Chapter 101: Pounce Only When One Has Accumulated Enough Power

The final question was about geometry, and it was something which came out of the National Mathematical Olympiad last year. Difficult, but not too difficult!

Ye Jian did not think that she would actually trade gazes with Ye Ying and also make the teacher worry.

Using her pen again, she wrote down the steps which she already had in her head to solve the problem. Finally, she wrote down the correct answer.

A few moments after she had written down the answer on the paper, the paper was immediately taken away from her, and then she heard the teacher say, “Sit down and don’t move yet. You may go after I’ve marked it!”

Now that the first paper was handed in, there would definitely be a few students who would start to feel pressured. Gao Yiyang, who was sitting at the far back, already had his lips pursed.

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…Did she finish it… so quickly? Or was she caught cheating?

No, that’s not right.

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If she were caught cheating, the teacher would not look so excited. She also would not be sitting quietly inside the classroom.

Then, that would mean she has completed the paper!

With a surprise that was hard to conceal, Gao Yiyang’s eyes were cold. He raised his brow and looked in the direction Ye Ying’s seat.

Seeing the object of his affections entirely focused on doing the questions on the paper without being affected, his brows slowly relaxed.

Standing at the podium, Teacher Zhu was already praising the student as she marked her paper. In such a small amount time, she was able to get all the questions right!

No wonder Principal Cao wanted to come down personally. This middle school definitely had talented students!

While the other students were still taking the assessment, Ye Jian’s paper had already been marked by Teacher Zhu. “Very good. You may leave.”

Even without announcing the score, one could tell from her expression that Ye Jian did quite well in the assessment.

She was eager to meet with Principal Chen. Politely, she said goodbye to the teacher before keeping her ballpoint pen that she had brought to the classroom and left.

Behind, there were many gazes looking at her with surprise, but those did not affect Ye Jian’s pace and expression as she left.

Today was not just about the assessment. The most important thing… still hadn’t been done yet!

“This…Captain Xia, gifted this to you?” In the office, Principal Chen held onto the thin wire and shone it under the light. The cold wire glistened under the light.

Flexible, and tough… This special material was indeed rarely seen.

Without a reason, why did he gift this to her?… What’s more, to gift a suspect’s weapon to the lass?

It was not just the lass who had wanted to know. Even an old man like him also wished to know.

“Since something as good as this was gifted to you, then you should just accept it. If we return this, Captain Xia’s intentions will be in vain.” Principal Chen smiled and gestured to Ye Jian. Rolling the wire back, he handed it over to Ye Jian’s clean and white palm. “This is a good item. Since he gave it to you, just keep it.”

A precious item! It’ll be beautiful even as a bracelet! The most important thing is: carrying it around isn’t illegal!

Ye Jian was dumbfounded and stuttered, “Isn’t this, this, this…an abuse of power…”

“Ha ha ha…, foolish lass ah.” Watching her as she covered her face that was filled with surprise and seeing her dark eyes hiding a faint sense of worry, Principal Chen laughed even more loudly. “Lass ah, Captain Xia gifted this to you, so just accept it! There’s no need for any unnecessary worries.”

Since Principal Chen said to keep it, then that would mean she could truly keep it!

With a grin, she replied, “Then I shall keep it. Don’t mock me, but I…really like it a lot. It’s just that I was afraid that if I were to accept it, it might affect Captain Xia, so I decided to seek a peace of mind by coming to ask you.”

“Clever little ghost.” Principal Chen laughed even more brightly. This little lass ah, her heart is truly righteous.

After the round of laughter he had, he asked about the assessment. Ye Jian raised her brow and gave a smile which glowed brightly. “Rest assured, I’m a woman of my words.”

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