Chapter 72

Even if they’re shameless enough to work there, they would only work for w few days. Although Ning Meng Yao did not say anything and did not went harsh on them, but the people working with them could not help but ask ‘weren’t you disgusted with her and talked about her so badly? How could you run here to work for her?’

Those words made not little people’s face became hot. Actually, they weren’t the ones who spoke, those were their wives who spoke. But who would have the face to continue working?

After Qin pozi knew about this matter, she coldly snorted and smiled in dissatisfaction. Indeed young miss’ ways were the best. See them now, didn’t those people leave with a face full of shame?

Qing Shuang glanced at the villagers leaving with shameface and coldly smiled, then continue to do her own thing.
This one month had been enough for them to grasp what kind of life young miss had been living in here.

Thinking about how young miss was bullied by the villagers here, they were unhappy. If it weren’t because young miss had told them not to create problem, they would have give them trouble.

The land on the mountain was almost done and the wine workshop had produced some products. In half a month, Qiao Tian Chang’s friend had came over once. From two pounds of wine jars, he had bought them fifteen liang each. This was not bad of a price.

Aside from salary and raw materials, she could sell twelve to thirteen liang a jar. From that time they bought three hundred jars, and after dividing the profit with Qiao Tian Chang, she earned two hundred liang.

Although this amount of money was nothing much, but to normal people, this was considered as good. She was also satisfied. Things would be better slowly.

“Young miss, it is going to be new year soon. Should we prepare new year merchandise?” Qin popo thought this through. There was still a month time for new year to arrive. They should prepare new year merchandise since the workers also needed to be given.

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Ning Meng Yao nodded: “Alright. You and Uncle Jiang prepare this while our new year merchandise will be bought by me, Qing Shuang and the others at the town.”

“Okay. But young miss, do we need to buy a horse cart?” Jiang Quan frowned.

When they were not here, they could not do anything about it but since they were here, then they would not let their young miss be in the same cow cart as those pozis.

“Let’s buy one.” Ning Meng Yao felt that they did need to buy a horse cart.

“Young miss, how about we let someone bring over the cart?”

Ning Meng Yao looked at Qing Shuang and the rest in helplessness. She realized that they all agreed with Qing Shuang’s suggestion.

“Fine. But buy the ordinary one.” Her cart was too extravagant, not suited to use in the village.

“No problem, just leave it to us.”

Ning Meng Yao was also lazy to deal with the rest but when she saw them hurrying with the cart, she looked at Qing Shuang speechlessly: “Can you take a more mundane one?”

They only had changed the exterior of the cart of hers, letting people’s first impression of it was simplicity but the interior was very big, enough to fill the seats of eight to nine people. There was even a soft couch inside and a cabinet beside, along with all kinds of snacks, also a long but short table with Chinese chess on it and a few books below the table.

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This was simply a small sized resting room.

Looking at them with slight headache, Ning Meng Yao opened her mouth: “You guys are really……”

Qing Shuang laughed jovially and did not answer Ning Meng Yao’s words.

“And how did that brat Qing Xuan came here?” Ning Meng Yao looked at the handsome brother in front of her in depression and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Qing Xuan answered righteously: “I came her using a cart.”

Ning Meng Yao silently gazed at Qing Xuan and gave in. Her heart was depressed. Why was it that she was more like a spoiled maiden rather than master in front of these people?

“Fine, if you’re here then you’re here. Don’t do this again next time.” Ning Meng Yao had a headache.

“Yes, young miss.”

Qing Shuang looked at Qing Xuan in smugness. Didn’t she say that once Qing Xuan arrived, the young miss could not kick him out? See, she’s right.

Ning Meng Yao had seen the movement of the two but she pretended not to see it.

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