Chapter 29: Trouble

Because Wei Chu had some urgent matter to attend to, Su Le went to meet with some of the female employees from Wei his company. She greeted them politely before chatting with them. They were all courteous with each other and talked about the general things.

Those present had experienced the process of climbing their way up the corporate ladder, so they would not act rashly and ask any personal questions. Their discussion topics were about fashion, business, or something about their work. Su Le who was in the middle of this group of women acted properly so that she wouldn’t make her company, BaiSheng, lose face.

“Since there is nothing to do at the moment, let’s all go to the spa,” someone suggested. Naturally Su Le wouldn’t refuse, but what was upsetting was that in this group of women, all of them had a VIP membership card. As for Su Le herself, she could only use her credit card for this expenditure.


After the spa treatment, Su Le did not feel her face was extra glossy or anything. Leaving a small room, she went to sit on a sofa and picked up a fashion magazine to read while she waited for the others to come out.

“Here’s a cup of coffee.”

“Thank you,” Su Le lifted her head to thank the waitress. But once she saw who it was, the smile on her face instantly became stiff whereas the other party’s expression was even more unsightly.

Su Le had heard about Zhuang Wei firing Lin Qi, but she had never imagined that Lin Qi would work as a waitress at a holiday resort. Su Le moved away her line of sight. She didn’t want any more unnecessary contact with Lin Qi.

Lin Qi straightened her back after a short while and lightly snorted, “Never thought I’d see you at a place like this, it seems Wei Chu’s been treating you really well.”

“Even though I may not be rich, but I can still afford to go to a spa,” Su Le replied while carelessly flipping the pages of the magazine, “If a woman needs to rely on a man to do anything, then that is not success but failure. Not just a failure as a woman but a failure even as a person.”

Although she understood who Su Le’s words were hinting at, she could only hold her anger in because she was a staff member while Su Le was the guest. Because of the situation she caused in the business party, Zhuang Wei had fired her. And due to no other companies wanting to hire her, she had to work as a waitress for the the being. But remembering back to the three room apartment that was under her name, the bitterness in her heart was mostly, although reluctantly, diminished. No matter what, at least Zhuang Wei didn’t leave her empty handed.

“Zhuang Wei gifted a 100 square metre apartment to me, what did he give you?” Lin Qi thought with haughtiness that when she broke up with Zhuang Wei, she had gotten an apartment while Su Le got nothing.

“It was Zhuang Wei who dumped you so it’s normal for him to give you a break up fee,” Su Le smiled while lifting up her head, “Thanks for the reminder, you have just reminded me that I should give something to Zhuang Wei as a break up fee.”

Lin Qi’s face became extremely unsightly and it was after a while before she could squeeze out a sentence, “Don’t be so full of yourself.” Then she spun around to leave. But she didn’t walk far before she bumped into someone. Lin Qi hurriedly apologised as the other party said it didn’t matter before stepping past her. She quickly turned her head around. The person she bumped into was actually Wei Chu.

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Wei Chu did not even spare her a glance and was already by Su Le’s side while effortlessly expressing his desire to curry favour her. The expression on Lin Qi’s face changed multiple times but she let out a bitter smile in the end. She had always treated Su Le as her rival but never did Su Le ever saw her that way, and presently, it was still Su Le who won while she lost. Perhaps she should never have tried to get in between Su Le and Zhuang Wei because if it wasn’t for her, then there was no way Su Le would meet such a good man like Wei Chu. Everything that has happened was because of her, so who can she blame?


When Su Le took out her credit card, Wei Chu took out a VIP membership card and gave it to her, “You can get 40% off with this.”

Su Le looked the sparkly, golden VIP card in her hand. She smiled but went to use her own credit card to pay. “I’m not your girlfriend so you shouldn’t be paying for me.”

When the manager saw the scene in front of him, he smiled in response and said, “This young lady can also signed up for a VIP membership. As long as it’s within this resort, all expenditures will get 40% off for a year.”

Su Le felt that this leisure resort was truly comfortable so she nodded her head and said, “Thanks for the trouble.”

“No need for the thanks,” the manager smiled broadly since he had just completed another business transaction.

Wei Chu was not bothered by Su Le’s actions. Instead, he smiled and put away his own VIP membership card before saying, “In the future, we can come again whenever you want to.” He thought for a while and decided not to tell her that the Wei family actually owned 50% of the resort but he did hint to the manager to charge Su Le less when opening her VIP membership.

The manager was a smart person and he was quick to get on that this descendant from the Wei family was interested in this young lady. So he tactfully decreased the price by half without saying anything unnecessary.

Once the VIP membership was set up, the two female employees also left the spa rooms but when they saw Wei Chu, their expressions instantly changed. The two employees quickly found an excuse and left. Anyone who becomes the third wheel of their boss will not get a good ending. They also did not have the courage to challenge their boss’ bottom line.

It was said rationality cannot be used on men in love. The both of them had little courage so they were uninterested in finding out how rational their boss would be.

Su Le who didn’t know what was happening around her ended up leaving the beauty parlour with Wei Chu. But they were soon stopped by Lin Qi who caught up to them.

“Su Le!” Lin Qi looked at the woman beside Wei Chu. The expression on Lin Qi’s face was somewhat complex, “Zhuang Wei, he .. still loves you.”

Su Le didn’t understand why Lin Qi would suddenly want to act a scene from a drama again. She blanked for second before replying, “I have no interest regarding Zhuang Wei’s matters.”

“When he wakes up, he would subconsciously call for you. Occasionally, he would wake up in the middle of the night and call out your name,” speaking up to this point, Lin Qi’s eyes revealed her unwillingness to accept that fact before carrying on, “I have liked him for five years right from the beginning of university. I am prettier than you, gentler than you, but why does he only remember you who is heartless towards him?”

Su Le remained silent. She did like Zhuang Wei but she could not accept the betrayal from him. The anger and hate from his betrayal had far exceeded the love she had for him. However,she had never placed love at the first place in her heart, so while she was hurt from the betrayal, she could still leave in one piece.

Also, if Zhuang Wei really loved her, why would he ever get together with Lin Qi? Su Le sneered, “Me and you are just the same as red and white roses. And whoever is by Zhuang Wei side would just be a thorn beside him. Who Zhuang Wei loves the most is himself. Can you still not understand that I no longer want to talk about that person anymore?”

The rim of Lin Qi’s eye redden but she gave off a laugh. It was unclear if she was laughing at Su Le or at herself, “You may have been a white rose but I have never been the red rose. I was just someone who Zhuang Wei played around with. Now that I have ended up this this, I deserved it.”

Seeing Lin Qi like this, Su Le looked away, “You shouldn’t think too much. I should leave now.”

Watching Su Le as walk away, Lin Qi suddenly raised her voice, “Su Le, did you know your father is currently, here, in the city?”

Su Le stopped walking for a moment before she carried on walking as if she had never heard what Lin Qi said.

Wei Chu looked back at Lin Qi and decided that Lin Qi didn’t seem to be lying. He turned back to look at Su Le but there wasn’t any sort of expression on Su Le’s face.


When everyone had their fun, they prepared to head home. Su Le, who was carrying one large and two small toys, got into Wei Chu’s car. Her brained echoed Lin Qi’s final sentence. She knew Lin Qi wasn’t lying. Even though she didn’t feel any hatred towards her father, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, she didn’t have any good feelings for him either.

Now that she had received news about her father, aside from clearing up some worries in her mind, she didn’t feel much about it.

Seeing Su Le remaining silent, Wei Chu kept quiet and played some piano music in the car so that she wouldn’t immerse herself entirely into her own world.

When they arrived at Su Le’s building, Su Le had some difficulty trying to exit the car while carrying her soft toys. Out of a sudden, she turned back to face Wei Chu after several steps towards her building entrance, “Wei Chu, have you fallen for me?”

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