Chapter 27: Damaging Your Self-Esteem


Early the next morning, Su Le’s phone rang as she climbed out of bed. She scratched her messy hair, that was like a bird’s nest, while dazedly picked up the call, “Hello.”

When Wei Chu heard her groggy tone, he remained composed and politely greeted her. Knowing that the other party was still half asleep, he gave out a low laugh, “En, it’s me. Are you still not awake yet?”

“Huh?” After hearing such a familiar voice, Su Le’s eyes instantly widened and she quickly looked at the clock hanging on the wall. She coughed dryly, “Wei Chu, ah, wait a moment. I’ll come down immediately.”

Since they were going to a barbeque site, then it was not suitable to wear dresses or high heels. Su Le speedily changed her clothes and step into some canvas shoes before leaving her home.

Wei Chu was somewhat frightened by the sight of Su Le, who wore no makeup and was not in her dress, heels, or a delicate handbag, running towards him. It was only until Su Le came right up to him did he react, opening the car door for her, “Let’s go have breakfast first before going to the meeting place.”

“No problem,” said Su Le as she yawned. When she rested against the seat, she yawned again.

“Didn’t have a good sleep last night?” Wei Chu asked while smiling.

“I kind of suffer from insomnia the night before whenever I travel somewhere,” Su Le closed her eyes half way, “Whenever I have to go out to play or travel for business the next day, I will always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what could happen the next day. This problem of mine cannot be fixed.”

Wei Chu frowned, “Then what about travelling long distances?”

“The same happens,” Su Le tried hard to keep her eyes open but in the end she closed her eyes.

Wei Chu remembered that on Xiao Yao’s wedding day, Su Le also looked very tired. So, she had such a problem! “Do you want to see a psychologist?”

“It’s no big deal. There is no need for such a fuss,” Su Le opened her eyes and rubbed her forehead, “If a small problem like this needs a psychologist then there must be loads of people in the country who needs to see one. Nowadays, people have all sorts of illnesses.”

Seeing that Su Le was still yawning, Wei Chu asked, “How about sending you home instead. Let’s not go today.” Even though he wanted to create more opportunities for them to interact, he didn’t have the heart to force her after seeing her in such a state.

“It’s nothing, I’ll be fine after a while,” Su Le shook her head, “Sometimes, when I need to rush a manuscript, I would be awake late at night and would still go to work in the morning.”

Since Su Le said that, Wei Chu did not insist on sending her home and he instead stopped the car near a small restaurant before ordering two breakfast. He was only relieved when he saw Su Le slowly perk up.


When they arrived at their destination, Su Le saw a large field that was planted with trees. There was a small area that was set up with the grill and next to it were some stands that were set up neatly. On the stands, there were many seasonings, meat, vegetables, and fruits. It was a comfortable sight. Su Le sighed ruefully, “coming to these type of places to barbeque really makes me feel guilty.”

The rich are so lavish even when it comes to barbeque. Su Le thought back to when she was young. She and her classmates would grill some crabs in a cave and, at that time, the only seasoning was table salt. Even though it was just salt, they had to secretly sneaked it out from home. Su Le immediately felt the increase in living standards as well as the large gap between the rich and poor.

“They’re finally here,” said Chen Xu, who was sitting next to a table, drinking a cup of tea as he watched them gradually coming closer, “So, should we leave and play golf or something? Or should we remain and be the third wheel?”

A male manager swallowed some tea before standing up and said, “I haven’t played billiards in a long time. I’ll go and play it for while.”

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A female manager also stood up and said to another female colleague, “I heard that there is a beauty parlour in this resort. Let’s go to the spa, it’s boring just drinking tea.”

Chen Xu watched his colleagues leave one after another and then looked at the two people walking closer. He wrinkled his brow. “Should I also go and play billiards?” He spoke to himself because, after all, the psychological pressure would be too much if he alone became the third wheel.

Su Le thought that the barbeque day would just be purely grilling food but after having a stroll around the area did she realise that there were also all sorts of entertainment and leisure activities. “Oh erm, how come I haven’t seen any of your company’s staff yet?”

Wei Chu guided her to a european style outdoor table to have a seat. A waiter quickly came to them. Wei Chu ordered two cups of black tea before he replied, “I’m afraid they all went to enjoy the different activities available. What would you like to do?”

The more luxurious a place is, the higher the expense would be. Su Le suddenly felt some pressure and thought for a moment before replying, “We just had breakfast so let’s just sit for a while before deciding.”

“The employee’s benefits at your company sure is good,” Su Le looked at her surroundings and sighed, “At my previous company, all the company’s day trips would usually be taking a stroll around a park. And for a night out, we just go and eat at a cheap buffet. The difference between us is really big.”

“Only by losing some would you gain some,” Wei Chu saw Su Le’s gloomy expression and smiled, “All of them are talented workers for the company so there is a need for me to spend some money and treat them well to keep them working in the company. Since the staff benefits in my company is a lot better than other companies, I won’t have to worry about losing them.”

“Sir, Madam, here are your black tea. Thank you.” A waitress placed the tea in front of them as well as some fine crafted refreshments on the table and Su Le thanked her.

“So this is why people say you can only earn if your willing to spend,” Su Le lifted her brows and took a sip as she looked towards Wei Chu, “No wonder you have become such a successful person. People like me are incapable so we can only ever be the workers.”

“I don’t mind if you become the lady boss in my company,” said Wei Chu, as if he was joking around, “If you become the lady boss then all the finances and authority will be yours while I’ll handle all the work matters.”

Su Le’s expression remained the same and she calmly put her cup down before looking at Wei Chu carefully from the top to bottom, “Your company shouldn’t be owing people money right? Also, many people who wanted to act nefarious against me will no longer have the chance to do so.”

Wei Chu’s smile became stiff. He felt that when pursuing Su Le, it would be better to strengthen his heart a little more.


After spending some time having tea, Su Le and Wei Chu went to play golf together. The matter that could be considered tragic to Su Le was not being able to get the golf ball into the hole. She felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment when she watch the golf ball roll far away into another direction that was different from her intended pathway again and again.

Su Le’s self-esteem took a hit and she stopped playing golf before pulling Wei Chu to an arcade. There, they began… shooting basketballs. She couldn’t play any complicated games so the only game she could play was shooting basketballs into a slow moving basket. If she managed to get 18 points or more out of the 20, then she would be able to win a soft toy.

Unfortunately, after shooting 20 basketballs, she had only managed to get 4 in. Su Le felt like it was a mistake coming here. Today is not a barbeque day, but a strike-at-Su Le’s-confidence day. She was heartbroken.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Chu, who left to take a phone call, saw Su Le standing in one side with her shoulders slouched. He was able to guess what happened with a glance at the display table that contained some fist-sized stuffed toy. “You want one?”

Su Le nodded and watched Wei Chu go up to the basketball shooting game. She silently thought why does this seem so familiar? It was similar to a scene in dramas, when the male lead wins a prize to cheer up the female lead. Su Le, who didn’t like those melodramatic idol dramas, didn’t know if she should be happy that she had the luck experiencing such a scene or if she should lament about life being so melodramatic.

She even thought that Great God Wei Chu would get all 20 basketballs in and win a cuddly toy. It was a pity that she only guessed it half right. All 20 basketballs were been shot but only 18 went in, yet God Wei did not give up and carried on trying.

20 minutes later, Wei Chu was still battling with the basketball game while Su Le had already started playing hit-a-mouse. Honestly speaking, who would have the interest to keep watching someone play while standing still on one side like a fool?

Although her shooting skills were not great, Su Le’s skills in hit-a-mouse deserves to be praised. After playing a few rounds, she had finally won a starfish stuffed toy. When she received it, she heard Wei Chu speaking behind her, “Su Le, I won a starfish toy. I’ll give it to you.”

Silently, Su Le turned around and looked at the toy, that was even smaller than hers, in Wei Chu’s hands. At that moment she didn’t know what to say…

When Wei Chu saw a toy in Su Le’s hand, his heart broke and he went to have a discussion with the staff for an exchange. It was only after he exchanged for a cactus toy did he feel like he had gained a tiny amount of self-esteem back.

“That was really tragic,” Chen Xu sighed as he shook his head in his hiding spot. He had just happened to see them on his way back from karting. Chen Xu sighed. Even though his boss is an expert in his job, his luck in pursuing a girl is not great, especially with the valiant type like Su Le.

His boss had even done things like cooking a meal for her personally but that was not able to move her heart… Boss, how helpless are you, really ah, so incapable.

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Su Le carried the two stuffed toy out from the arcade and smiled while she said, “The cactus toy is very cute.”

Wei Chu glanced at the cactus toy, that had an expression on it, “En.”

“You only played once and you’ve won me the toy, you’re very amazing!” A young girl that was carrying a cactus toy was smiling very happily and by her side there was a young boy, who looked about 18, was looking very pleased with himself.

Su Le, “….”

She doesn’t want to look at Wei Chu’s current expression.

After some time, Wei Chu finally spoke, “It’s about time. Let’s go for barbeque.”

Recalling Wei Chu’s cooking skills, Su Le nodded, “Okay, is everyone else also going?” At least Wei Chu would get back his self-esteem.

“They should be rushing back,” Wei Chu smiled, but once he caught sight of the cactus toy again, his smile stiffen again.

While everyone was playing happily at their different locations, all the department managers received a text from their boss. [Barbeque!]

Looking at the exclamation mark in the text, they all turned quiet. It seems like their boss’ journey in pursuing a girl is not going smoothly.

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