Chapter 70

Ning Meng Yao really disliked this kind of person. They only knew to ask for forgiveness only after doing something wrong. She had endured time and time again. What else could they want? Did they think that she was easy to bully?

Qin pozi saw a girl around young miss’ age kneeling in front of her when they came back, so she frowned as she walked over, seeing the person on the ground: “Young miss, what is this?

“It’s nothing. I will handover the workshop to popo.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head, not wanting to discuss this.

Although she did not want to say, but Yang Xiu Er wanted to fuss over this: “That cannot do. You cannot do this to me. My mom really knows her wrong. Meng Yao, you’re also not lacking those things. Why are you so cruel?”

Ning Meng Yao blinked and was angered until she laughed by Yang Xiu Er’s words: “I do not lack those, but so what? Why should I give your family? She used that kind of method to take my things and if you really think so, why wait so long to find me? Qing Shuang, Qing Xue, throw her out, do not let her enter in the future.”

“Yes, young miss.” The two girls grabbed Yang Xiu Er’s arms and drag her out.

Yang Xiu Er looked at Ning Meng Yao with hate. How could things turn out this way? She thought that Ning Meng Yao threw Madam Luo in prison was because of heat in the moment. Now that she had calmed down, shouldn’t Ning Meng Yao release her mom?

But now what? She was thrown out. This was simply great disgrace.

Qing Xue saw the hate Yang Xiu Er had in her eyes when glaring at Ning Meng Yao and her mouth curved in a mocking smile: “Don’t use that kind of gaze when looking at our young miss. Do you believe that I will gouge your eyes out?”

“You dare.”

“You can try whether we dare or not. Although I do not know what happened, but if you provoke our young miss, or make our young miss unhappy, you can try.”

Yang Xiu Er was angered until her whole body trembled. She could not believe that in few short days, there appeared these people in Ning Meng Yao’s house. And that girl who spoke had fearsome gaze. She completely believed that the girl could do what she said.

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Freed from the two girls’ clamp, Yang Xiu Er stumbled as she ran out.

Yang Cui noticed Yang Xiu Er who ran flustered and furrowed her brows in unhappiness: “Didn’t I tell you to find that sl*t? Why are you back?”

“You want to find, then go yourself. I won’t go.” Thinking back to Qing Xue’s gaze, Yang Xiu Er’s eyes were filled with fear.

Yang Cui stared at Yang Xiu Er in irony: “Useless.”

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Yang Xiu Er did not speak, though her heart had contempt. If you’re not useless, then go try to say what I did.

“Out, out, out! Don’t ruin the scenery by being here.” Yang Cui swat her hands in impatient as she snapped in disgust.

From the matter of Wang Lai Zi, she would be pointed by people every time she went out. Because of her big brother Yang Huai, although they did not dare to do anything to her, but the feeling of being pointed out by people was not pleasant.

That was why she thought of a way, which was to bring Ning Meng Yao trouble. Only if Ning Meng Yao had trouble, then the people talking about her would talk about Ning Meng Yao instead and not tangle about her.

But she did not think that Yang Xiu Er would be that useless.

Seeing Yang Xiu Er leave, Yang Cui suddenly called her: “Wait. You stealthily spread out what happened today, saying that Ning Meng Yao is cruel and malicious, just taint her reputation.”

Someone who did not put the crowd in her eyes, who would like? Especially here.

Yang Xiu Er glanced at Yang Cui. She wanted to refuse, but just nodded in the end.

“I know.”

At last, rumors spread about Ning Meng Yao being cruel and malicious, her heart was vicious. But since Ning Meng Yao did not go to the village, she did not know.

But one day, Qin pozi went to the village and heard about this rumor, her face became dark and gloomy.

When she went back, she had not warmed for a long time.

Ning Meng Yao blinked at Qin pozi who was angered to this point and doubtfully looked at the person beside: “What happened? How can popo went out for a while and became this mad?”

Qing Xue and the others shook their head to say that they did not know.

“Popo, what happened?”

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