Volume 3, Chapter 12: The Goddess’ Divine Protection

As I ran through the forest of the sanctuary, I turned back to see the yandere Alumis chasing me.

I can’t let her catch me. My Feminist skill is still high-ranked. The moment she lays a single finger on me, I lose.

I’m afraid they’ll misunderstand, but I have no choice but to rely on Rose and Claudia. I ran to the side of the spring where Rose and Claudia should be waiting.

However —

Rose and Claudia had collapsed forward onto the table. Femia was desperately trying to help them.

“What’s wrong!?”

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I rushed towards them and shook their shoulders. The moment I touched them, they both jumped out of their seats.


“~~~~~ I-I’m already…..!”

I was afraid they were unconscious or worse, but — what’s with this reaction? Their breathing was also ragged…. It was as if we had just spend the entire night in bed together.

“Oi, what happened!?”

I spoke to Femia who seemed to be the only one acting normal.

“I-I don’t know. They were just drinking their tea and they suddenly became like this….”

“Their tea? Don’t tell me — !?”

The moment I began to suspect they were poisoned, several tentacles shot out of the water and wrapped around Rose and Claudia. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I tried to pull them out of the tentacles grasp, but they were quickly ripped from their seats and carried toward the spring.

The tentacles acted like rope and restrained their limbs and even covered their mouths.

“Rose, Claudia!”

I aimed a Fire Bolt at the base of one of the tentacles but it disappeared the moment it touched the water.

“It’s useless.”

“This really was you, Alumis!”

I looked in the direction of her voice to see her face was covered in pure ecstasy.

“What did you put in their tea!?”

They’re both still alive for now, but if things continue like this they both may die, and I’ll only be able to resurrect one of them with my skill.

I need to know what she put in their tea.

“It’s a special medicine that increases their senses by ten fold.”


I wasn’t expecting that. Alumis went on to say, “And that means –”

And her words were cut off by the muffled screams of Claudia and Rose.

“– their status windows have been directly connected to their skin.”

After seeing that I still didn’t understand her, Alumis continued,

“You really don’t know anything. The status window represents one’s soul. Touching someone’s status window is like touching the very essence of that person.”


I went from not understanding at all to completely understanding. I also know that by touching someone else’s status window, they experience an intense pleasure.

I play with both of their status windows all the time — though, I’m not going to mention that to Alumis.

…I thought their lives were in danger, but it might actually be something else of theirs that is.

I looked closer at their faces to see they did really look to be in pain.

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“You don’t seem to fully understand. As the tentacles tighten around them it’s as if their very souls are being placed in a vice. The incredible sensations they’re feeling will make them go mad.”

“Wha –!?”

They’d usually be incapacitated by me just stroking their status windows. This medicine they drank will increase that effect by ten times and these tentacles are doing more than just my finger.

If the tentacles are tightening around them, they really could go insane from the vastly increased sensations. Their lives really are in danger.

This situation is serious.

If one of them died I’d be able to resurrect them, but if their minds are broken I won’t be able to do anything.

In other words, their minds breaking might actually be worse than one of them dying.

“A-Alumis-sama, what are you doing? These are honoured guests of the Royal Princess!”

Femia’s voice was trembling. I’m thankful she’s trying to help, but —

“Be quiet. I fell in love with Yuzuki the moment I saw him. I won’t let anyone stand between us.”

Just like I thought, Femia’s words were unable to reach Alumis now that she had become a yandere.

“Alumis has turned into a yandere. There’s no use trying to reason with her. You need to return to the castle and bring help.”

“S-She’s a yandere!?”

“Go get help!”

“I-I understand.”

My SS ranked Feminist skill makes it so I’m unable to harm women. This includes all humanoid creatures that are able to verbally communicate.

Alumis is included in this. With Rose and Claudia captured, I have no choice but to wait for reinforcements from the castle.

I had to rely on Femia to bring these reinforcements —

“I said I won’t let anyone get in between us!”

Alumis raised her right hand and another tentacle emerged from the spring before racing towards Femia as she was running away. The tentacle wrapped around Femia and pulled her back to the water.

…what should I do? The situation just turned dire.

If this continues Claudia and Rose will go mad, but I’m unable to harm Alumis.

I can’t run away on my own and I can’t stand and fight.

If there were a way for me to cut down the tentacles so we could all run away together, that would be ideal. I shot another Fire Bolt at the base of the tentacles but it fizzled out the moment it touched the water.

Actually, my Fire Bolt seemed to vanish entirely as soon as it got close to the tentacles. It’s possible these tentacles just have high magic resistance.

“I’ve already told you that it’s useless.”

She may have been able to guess what I was thinking after seeing my face. I’m not sure if she’s bluffing or being honest.

But —

“Just give up already and become mine. If you try to resist me anymore, I’ll squeeze the life from those two right now.”

Alumis raised her hand once more and the tentacles tightened their grip on Claudia and Rose. I could hear their muffled screams intensify.

“Stop this!”

“If you want me to stop you should stop angering me.”


I had no choice. I may be able to do something to destroy the tentacles, but Alumis could kill them before I could do anything.

…I desperately racked my brain trying to think of some way of saving them.

“What are you going to do with them?”

“I don’t care about them. I only want you, Yuzuki.”

“Why are you so obsessed with me…? Why am I even bothering to ask?”

While she told me her reasons, I tried to think of a way to fight her, but my options were limited due to Feminist. It’s useless. Should I just escape and come back with help…?

“Ah, I forgot to mention this, but if you try to run, I’ll kill them all immediately.”

“– you….”

I really hate this girl. There really didn’t seem to be any options for me.

“Yuzuki, just give up and become mine. We are destined to be together. The sole reason you were born into this world was to be with me.”

“…that’s not true.”

It really isn’t. Obviously, that’s just her yandere delusions, but I was actually born into this world due to a different yandere’s selfish desires.

So I really wasn’t born here to be with Alumis.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Alumis believes this.

“Alumis, would you be willing to make a deal with me?”

“…oh, a deal? Interesting. Tell me more.”

“I will offer myself to you in exchange for you the safety of those three.”

“…that’s not possible. Not counting the maid, those other two have already slept with you. A sin like that is deserving of immediate death. There’s no way I can let them live.”

Completely selfish. She’s the worst type of yandere. The type that I absolutely can’t stand. I hated that fact that I was completely at the mercy of someone like that.

“If you won’t make a deal with me, I’ll run away.”

“If you that, I’ll just kill them.”

“Then — do it.”

I tried my best to hold back my emotions in an attempt to seem uncaring. Alumis just smiled in response.

“…what do you mean?”

“If you plan on killing them anyway, it doesn’t matter whether I run or just give myself over to you.”

“Oh? Do you really think you’d be able to escape from me? I’m a follower of the great Goddess.”

“I can’t say for sure. Even if you were to chase after me, I’d do everything in my power to resist you.”

That’s a lie. I wouldn’t be able to do anything thanks to my Feminist skill. In the first place, I’m not even sure if I’d be able to abandon Claudia and Rose. I do know that if I don’t do anything, I’ll lose both of them.

The only choice I saw was to bluff her.

As expected, Alumis just laughed.

“That would be impossible for you.”

“…what does that mean?”

She shouldn’t know that I possess the Feminist skill. I pushed down the uneasiness I was feeling and asked her this. However, Alumis wasn’t the one that answered.

“ — A-Alumis-sama cannot be harmed by a human. This tentacle is probably the same! Please, just, leave us and…escape on your own!”

The tentacle restraining Femia wasn’t covering her mouth.

“A human’s attack can’t harm her? What do you mean?”

“That’s — nku!?”

Another tentacle grabbed the cup and poured the remaining tea into Femia’s mouth. The liquid being suddenly dumped into her mouth almost caused her to choke and she started coughing violently. The medicine seemed to affect her immediately. Femia’s face turned red and she furrowed her brow.

“Ah~…. T-This…. What’s h-happen –”

“…seriously, how rude of you to interrupt our conversation.”


Following Alumis’ words, the tentacle wrapped around Femia tightened and she let out a blood curdling scream before going limp.

“Hmm, it’s too bad she passed out before her mind was broken. Next time I’ll have to be sure to hold back some.”


By ‘next time’ she means Claudia and Rose. As if reading my mind, the tentacles constraining Claudia and Rose tightened once more and the pain on their faces increased.

I desperately want to help them, but I can’t do anything.

“Now then…where were we? Oh, right, you wouldn’t be able to do anything to resist me. You don’t know this? Once I make you mine, I’ll have a lot to teach you.”

I gritted my teeth and held back my anger. If what she says is true, I don’t have any choice but to let her talk. It will buy Claudia and Rose more time too.

“I, Alumis, am a spirit. I have received the divine protection of the Goddess. Only those that have received the Goddess’ protection would be able to harm me. It is this same divine grace that allowed me to capture those three. In short, you’ll never be able to hurt me.”

I’m sure Alumis was expecting me to fall into despair, but when I heard her words, it gave me hope.

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