Chapter 73

Nearing new year, not knowing why, Qiao Tian Chang’s friend wanted many wines, causing the people in the workshop to work non-stop everyday.

Two days before new year, Ning Meng Yao carried three people including Qing Shuang with Qing Xuan as the driver. They went to the town after handing the things at home to Jiang Quan and Qin pozi.

After arriving at the town, Qing Zhu who had a lively personality rushed out and kept chattering non-stop.

“After young miss settled here, we have not visited the town.” She said as she looked everywhere. It was nothing special, more bustling that the village but there was nothing else to look at.

When they were shopping, they heard the townsfolk said that on new year, there would be a lantern festival, making Qing Zhu’s pair of eyes to glitter at Ning Meng Yao, hoping that she could see it during new year.

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“Alright, if we have nothing to do on new year then we will go here.”

“Yay! Young miss is the best!” Qing Zhu stared at Ning Meng Yao in worship, causing Ning Meng Yao’s face to blacken.

Why were Qing Shuang and Qing Xue so mature while Qing Zhu seemed more like a child? Ning Meng Yao did not understand this.

In the town, they bought some snacks and meat that was cut to the same size. Aside from that, they also bought fishes.

“Young miss, are you planning on doing the same here? Giving out that much money on new year?” Qing Xue suddenly asked.

Ning Meng Yao had planned to buy cloth but hearing Qing Xue’s question, she halted her step: “What is it?”

“Young miss, I think this is not necessary.”

Qing Shuang thought of this and nodded: “It’s already not bad having pastry, meat, and fish. Too much will make them grow greedy.”

Ning Meng Yao stared blankly and thought it over. What they said seemed reasonable so she nodded: “Then give only those.”

“But let’s still buy cloth to make into clothes back home.”

“Alright. When the time comes, then we’ll do it.” Qing Zhu seized this activity.

Ning Meng Yao bought four rolls of high-quality cloud brocade, but Qing Zhu was still not satisfied, feeling that they bought too little.

“There is nothing else to be bought. Let’s return.” Ning Meng Yao recalled the things they bought and decided that those were enough then told them so.

“Yes, young miss.”

The group marched back until night. The next day, when the workers came, Ning Meng Yao announced that the shift would end earlier.

The sun had just risen from the west when Ning Meng Yao called out the workers to give them wages. Qin popo gave out the wage while Qing Zhu and the rest gave out new year gifts.

“These are gifts for you guys. Tomorrow is lunar year so it’s holiday. After Yuan Xiao (15th night of first lunar month), you guys can come back.”

The workers saw that not only Ning Meng Yao gave them wages, she also gave them fish and meat, also five hundred tips, their eyes shone.

These new year gift was too great. They did not need to buy anything on new year.

“Thank you, Meng Yao.”

“It’s fine.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head.

After the crowd left, Ning Meng Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

It was the lunar year the next morning. Ning Meng Yao planned on cooking but was stopped by Qin popo, saying that she won’t let Ning Meng Yao cook and if Ning Meng Yao wanted to cook, it should be on new year, not now.

Towards Qin popo’s resolution, Ning Meng Yao was helpless and could only stand aside to instruct then eat.

When the lunar year passed, spring was coming a few days after. The smell inside the village became much thicker.

On the third day of new year, Yang Le Le went to Ning Meng Yao: “Yao Yao, how about we go to the town together? There was nothing to do at home after all.”

Ning Meng Yao felt that this was true and agreed.

Qin popo did not stop this and let Ning Meng Yao go with Yang Le Le.

After they left, Jiang Quan looked at Qin popo weirdly: “How come you did not stop young miss today?”

Qin popo glared at Jiang Quan in irritation. Was she that kind of person? She knew that young miss thought of that girl as a good friend. She was also here for one to two months so she knew what kind of person Yang Le Le was. Knowing this, she could assuredly let Ning Meng Yao go with Yang Le Le.

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