Volume 3, Chapter 11: The Trial of the Goddess’ Follower

I was on my way to the sanctuary located within the royal capital to take on the trial of the spirit that resides there. I was doing this to obtain the fruit that could lower all of my bad statuses.

Rose and Claudia were with me. There was also a guide with us that was an older, gentle-looking woman. She’s Princess Lakshu’s maid, Femia.

Apparently, she’s married to a nobleman, but she also has a low level of resistance to yanderelization. This has allowed her to grow close to Princess Lakshu.

So she’s more like a confidant or maybe a secretary. This maid walked us to a carriage which then took us to ruins located in the outskirts of the capital.

“We’ll need to travel on foot from here. Please, follow me.”

The maid climbed down from the carriage and walked forward along the road. After following after her for a short time, we came upon a mysterious spring surrounded by trees.

“Fuwa~…. This is so beautiful. This is where the spirit lives?”

Rose’s eyes were sparkling as she looked out over the spring.

Next to her, Claudia was muttering “The Spirit would see us if Master and I did it here….” I wonder what she’s talking about.

No, I know, but I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear.

As we approached the banks of the spring, small balls of light began to appear and converge on each other. The light then began to take the shape of a semi-transparent girl.

She had emerald coloured eyes and pale blue hair. She was wearing very little clothing. All but her most important places were completely exposed. There was a small circle around her belly button with a pattern that extended out from it across her stomach.

She was incredibly beautiful in the purest sense of the word.

“What purpose do you have in my sanctuary, humans?”

The girl’s voice was calm but seemed to carry great power.

“It’s been a long time, Alumis-sama. I’ve brought with me someone that wishes to take on your trial.”

“Hou~. The one that wishes to face my trial is it that person…or is there more than one?”

The spirit named Alumis turned her eyes to me and seemed to be taken aback.

“…Alumis-sama, is something the matter?”

“– No, it’s nothing. So, will all three of them be facing my trial?”

“I want to, but….”

I turned to Rose and Claudia to see what they wanted to do.

“My yandere rank is my proof of love for you, Yuzuki onii-san, so I don’t plan on lowering it. I just came here to cheer you on.”

“…I see.”

She became a yandere because of me so she doesn’t want to get rid of that status. I don’t agree with that, but…Rose is a yandere that respects my own decisions so I’ll respect hers.

“Then, what about you, Claudia?”

“I don’t plan on lowering mine either.”

Claudia has resistance to yanderelization, therefore she’s not a yandere. Claudia has three bad statuses: weak to pleasure, easily pressured, and shy…. It’s obvious why she doesn’t want them lowered.

“Claudia’s perverted.”

“T-T-T-That’s not why!”

She denied it with all her power as her face turned bright red. No matter how I look at it, she just enjoys being embarrassed.

“Oi, don’t ignore my question.”

“ — right. Sorry, I’ll be the only one taking on your trial.”

Even if she just looks like a girl, she’s actually a great spirit. She sounded like she was getting angry, so I responded to her with as much respect as possible.

“You may call me Alumis. What might your name be?”

“Is Alumis-sama okay? My name is Yuzuki.”

“Yuzuki, you shall follow me. The rest of you may remain here and enjoy some tea.”

A magic circle formed around her and a table with a tea set appeared in front of her. She then poured tea into each of the cups on the table.

“While Yuzuki is being tested, we’re supposed to sit here and enjoy tea?”

Rose and Claudia both disapproved of Alumis’ suggestion.

“Umm, we wish to be with Yuzuki onii-san while he faces your trial.”

“You wish to be with him when he faces my trial that is meant to be attempted alone? Be patient and wait here obediently. Don’t worry, he won’t die during the trial.”

“…all right.”

Rose and Claudia reluctantly took a seat at the table. They clearly weren’t happy but I didn’t want to risk angering the spirit. Additionally, the maid, Femia, stayed behind with them.

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…still, tea. That seems to be coming up a lot lately.

The tea in this world, no matter what kind, seems to be far inferior to that from Japan. It all has the same acrid taste…. I wonder if this spirit’s tea tastes good.

“Yuzuki, follow.”


She suddenly tugged on my arm.

Right. I want to try her tea but lowering my bad statuses is more important right now. I need to focus on the trial for now.

— Alumis guided me to a strange forest path.

“What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“It really is….”

I’m not sure how to describe it…. The air here seems different. Pure. Like we’re deep in the countryside, far away from society. I felt as if just by being here, my mind and body would heal.

I was amazed by the scenery, but…when I looked down I saw Alumis holding my hand. I don’t think there’s any chance a spirit could be a yandere. I doubt there’s any reason to be worried but I can’t help but feel restless when I think about my experiences in the past.

“…umm, Alumis-sama, would you mind releasing my hand?”

I asked her this, but she showed no sign of listening to me. The experience for my Feminist skill will increase if I try to resist her.

“Yuzuki, you don’t need to speak so formally. Also, I don’t like it when you call me that. Please, call me Alumis.”

“…okay, Alumis. So, do you think you could let go of my hand? It’s hard to walk like this.”

I didn’t really think anything of it when she offered me her hand. I just grabbed on assuming she was just telling me to come forward and would release it soon. But now, it seems like she doesn’t want to.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that. Without my protection, you’d lose your way in my sanctuary. We’ll have to remain like this until we reach our destination.”

“Ah, I see.”

So it really was all just in my mind. We advanced further into the woods while I thought about how dumb I was for worrying.

We eventually came upon a small clearing along the banks of the spring. Alumis stopped here and released my hand before turning to face me.

“Now then, you will face my trial here…. Do you know what my trial entails?”

“No, I know nothing about it.”

“Okay, in that case, I’ll tell you. The trial itself is rather straightforward. I will call forth my Goddess’ sacred beast. You must fight it with all of your strength to prove you possess bravery and power.”

“Sacred beast…?”

“That’s right. As a follower of the Goddess, I possess the ability to summon one.”

That’s amazing — but what exactly is this ‘sacred beast?’ Well…whatever it is, I guess I’ll be fighting something that’s animalistic.

“If I win against this beast, I’ll receive a fruit that lowers my bad statuses?”

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“If you fight it with all of your power and prove your courage and strength to me, I’ll give you the reward you want.”

…I see.

She’s saying it in that way for a reason.

I probably don’t have to win. However, the ‘fight with all of your power’ is worrying me. Either way, I’ll have to fight this thing as if I actually plan on winning.

— I took my sword out from the item box.

“…hou~, I see you possess an item box.”

“Its rank is low.”

Most of the items in the box are those that I’ll need to make the dress for Lakshu. I took the sword out and returned the sheath to the item box.

“Then…I shall now summon it.”

Just as she said this a massive magic circle formed in front of her. It was exactly like the one the Boss Garum used to summon smaller Garum.

The only difference was that the creature that emerged from the circle was at least twice the size of the Boss Garum.

It appeared to be a bear…. I feel like a single attack from this thing would kill me in an instant.

“…umm, didn’t you say I was in no danger of dying during the trial?”

“You may rest at ease. If you suffer a major injury I will heal you, and even if you die, I will bring you back to life using the magic of resurrection.”

“…I see. That’s what you meant.”

As expected of a spirit; her magic is powerful.

I wasn’t necessarily worried about it, considering I can revive myself. I was also worried about potentially killing the sacred beast, but now I know I can go all out.

I held my sword out at the beast.

“You seem to be ready. Now then…show me your strength!”

Alumis let out a scream and, in response, the bear rushed toward me at an incredible speed.


I rolled out of the way and turned back to face the bear, but it was already charging at me once more.

“How is something so big so fast!?”

I waited until the last possible second before dodging to the side and slashing out at the beast’s face. The weight of the beast combined with its speed caused my sword to turn at an awkward angle. The edge was quickly turned away before the flat of my blade was dragged harmlessly across the beast.

My hands went instantly numb from the impact and I nearly dropped my sword.

“Oh, that’s pretty good. Not many people are able to survive the second attack!”

Alumis seemed to be growing more and more excited.

She said I was doing well but the sacred beast didn’t seem to notice my attack at all.

Whether she’s actually praising me or just encouraging me, I have to be able to pass this trial. I refocused myself and tightened my grip on the hilt of my blade.

The sacred beast had stopped moving and was no watching me. It’s wary of attacking after my last counter. I took this opportunity to cast Fire Bolt at a distance.


The sacred beast released an anguish-filled roar.

“Oh, oh, you can even use magic! The sacred beast is strong against physical attacks but its weakness is magic.”

Alumis was still enjoying herself. Rather, due to her excitement, she just gave me some useful information.

I’m grateful for this, but doesn’t she seem too excited…? I can’t be distracted by her right now.

I began to cast Fire Bolt once more, but the sacred beast took this chance to rush me. I was forced to dodge out of the way, cancelling my F ranked Fire Bolt.

…I should’ve raised it to rank E.

I should be gaining experience with it by using it, but I’ll have to remember to raise the rank later.

For that reason as well, I need to pass this trial quickly.

I activated Goddess Medea’s Blessing while avoiding another attack from the sacred beast. In order to prove my courage and strength, I have to push forward using all of my power.

Every one of my abilities is now increased by thirty percent.

I avoided one more attack before immediately channeling my Fire Bolt. As the sacred beast charged towards me once more, I released a more powerful Fire Bolt directly at the beast’s face. It let out another agonizing roar.

Before the Fire Bolt even connected with the beast, I was channeling Thunderburst. It takes longer to cast than Fire Bolt but it’s ranked up enough for me to be able to move while channeling it.

While the sacred beast was still distracted by my Fire Bolt, I moved behind the beast without it noticing.

The sacred beast swiped out with its massive paw but I was no longer there.

I jumped onto the back of the beast before launching myself into the air and bringing my sword down towards its head. I felt resistance but my momentum combined with my thirty percent status increase was enough to pierce the beast’s hide.

“This is the end!”

I activated Thunderburst as I let out a roar of my own. The electric shock burned a circle into the beast’s fur and travelled along the metal of the blade into the beast.

The sacred beast convulsed violently before collapsing to the ground. I was thrown to the ground but managed to get back to my feet.

I could hear someone clapping. Alumis seemed pleased with my performance. If she’s pleased then I’m guessing I passed.

Well, I’m glad I was able to pass so quickly. It seemed to me to be a bit anticlimactic, but Alumis approached me with a big smile on her face.

“That was amazing, Yuzuki! I never expected you to defeat my sacred beast. I have to reward you with something in addition to the fruit you desire.”

“No, I was just lucky. I’m glad you seem so happy with my performance.”

I remember when I first arrived in this world and I was scared to death of a simple bandit. I’m glad that I seem to have grown so much.

“You don’t need to be so modest! As a reward for you defeating my sacred beast, I’ll allow you to become my spouse.”

“No, really, I’m happy you’re so please, but…eh?”

I thought I just misheard her. No, I wanted to believe I had. But, Alumis was slowly stroking the pattern covering her stomach while looking at me with eyes filled with lust.

“You shall remain within my sanctuary where I’ll take care of your every need for the rest of your life.”

I fell silent after hearing her words.

— We’re currently outside the royal castle. My SSS ranked ability is no longer being suppressed. In other words, To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes is currently affecting Alumis.

I also activated Goddess Medea’s Blessing which increases its effects by thirty percent.

“I finally found my destined partner. You’ll never leave my side.”

S-She’s a yandere!

W-W-Who was it that said spirits can’t turn into yanderes!? — right, that was me! But I really didn’t think it was possible!

While screaming this in my mind, I turned and ran away.

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