Chapter 105: Perseverance

“Day and night, your activities will need you to maneuver in the grass and in the desert, and sometimes even in a forest full of snow… Regardless of where you are, your shoulders must be stable. The moment you take aim with your sniper rifle, you picture a small cross on your target and then fire!”

In order to train Ye Jian into becoming a world-class sniper, Principal Chen not only followed the given training plan, but also customized it to suit Ye Jian’s physical capabilities.

A female’s strength would more or less be on the weaker end compared to a male’s, but Principal Chen would not allow that gap to remain.

The soldiers he trained had all surpassed that of an average man.

Because in the battlefield, the opponent will never show mercy, even to a female.

Conversely, if a female soldier were to be taken captive, her fate would be even more cruel due to the unspeakable ways of torture.

Starting from the body, and then to their mind, her body will be abused into a hollow husk!

By choosing this path, instead of thinking about the state they will become when they end up in the hands of their enemies, one should train even harder and suffer presently.

A metal ball weighed 2.5kg. In total, both her hands now carried a weight of 5kg. Ye Jian could clearly feel both her arms gradually lowering due to the weight acting on them.

“Raise them up!” In the training room, Principal Chen’s voice echoed, “Keep your arms and hands horizontal, 90 degrees from your body! Keep them there for 30 minutes, and do not let the bell in the balls make a single sound! 1, 2, 3! The timer starts now!

Today marked the day Ye Jian’s sniper training advanced from the beginner level to the intermediate level!

The bell that was in the balls were those used for fishing. Just a slight movement, or even a gentle breeze, would cause the bell to make a gentle sound.

10 minutes had passed. Ye Jian’s jaws were now clenched tightly.

Small beads of perspiration formed on the side of Ye Jian’s forehead. The ball in each of her hand was gradually becoming heavier, to a point where they wanted to give in and sink.

A sniper’s training required silence. At this moment, the entire training room became a restricted area where even Battalion Commander Yang could not walk in as he pleased.

“Lass, you’re now holding 5kg in total. If there comes a day when you are carrying a 10kg sniper rifle and have to strike like a commando… do you think you can do it?”

“Put your focus elsewhere and let the weight disappear from your heart.”

Under Principal Chen’s guidance, Ye Jian was like a sprout growing in a fertile soil, gradually becoming stronger by the passing day.

Putting her focus away from her palms, she placed her line of sight at a corner of the training room while her heart began recapping about the English paper’s questions—from the listening assessment questions all the way to the last part of the comprehension questions.

A shocking display of perseverance as well as talent brought amazement to Principal Chen.

Having seen those traits numerous times, watching them again still brought about amazement to him.

Both her hands maintained their position for 30 minutes… without even the bell in the balls making a sound on her first attempt. That was a difficult task to complete even for even a male sniper who just advanced to the intermediate level.

But Ye Jian had done it!

The beads of perspiration trickled down her cheeks, and her clothes were drenched. That truly proved that this little lass was one who could endure hardships.

Principal Chen’s eyes were full of admiration as he slowly walked over to her. Now that 30 minutes had passed, it was time to stop.

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