Chapter 107: Ye Jian on the Offence

Using her ability to speak for herself, even if there were millions of mouths speaking ill of her, she will be able to shut them up.

“Still, speaking about the papers, don’t you think that the school values the competition this time around very much?” Once she said that, An Jiaxin, who was no longer worried, leaned in a little closer to her before whispering, “They even pushed the midterm exams back. There must be more behind this competition.”

Ye Jian smiled and remained quiet, but her eyes showed clearly that she knew.

This was not just a simple competition.

Principal Chen, who had already known of Ye Jian’s results, gazed away faintly for a while before speaking, “This child’s goal is somewhat different, but to fight for the glory of the country, I’m sure she’ll be willing to do so.”

“There’s no way am I letting this opportunity go. Every other school in this country is holding this competition. It isn’t just your school that has postponed the midterm exams.” The smiling face on Principal Cao turned serious, and he said solemnly, “This time, the loss from three years ago must not happen again! Only twelve student representatives will be selected nationwide, and there’s a good chance that Ye Jian will show an outstanding performance.”

“As of yesterday, I was informed that a total of six students were able to obtain a full score for their papers. And not only did Ye Jian obtain that, she took considerably less time in completing those papers.”

“Old Chen, you have to persuade Student Ye ah.”

It could be seen from Principal Cao’s expression and speech that the competition was indeed as An Jiaxin had said…

And it was not just Ye Jian and An Jiaxin who felt that way. Most of the other students had also guessed so in their hearts. This was the first time a competition had ever postponed the midterm examinations.

Once the papers were handed out, Ye Jian’s speed when it came to completing a paper became a little slower than before. Her hands were sore and in pain, slowing her down.

When Ye Ying saw that, the edge of her lips rose a little. Taking the exams consecutively while displaying her capability in all of them? As if that is possible!

The proctor was more or less bound to give more attention to the girl who was now the talk of the school, to understand whether she truly was capable. And so, the proctor stood beside Ye Jian who was entirely focused on the paper.

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After another two days of examinations, the answers in the hearts of the teachers were all in unison.

In the afternoon after the paper on politics, the students went around to compare their answers. “Come, come, come, let’s compare our answers. I feel like I’ll have quite a number of mistakes.”

“I had two fill-in-the-blank questions that I didn’t do all because I forgot the month and year.” As the students were comparing their answers, Ye Jian’s papers were the first to be marked and handed over to Principal Chen.

Even the class’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Ke… did not even have a chance to take a look at them.

Not used to comparing answers, Ye Jian was also drawn into the group.

“Wah, you even got that right! I didn’t even memorize that! Ying Ying, you’re really amazing!” Ye Ying also did well for the paper. He Jiamin, who had copied quite a number from her paper, was already praising her excessively.

Later on, she turned to Ye Jian’s direction and rolled her eyes before giggling, “And just look at that certain crazy person. Let’s wait to watch her cry.”

“Just let her be complacent! When the results are out, there’ll be time for her to cry!” She did not dare to aggravate Ye Jian, but behind that, her little tricks became even more obvious than before. “Do all of you see that? For the exams these two days, she was swinging her arms around. Ke, one look at her, and we know that she doesn’t know how to do them.”

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Ye Ying remained silent as she observed while anticipating the development of the situation. There was no need for her to suppress Ye Jian because there would naturally be someone to do that for her!

“Let’s all wait for her to become a laughingstock. When that time comes, her entire face might be thrown to the point where it would be best for her to just leave this school!”

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