Chapter 111: Face Slapping (4)

Jealousy was like a patch of weed growing crazily. Even when Ye Ying hung her head low so that no one could see her face clearly, her body exuded a negative aura. Just like a gloomy swamp covered with dead animal corpses, it was dark and cold… and it could make a person’s hair stand.

Sitting beside Ye Ying, Tan Wei looked at her side profile. However, she did not make a sound, and to boot, her face was scared stiff instead.

Tan Wei, whose heart sunk, was not like Xie Sifeng and He Jiamin who quickly darted their gazes away after seeing Ye Ying’s expression.

Ye Ying now was someone she was extremely unfamiliar with and that made her feel horrified.

“Principal Chen…” Teacher Ke endured the panic in her heart and asked without a care for her face in front of the students, “Is this your decision, or…”

“The decision was made by Provincial High and the results of the students, not because of me.” Principal Chen swept a glance lightly at Teacher Ke, blocking all her other incoming questions, “And of course, one shouldn’t rejoice too early. Whether or not she can go abroad to take part in the Olympiad, she’ll have to go through two rounds of screening first and then an intensive course to strengthen her knowledge.”

There was a short silence in the awkward class after hearing him speak. It turned out that there were still two rounds of screening first before the opportunity arose.

It seemed so difficult… and there’s also the possibility of whether or not Ye Jian could succeed.

However, regardless of whether she succeeded or not, Ye Jian was able to skip past the first round of screening. That was enough to show how strong she was!

Thinking about that, the students faintly looked at Ye Jian with respect.

“Before I leave, let me gift each and every one of you here some words of wisdom.” Principal Chen’s gaze was as vast as an ocean as he spoke profoundly, “Let me speak truthfully. Results don’t matter as much as one’s good character.”

Good character!

Ye Ying, whose head was never once raised, only sensed that her eyes were gradually turning dim, and she almost fainted.

Did he… did he mean her? Was he directing that at her?

Ye Jian, Ye Jian!! Ye Ying clenched her teeth as her heart roared out Ye Jian’s name. She cursed mercilessly under her breath as it seemed that was the only way to eliminate the hatred in the heart. However, she did not know that the more she did so, the more pitiful she looked.

To Ye Jian, this was just a trivial matter in her life and was not worth gaining much happiness over.

Of course, the end result was to shut the mouth of the entire school with her results.

Once the language class was over, Teacher Ke, who had lost her might as a teacher, left almost as if she was fleeing from the scene.

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She was no longer able to deal with Ye Jian! She could not scold her, nor could she hit her… And there was not a single chance where she could openly criticize her!

Watching her back as she fled, Ye Jian exposed a cold sneer.

She would never forget how this teacher plotted with Sun Dongqing against her! Neither would she forget how she was slapped in the face, right in front of the entire class, while getting yelled at for not being worthy to be her student.

Oh, in this lifetime, she would make this teacher unfit to teach and unfit to become her teacher!

Throughout the entire morning, Ye Jian was bathed in the subtle gazes of the students. Those negative rumors disappeared almost instantly, almost as if they had never happened before.

On the way to the cafeteria at noon, An Jiaxin gloated as proudly as she could, “Did you see how afraid Teacher Ke was when she saw Principal Chen?”

“Ah ya ya, you don’t know ah, but my mood was as if I’d drink a cup of sweet honeyed water; my entire body felt extremely comfortable.”

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