Chapter 108: Face Slapping (1)

Xie Sifeng added on with a sour tone, “Let her know that just because her score did improve by a little bit doesn’t mean she can go around showing off!”

As the school bell rang, Teacher Ke dragged her feet to the classroom’s door. Seeing that the class was rowdy even when the bell rang, a gust of anger erupted within her.

Her gaze swept towards Ye Jian, and a cold sneer showed on her face. While carrying an unreasonable amount of anger, she walked up to the podium and heavily slammed the duster on the blackboard before pointing at He Jiamin who was making a ruckus. “He Jiamin! Stand up! You scored so badly, and yet you have the face to yell about!”

He Jiamin, who was acting all arrogant not too long ago, seemed to be as if she had been crystallized. Her face was blue for a moment, then white, as she stood in the same spot without motion.

“Get up here!” Those words hit He Jiamin hard, and to blatantly rebel against Teacher Ke would only make the teacher’s expression even uglier. “You, stand until the end of school!”

Oh darn, oh darn! Everything’s not going as planned! Teacher, how is that reasonable if I’m the only one punished!

Ye Jian blinked coldly at the teacher who was obviously trying to catch fault in her just now. With a sneer, she leisurely watched the confrontation between the teacher and the student.

In the end, He Jiamin was flushed red with embarrassment as she stood by the podium.

“Tomorrow, these few students will come to school as usual to take another paper.” When she read out the names, her face had a glorified expression as she announced the first name, which was Ye Ying.

There were a total of seven students who had taken part in the competition from this class, but Teacher Ke only announced five names. Ye Jian and a boy who applied for the chemistry paper were not among them.

Xie Sifeng smirked and whispered to her table partner, “What an embarrassment. If it were me, I would be too embarrassed to even come to school.” The meaning behind her words and that light chuckle was obvious.

She was mocking Ye Jian.

He Jiamin, whose head was hung low, twitched a few times before raising her head. Her eyes were filled entirely with malignant pleasure. An embarrassment, an embarrassment indeed! The entire school will know! Let’s see whether she still dares to come to school!

Ye Ying also had a shallow smile on her face. Ha, ha, ha. This is truly interesting,… that person who knows not of the distance between the sky and the ground and tried to learn how to soar like others, ke! You played yourself!

Ye Jian was completely unaffected by those who were mocking her as she sat in her seat. Her entire expression was calm and gentle like the morning breeze.

The night before, Principal Chen had already told her that she would be accompanying him to the village on Saturday. In other words, she would not have to take the paper on Sunday.

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Ye Jian calmly left the school, but that made An Jiaxin, Zhang Na, and Zhang Bin worry about her.

When Monday came, as Ye Jian arrived at the school, she was met with lots of criticism on her way to class.

Very well… It seemed that the entire school knew that she had not participated in the examination on Sunday, meaning she had not passed any of the subjects which she had applied in.

When she entered the classroom, the only ones who were worried about her were those classmates whom she had a good relationship with.

In the classroom, He Jiamin’s and Xie Sifeng’s voices became even louder, especially when they saw Ye Jian coming in. Their laughters were extremely sharp and harsh.

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But it was a pity that their laughters did not last long.

On Saturday, Ye Jian’s name did not appear, and Teacher Ke was pleased. When she entered the classroom, her face was as dark as an endless pit!

The moment she went up to the podium, she began scolding. Ten minutes passed, and she seemed to have no intention of stopping.

Noticing the classroom door, Ye Jian stood up and smiled, “Teacher Ke, if you keep on scolding them, Principal Chen might get angry.”

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