yanderes if the woman’s partner has resistance to yanderelization. In addition to this, there’s one other method….”

Rose cut her words there. Her golden eye was shining as she looked up at me.

“…and that is?”

“If she’s able to make the person that caused her to develop the yandere trait her own. If this person becomes hers and hers alone, she can then focus on taking on other partners as well.”

“…I-I see.”

The reason most yanderes make such rash and often dangerous decisions is due to the fact that they feel their obsession is cheating on them or likely to cheat on them.

In other words, they behave recklessly in order to make their obsession their own.

And, if this were to happen, you should never take that person away from them. If by doing this it means they won’t act on their yandere urges, holding their obsession prisoner won’t even matter to them or anyone else.

And this is exactly what Mary is doing.

“R-Rose, have you ever considered doing that to me?”

“Fufu~, what do you think?”

“I-I’d like to think you never have.”

When I first met Rose, she did hold me captive, but that was only so she could get to know me. She only planned on holding me for a few days and would allow me to leave after that.

After that, she’s never attempted to confine me…. However, it’s possible she’s just been waiting for a good opportunity.

Once I showed signs of panic, Rose started giggling.

“Mou~, Yuzuki onii-san, you worry too much. It’s fine. Of course, I want to imprison you.”

“That doesn’t sound fine to me!”

There’s no chance that last line is ‘fine’ for me.

“No, it really is fine. I don’t want to lose you, Yuzuki onii-san. I already told you I won’t do anything to you that you’re against.”

“…I guess that’s true.”

It’s actually rather difficult to confine me when I have the immortality skill, so she’s instead decided to get me to stay with her by tempting me with her body….

Yep, I’m her captive.

“I at least now know your relationship with Lakshu Glial, but if yanderelization is a serious problem facing the Kingdom, is it really okay for me to go there?”

The main effect of my SSS ranked skill is to attract yanderes to me, but it also has other effects that draw out the innate yandere trait that exists in most people.

I’m worried that I’ll be responsible for turning everyone in the castle into yanderes.

“Ah, don’t you remember Grantz telling you about the countermeasures?”

“I do, but…will they actually work?”

The Adventurers Guild and the slave shop both had measures to counter yanderelization…but when I met Sylphy, she became a yandere in just a few seconds and Lang tried to keep his slaves away from me.

Even if I’m told there are countermeasures in place, I can’t really trust them.

“It’s okay. In the imperial castle, there is a magic item that reduces the effect of Bad Status skills and nullifies any skills that adversely affect other people.”

In other words, the rank of any yandere will be reduced while in the castle and the effects of my SSS ranked skill shouldn’t affect anyone.

“…that magic item sounds amazing. I want it.”

“That’s…probably impossible. However, it may be possible to get a magic item that slightly reduces the effects of your skill.”

“Eh, seriously?”

I kind of said that half-jokingly, so I was surprised to hear Rose’s reply.

“Even if it is a magic item that can counter yanderelization, its effect is rather weak and it isn’t that valuable. If you ask for it as compensation for making her dress you might be able to get it.”

“I see….”

I agreed to a fee to make the dress for Lakshu, but…if I can get a magic item that counteracts yanderelization, I could actually present my clothing as the lead designer.

If there’s a chance I can get this item, I want to take it.

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