Chapter 100: A Gem Residing Inside a Pond

In the evening, the school lacked the usual noise it had during the day, so it was much quieter, And the silence in Class 1 of grade nine was even more imposing.

The only sound that could be heard in the classroom was the tip of the pen going across the paper as all the students were focused on doing their papers.

Among all the other students, Ye Jian seemed to be the fastest to start using her pen, almost as if she was jotting down the answers without any given thought.

There was no hesitation or pause, just like when she was taking down notes in class. Flowing gracefully like the river water, it was never stagnant.

The two teachers from Provincial High observed the top students in Fu Jun Middle School with sharp gazes. There were a total of 62 students participating in the competition from both the eighth and the ninth grades. After this primary selection, almost half of them would be filtered out.

There was only one reason why Principal Cao especially chose to conduct the second selection right after the mid-term exams: to be more effective!

They needed to know which student could persevere through all four consecutive examination days, those who would back out during the process, as well as those who would be afraid just from the schedule.

As for who would stand out in this competition, that would be… Teacher Song who walked over to where Ye Jian was seated already had the edge of her lips raised.

No wonder Principal Chen did not spare any thought in giving Teacher Ke any face. For such an excellent student to be suppressed by her own homeroom teacher was completely unimaginable!

Having taught for more than 20 years, this was but a first.

After standing by Ye Jian for no more than three minutes, Teacher Song retracted her gaze and continued to walk down the aisle, all the way until she was beside Teacher Zhu, who taught the elite classes in mathematics. She then whispered softly, “Old Zhu, you should go take a look at hers.”

To be able to capture the attention of the teachers on the spot, the student was either cheating or excellent.

Teacher Zhu was the only teacher in Provincial High who had ever set a paper for the National Mathematical Olympiad and brought students multiple times to attend the National Mathematical Olympiad. After walking towards Ye Jian’s desk, her legs seemed to have taken root as she stopped in her tracks.

Two teachers taking turns to check on a student inadvertently attracted the attention of several students.

And Ye Ying was one of them.

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As she looked, her beautiful eyes seemed to be covered with dirt as her gaze was full of coldness.

The ballpoint pen in her hand seemed to almost break in two with all the strength she was putting into her arm to hold it, to the point where the veins on her arm could be seen visibly.

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She had such a cold gaze which was as dirty as a sewage, even Ye Jian whose focus was on the paper found it hard to ignore.

Looking up, her gaze swept across towards Ye Ying’s seat, and she rested it on her for a few moments before returning a cold smile.

That smile was so dazzling that it was nothing but an eyesore, especially since it had an amount of disdain! Ye Ying clenched her teeth, and the darkness in her eyes thickened.

Glaring furiously at Ye Jian, Ye Ying, who almost lost control of her emotions, seemed to have thought of something, and she took a deep breath before biting her tongue to control her emotions while retracting her gaze at the same time.

No, I must not let Ye Jian influence my behavior!

Father is right. In times when one does not have enough ability to deal with Ye Jian, the best thing to do is to endure!

In response to her, Ye Jian’s eyes revealed a slight menace.

Ye Ying was able to succeed in her previous life not due to her ability, but because she had a scheming Ye Zifan supporting her from behind!

“You don’t know how to do the last question?”

For some time now, she had not written anything, making Teacher Zhu who was standing at a side somewhat anxious. “This question is just a little difficult, but it’s something you’ve learned as an eighth-grader. Try thinking again.”

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