Chapter 28: Suffering A Blow

By the time Su Le and Wei Chu arrived at the barbeque spot, all the staff members, who were previously doing their own activities, had already formed into small groups. They were in high spirits as they grilled their own food, but occasionally, they would cast glances towards their boss and the pretty young woman beside him.

“What would you like?” Wei Chu wore sleeve protectors to prevent his sleeves from getting dirty, before turning around to ask Su Le. From his current expression, he seemed to have recovered from the blow he suffered not too long ago.

“Su Le, you can get any food you like from over there,” Walking towards Su Le, Chen Xu shouted as he carried a tray and tongs. He then passed them to her before pointing to a nearby glass house. The glass house was filled with different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Then, Su Le pointed to the other stands, “What about those?”

“Oh those, well everyone has different preferences after all, so it’s better to have a larger variety,” Chen Xu laughed happily, “Anyway, it’s the boss’ treat so you don’t need to be frugal.”

Su Le took a glimpse at Wei Chu, who was just about three steps away, and coughed dryly, “You don’t need to be so open about it right in front your boss, right?” If her previous boss knew about the employees being so wasteful then they would certainly be roared at.

“Don’t worry, boss is already used to it,” Chen Xu shrugged then turned to get some beef and chicken wings. After he got what he wanted, he headed towards the grill while humming.

In the end, Su Le did not go to the glass house. Instead, she just selected a few items from the stands before carrying her tray to Wei Chu, “I like them spicy.”

Wei Chu grabbed some chicken wings and skewered meat from the basket and brushed some sauce onto them while nodding, “Alright. Oh, if you like roast shiitake mushrooms, you can also bring some over since my skills isn’t bad when it comes to grilling vegetables.”

Soon, after 2 minutes, the grill was full and the vegetables pretty much filled up half of the grill rack.

Poor Chen Xu, who only had a small corner to roast his food, was feeling aggrieved as he watched his boss transform into a all-perfect and caring man. He looked at his boss, who holding onto a tray, then at Su Le, who was eating a fruit. Chen Xu mentally shook his head and sighed. If his boss and Su Le got together, it would be ‘husband suffering under his wife’. Now in this era, women sure are getting more precious while men, like them, are becoming more like dogs who will wag their tail.

“Chilli,” said Wei Chu.

Su Le handed the paste over while Wei Chu smiled as he received it. He, then, spread the chilli evenly across the skewered meat. After that, he flipped the meat over and brushed another layer of sauce again before letting them cook. The cooperation between those two were so smooth that it made Chen Xu, who was still single, feel upset as he stood on one side.

The tacit understanding between those two was so blind that it made the all the employees walking by smile before they slowly distanced themselves.

Who is that man who is currently wearing an apron and sleeve protectors?

Was he still that man who normally smiles while hiding the knife, the man who scares people when he’s not smiling, and the man who is known as the fox in the business circle? Had this world actually been this mad? Even a fox like their boss would become a loyal dog when in front of a woman whose beauty was not even on the level of a goddess.

Seeing their boss treated with such a calm attitude while she sat at a side eating fruits like it was natural, they quickly looked at their boss again who was still doing the labour with a smugly smile. Any longer and they would have gone blind from staring at those two. Many of the employees silently retracted their gazes and looked at the meat that they were barbequing which was half burnt half raw before casting a glance at the lamb skewer in their boss’ hand that was emitting an alluring fragrance. Wiping the corners of their mouths, they grabbed more meat and carried on barbequing.

“It’s done now, give it a taste,” Wei Chu lifted the lamb skewer and brought it to Su Le’s mouth. At first, Su Le wanted to hold the skewer herself, but when she reached her hand out to take it, the skewer was suddenly moved away from her. Su Le looked at Wei Chu.

“It’s greasy. Just have a taste first,” Wei Chu insisted and lifted the lamb skewer to Su Le’s mouth. Su Le looked at Wei Chu’s gentle smile then at the lamb skewer that appeared to be very delicious. In the end, she lowered her head and took a bite.

At the side, Chen Xu looked at the disposable gloves on the table. The corner of his eyes twitched and with a ‘crunch’, he snapped the chicken wing in his mouth.

Lao Da, can you be any more shameless?

As expected, people who are capable in business are the same in love, their tactics are so admirable, ah.

“It’s really tasty,” Su Le swallowed down the scalding lamb meat. She flicked her tongue around to get rid of the heat while nodding, “Your cooking skills are really good.” He’s rich, handsome, can cook, and clean, he is such a perfect man. No wonder there were many women who liked him.

“It’s fine as long as you like it,” Wei Chu placed all the cooked food onto a plate and the two went to sit somewhere. Wei Chu picked up some disposable gloves that was near them and frowned, “I was going to say that there should be these gloves around. How come I didn’t see them before?”

Chen Xu turned his head away and thought, ‘Lao Dao, are you really going to lie with your eyes open?’

Once everyone ate their fill, they went to sit at an outdoor tea house to drink tea and chat. Su Le went to chat with the manager of the planning department. They drank tea and talked about the collaboration at the same time, and neither of them noticed that Wei Chu was no longer with them.

“There has been a recent increase in the prices of beverages, but our BaiSheng have decided to follow so as to be competitive,” Su Le said seriously, “Regarding this point, I hope that this would be helpful in the plan.”

“Of course,” the planning manager expressed his understanding on BaiSheng’s decision. Although their profits would be lower compared to their competitors in the short term, this method would be effective for BaiSheng to gain more market share. Also, for BaiSheng to keep their prices under pressure while everyone else is increasing theirs, this can be seen that they have the capability to do so.

The two of them carried on chatting for some time when something fluffy suddenly appeared by their side. Su Le turned around and saw a chubby soft toy. It was a chubby little bird with its wings spread apart. It looked really cute.

The manager saw his boss in the midst of pursuing Su Le so he thoughtfully found an excuse to leave them alone. Once he was at a distance, he turned around and touched his chin while muttering to himself, “Why does Boss’ tactic look so similar to my highschool nephew’s when he coaxing his girlfriend?” After thinking for a moment, he thought his boss’ execution of the similar tactic must be better than a high schoolers. He shook his head and walked away.

Chen Xu, who was near Wei Chu, was secretly shocked. He had never thought that for this toy, he would actually play the air gun game for so long just to win it. He never dreamed his boss would lower himself to do something that only high schoolers would do. What position does this Su Le actually have in his boss’ heart?

“Thank you,” Su Le guessed that Wei Chu wanted to regain the pride that he lost from this afternoon. She smiled as she hugged the toy while using one hand to raise one of the bird’s wing, “I was thinking that my house was lacking a cute toy.”

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“It’s fine as long as you like it,” Wei Chu said warmly. But after he finished speaking, he heard a tearing sound. The chubby little bird’s wing lifted by Su Le was torn and was now hanging brokenly by its body. There was even tread coming out from the tear.
Wei Chu, “. . .”

Su Le calmly put the wing back into its original place and dryly laughed, “It just needs a little stitching when I’m back home. I must’ve used too much strength on it just now.” Even though the main reason for this occurrence is due to its bad quality, she didn’t have the heart to worsen his mood after he had already lost his face in the afternoon. Besides, the other party gave it to her with good intention. But with the situation now, she truly didn’t want to see what kind of expression that was now expressed on Wei Chu’s handsome face.

It was really a tragical sight. Chen Xu’s lips twitched. He remembered that the quality of all the items in this resort had always been good, so how was it possible that it would tear from just a light movement. What a really bad luck.

“Nevermind that. Next time, I’ll just win you two of them,” Wei Chu smiled, but his fingers that was clutching the tea cup had already turned white.

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“Haha, alright then,” Su Le laughed stiffly while she silently thought, ‘Great God Wei, why can’t you just let it go. There is no need to carry on struggling since this is just fate.

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