Chapter 102: A Coming Storm

What she had said and done, as well as what others had said and done… she remembered them all clearly.

Because Principal Cao was here, tonight’s training was completed by Ye Jian alone.

After saying goodbye to Principal Chen, she jogged out of school and returned to the recruits’ camp.

While pushing a bicycle, Gao Yiyang noticed a slender silhouette jogging across the dimly light school gate without stop and disappearing into the darkness… That was Ye Jian’s silhouette.

Two minutes later, the person whom he was waiting for arrived… Ye Ying briskly walked over to him. Unlike Ye Jian, who was filled with determination, she was like a flower which needed care. Taking a rest occasionally was necessary if they were walking a little too quickly.

She had heart problems, so activities which were too intensive were not suitable for her.

“What kind of person is Ye Jian usually?” After pedaling the bicycle for a distance with Ye Ying sitting at the back, the question left Gao Yiyang’s mouth and traveled with the evening breeze, “She didn’t seem to have any strong points in the past, but it now seems like she was hiding them deliberately.”

He did not have any other intentions when he asked that mere question.

Ye Ying’s expression changed in an instant. The hands wrapped around Gao Yiyang’s waist tightened, but she smiled. ” I don’t know, I’m not really close with her actually. Whether or not she kept them hidden purposefully, you can only ask her.”

What’s the matter? Gao Yiyang’s attention to Ye Jian has been gradually increasing these few days…

“Never mind, I’ll ask her.” He answered indifferently before going silent.

Having been kicked and beaten up… those impressions were always carved in the mind a little deeper.

From Monday to Wednesday, mathematics, physics, and chemistry were held consecutively. Ye Ying was present on all three days in the ninth grade’s classroom. After the three days, it caused an entire uproar in the cohort.

Troubling rumors seemed to have spread notoriously throughout the school. The general idea was that weak students make trouble.

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“Did you hear that? Weak students make trouble. Oh, I’ll also have to add, ‘The foul faces make the foul.’” The moment Ye Jian entered the classroom, she heard He Jiamin gloating deliberately.

Tan Wei frowned and pulled her down. “Quiet down.”

“Why should I? Every sentence I speak is the truth!” A chance had finally arrived for He Jiamin to dispel the anger within her by stepping above Ye Jian, so there was no way she’d let it slip. Standing up, she raised her chin and proved, “If you want to embarrass yourself, then don’t blame others for watching and gossiping!”

An Jiaxin immediately fumed upon hearing her, and she rolled up her sleeves as she rushed over to He Jiamin to retort, “Just as you say, you must be really capable. If so, then you should go too ah.”

“If she can go, then everyone else can already go.” Zhang Na added another sentence, “Only those with no capabilities will go around making trouble.”

Standing in the middle, Ye Jian only smiled and patted both of their shoulders. With a cold gaze, she directed it straight at He Jiamin before saying half-jokingly, “Do you know why I don’t associate with those kinds of people? It’s because I feel that just looking at them once more might give me nightmares for several nights.”

“The foul faces make the foul. Indeed that’s true.”

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Being verbally abused to such a point, not rebuking… was impossible!

And naturally, returning the favor was the only appropriate thing to do!

When He Jiamin heard Ye Jian call her a foul face, her entire expression turned ugly, and she pounced forward, almost as if she was ready to bite someone. “Ye Jian, I’ll show you, I’ll show you!”

“Are you sure you want to create a fight?” Ye Jian came forward, and the coldness in her eyes turned colder than before as she smirked, “I’ve found your memory to be not so good. Oh well, fighting again will surely make you remember it well.”

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