Chapter 103: How high the sky is, how vast the sky will be

Listening for some time, Ye Ying’s face darkened, and she quickly grabbed hold of He Jiamin before whispering into her ear, “Class’s about to start. Do you want to get scolded by the teacher?”

Crap, I almost forgot that damn Ye Jian can fight!

When the past was mentioned, He Jiamin, who was acting arrogant not too long ago, immediately piped down the next second.

Her eyes flickered as if the flames in her eyes had been extinguished as she gloomily returned to her seat.

Their classmates who were witnessing this would more or less begin looking down on He Jiamin.

Bullying by trying to act all mighty doesn’t count, but she was being as timid as a rat that wanted to oppose Ye Jian. Just where did that energy come from?

At noon, the school’s system broadcast the names of the students who would be participating in tonight’s competition.

When Ye Jian’s name was broadcast again from the system, cold murmurs could be heard throughout the school.

Eighth-grader Ye Jian from Class 2 actually applied for the English paper as well! English is the weakest subject of this middle school. will she be able to make it?

Is she just applying for all the subjects to impress others by feigning one’s abilities?

In the staff’s canteen, Teacher Huang, an English teacher, was having his meal. When he heard Ye Jian’s name being broadcast, he let out a long sigh.

He did not know what the outcome would be… but at least someone among all the eighth-graders he taught applied for the paper.

All the other papers which Ye Jian had applied for did not create much of a reaction in the school.

But once her name was broadcasted for the English paper… it made an uproar!

Whenever there was a group of students, Ye Jian would be the hot topic of their discussions.

On the other hand, many of the boys talked about Ye Jian’s appearance. Really, when mentioning Ye Jian’s appearance… no can could say she was ugly!

“I didn’t realize she was this beautiful in the past. Now, the more I look at her, the more I find her attractive! Especially her small face and her facial features. More importantly, have you guys felt that strange demeanor she has?”

“Oh? You guys also felt it! I thought it was just me. I just think that… our school’s uniform doesn’t match her. She shouldn’t be wearing a school uniform.”

Listening to the nonstop chattering by the boys in the class, Gao Yiyang put down his spoon and sneered, “That shouldn’t be the topic of interest now. It should be whether or not she can do the English paper.”

“Hahaha, Student Gao Yiyang. English isn’t the point of focus! It’s her beauty!” The boys laughed. Looking at the man who could steal the heart of every girl in the class, they let out a long sigh of sadness, ” Someone like you already has a beauty by your side, so how can you understand our feelings.”

Gao Yiyang pursed his lips. English, will Ye Jian be able to do it?

After a while, he let out a silent grunt. Oh well, she’ll finally understand what ‘act by one’s ability’ means once she embarrasses herself!

Ye Jian, whom even the English Teacher did not place any hopes on, ate her lunch without any pressure. Is taking the English paper even a difficult thing to do?

Will it be even more difficult than those complex and long words in a medical book?

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As for spoken language, she had worked as an international tour guide, so speaking was not a difficult task for her.

At this moment, the discussion about Ye Jian had become an open topic. When they sawher, they would whisper, “Isn’t that Ye Jian from Class 2…”

Compared to the last time when Ye Jian had used her super memory to surprise over thirty students, this time around, she used another method to set off a storm in the school.

For the entire afternoon on Thursday, her name hung from the mouths of many students.

The students who had witnessed Ye Jian’s memory faintly felt that the paper might actually not be difficult for her.

When they heard their classmates who mentioned Ye Jian in a mocking tone, some would stand up for her because, in the end, they could not help but eagerly wait to see the results.

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