Chapter 106: Using My Capability to Seal Their Mouth

Under Ye Jian’s comprehension, there was no need to worry about anything else because all she had to do was follow the training regimen that was already planned out for her.

After the ball was taken off her palms, the sudden loss of weight made her arms feel uncomfortable.

Without wiping off the beads of perspiration, she flicked her wrists and smiled. “If not for your reminder, I might not have realized that the 30 minutes had already passed.”

She was sure she could have endured even longer… and so she sensed some sort of emptiness within her for a brief moment.

“You’re already good enough. Rushing to improve yourself further isn’t effective.” Principal Chen took out a bottle of medicinal oil and poured a little on his hands. “Stretch out your arms. Being able to maintain the position for half an hour on your first go is already considered pretty good.”

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Having to bear the weight, although her wrists might look alright now, there would surely be repercussions later on. Using the medicinal oil would aid in the blood circulation around the wrist and help reduce the repercussions.

“Once you’re done with your exams on Saturday, I’ll accompany you to the village. You ah, must learn diligently from the old man.”

“He was once a Chief Sergeant 1st Class, so that old man’s skills are not something you can finish entirely in this lifetime.” After the training, Principal Chen was like a father as he taught, “His skills can be useful and will benefit you in life.”

“Endure the 5kg for 3 months. After 3 months, I will add more weight until both your hands can endure 10kg. Then this training exercise will end.”

Once Ye Jian is able to hold a 10kg firearm, maneuver it without difficulty, and lie down to take aim, she would then be considered one with the reaction of a sniper.

Ye Jian had always worked hard with her teeth clenched. Hearing so, she smiled and asked, “10kg is just a milestone. If possible, can I continue to increase the weight more after?”

The medicinal oil was supplied especially for the troops. It was effective as rubbing it on would cause the skin to warm up.

“So long as you can keep going, then go for it.” Principal Chen seemed to have poured out half of the small bottle’s content, and he stopped rubbing Ye Jian’s wrists when they turned red. “I’m afraid these two hands may become a disadvantage for you in tomorrow’s exam.”

The next day when Ye Jian got up, both her hands had difficulty holding on to a cup of water. Only then did Ye Jian understand what Principal Chen meant when he said she might be at a disadvantage.

Placing her hands on a warm towel, she sprayed some medication to relieve her muscle soreness. Only then did her muscles feel more at ease.

“You didn’t have a good sleep yesterday?” When An Jiaxin arrived in the classroom, she went straight to Ye Jian whose face was pale. “Why do you look so spiritless?”

That wasn’t because of sleep, but because of the soreness in her arms.

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Ye Jian rested her arms on the table and said, “Come, press them for me… I can feel the pain all the way to the bones.” There was no visible injury, but soreness on her muscle and her ligaments.

If not for the medicinal oil yesterday night, she predicted that she might not even be able to lift her arms today.

“That scared me, I thought it might be because of yesterday’s English paper.” An Jiaxin immediately went to help rub before asking softly, “So how did it go for yesterday’s paper?”

Feeling comfortable, the edges of Ye Jian’s lips rose, and she grinned at her. “When have I ever disappointed you? Just wait for it. You’ll definitely be in for a surprise.”

“My goodness!” An Jiaxin almost jumped from the seat. “You sure are capable ah! Are you planning to hit a home run?”

Ye Jian raised her brows and answered handsomely, “Why not? Even though I don’t give a damn about those baseless rumors, there are always those annoying mosquitoes buzzing all day long. To seal their mouths, I’ll use my capability to do so.”

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