Chapter 104: I’m Working Hard, What About You?

Once Ye Ying heard the system broadcast Ye Jian’s name, she was already giggling. “Ye Jian, you overestimate yourself!”

She understood that Ye Jian was fine in other subjects.

As for English… to say she wasn’t too bad was like saying the sun rises from the west!!

There were many excellent students, and for her to even go for the English paper, she was surely going to embarrass herself further.

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As the deputy mayor, Ye Zifan had an influence upon Ye Ying, and she would gradually learn his ways once she got older.

However, there were many people waiting for to Ye Jian to watch her embarrass herself, and Ye Ying’s presence or absence made no difference to her.

Walking into the classroom, Ye Jian calmly took a seat as she waited for the papers to be distributed.

The remaining nine students… including Gao Yiyang, all subtly glanced at Ye Jian.

The nine of them were somewhat the best in English among the eighth and the ninth graders. But for her to even go for the English paper, where did the confidence of Ye Jian from Class 2 of eighth grade come from?

At a corner, Gao Yiyang pursed his lips as he eyed her.

…She, why is she trying to embarrass herself in school? There are so many students mocking her in the dark, so why does she not remain low-key? Won’t that be better?

The teacher had not yet arrived. Gao Yiyang stood up and walked behind a girl before asking her politely with a calm face, “Hello, would it be alright if I change places with you? There’s only ten of us, so you can sit anywhere.”

Ye Jian did not turn back. It did not matter to her whoever sat behind.

“Don’t leave even if you don’t know how to do.” When the papers were being passed down, Gao Yiyang whispered softly from behind, “Once I’m done, I’ll give you the answers.”

No matter what, she should at least pass this one!

Don’t let those students speak ill of you, Ye Jian…You’re a girl after all.

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In front, Ye Jian, who had already started writing, stopped and turned her head to look at Student Gao with a cold expression. With a light chuckle, she asked, “You have confidence in your English. Is it because you’ve lived abroad before?”

“I’m trying to help you, Ye Jian.” It did not sound like anything he had expected, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable. “And I do have confidence.”

Ye Jian raised a brow and smiled. Her black eyes glistened under the light like a star. “What a coincidence, I too have confidence in myself. Sorry, but I have no use for your help.”

“You!” Gao Yiyang’s expression changed as his anger rose to his head. His eyes turned cold, and they remained fixated at the figure in front of him. “Ye Jian, don’t be ungrateful.”

Hey hey hey, what could she do? She was just this ungrateful.

There had been a round of static sounds coming from the tape before the first question of the listening comprehension assessment began. No matter how furious Gao Yiyang was, he could only let it go.

After the listening comprehension, Ye jian swiftly wrote the answers all the way until the final comprehension question before handing her papers to Teacher Song. She politely said goodbye, and that behavior left a nutty impression on the other nine students who were still doing the paper.

She did not return to her classroom. Instead, she went directly to An Jiaxin’s dormitory and left the school after picking up her bag.

Tonight’s training was to train her arm’s stability. Without even putting down her bag, she immediately rushed into the training room. At this time, Principal Chen was already waiting for her for quite some time.

Whether she did well in the papers or not never became the focus of their conversation. With a bell in a hand, Principal Chen motioned Ye Jian to extend her arm, “Your arm will grab on a 2.5kg weight each and maintain a horizontal position for 30 minutes. Every time the bell rings, it’ll mean that 10 minutes has passed.”

As a sniper, the training would only get tougher and tougher as she was nearing the end.

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