Chapter 110: Face Slapping (3)

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“The score of the first place in the entire cohort is higher than the second place by 76 points, third place by 78 points, fourth place by… 80 points, and fifth place… by 82 points.”

Not only was she in the first place, she had let the entire school see the gap between her and the few other top students.

The gap was like a grand trench that was difficult to jump across.

The faces of those students who had ridiculed her this week turned slightly red as if they had forgotten to wear their pants today. They hung their heads low and remained silent.

Under the thunderous applause, Principal Chen raised his hand and motioned the students to quiet down.

Once only the sound of breathing could be heard, he smiled and continued, “As for why Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine did not participate in the final entrance exam that many of our participating students had to take, it isn’t because her score wasn’t good. In fact, it was because of her score that she did not have to take one more exam.”

“After the exam period, Student Ye Jian will be going to the high school to take a crash course to strengthen her knowledge. Upon acing that, she will represent our country to participate in the Global Olympiad that will happen in mid-July.”

The announcement of the top student in the cohort was already a shock to the students. Now, with another shocking announcement that Ye Jian would be participating in the Global Olympiad… That utterly stunned the students speechless.

“My goodness, my goodness… my goodness!!” An Jiaxin, who was extremely shocked by the announcement, fixed her gaze at the principal with her eyes wide open as she slammed her ears a few times before standing from her seat foolishly. “Principal, the Global Olympiad that you’re referring to, could it be… the one where even without winning, the participants would still be scouted by top universities around the world?”

As a mathematics enthusiast, An Jiaxin had some understanding about it.

Principal Chen’s gaze fell on her, and he nodded with approval, “This student here is quite knowledgeable. That is indeed correct. It is the competition that you know of. The Global Olympiad is held every three years, and all participants are the very top students within their respective countries.”

“And as long as Ye Jian passes the national selection, she will take part in it on the country’s behalf.”

This time around, there was no sound of applause, only utter shock… Inside the twenty classrooms which were separated into the two stories of the school’s building, the students were in shock after hearing the announcement from their teacher.

Representing… the country!

Who would have ever thought about it? No one did!

There were some students who had never even heard of this competition before!

Ye Jian also did not think that she would be participating in it. Compared to the shock the other students received, all did was wrinkle her eyebrows gently, but her expression remained as usual.

Although there was no change in her expression, her heart was somewhat anxious.

If it weren’t for her still being in class, she would have run up to clarify her doubts.

…Her training, what about her training? Wouldn’t it have to be delayed?

Yes, that’s right. What Ye Jian was thinking about was her four-year training program, and not… the Global Olympiad.

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As the class’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Ke still found it unbelievable when the principal suddenly announced such big news. She looked at the principal, then at the expressionless Ye Jian… Could she have already known about this from the beginning?

Thinking of this possibility, Teacher Ke could only feel as if her heart had been stabbed multiple times.

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For even Teacher Ke to not know of this, there was no need to mention that even Ye Ying had no idea this was coming. Her beautiful eyes were so wide with shock that they seemed to almost fall out of their sockets. Her entire little face was extremely distorted and hideous.

Going abroad to participate in the Global Olympiad!

How could she, how!

Just from getting first place in one midterm exam? Just from answering some questions on a high school’s papers? That qualifies her to participate in the competition on behalf of the country?

Principal Chen, aren’t you being too biased!

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