Chapter 127- Going All-In with a Trump Card

General Enel was furious when he learned that his special forces unit had been wiped out. It completely overshadowed the momentary pleasure from before when the city gates had fallen. Now, less than half his army remained, so he decided this was his last chance to employ his trump card and turn the tides by exceeding the limits of these meager mortals. Gathering his strength and will, he opened the gate to his dimensional prison and unleashed his most powerful slave. As the dragon4dragonspecies materialized onto the ground, General Enel regretted that she could barely be called broken-in. He wished for another month so that he could completely dominate her will.


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The dragon that appeared was Electra, the dragon who envied KMega6KMegacharacter. This envy had opened a backdoor for General Enel to control of her mind, but she had been a proud, stubborn dragon. After the beasts of hell had their way with her, after her body had been broken and mended time and again, after all the tortures General Enel had put her through, she still refused to acknowledge Enel as her master. So when she realized that she had been returned to the land of mortals, she naturally tried to escape, but the chains binding her neck remained strong. “What is it you want, you f***ing b*****d?” (Electra)

General Enel plucked the string that connected him to Electra, causing torrents of pain to shoot through her mind and body. “Now, now, my little pet. I do not have the time to teach you to hold your tongue today.” (Enel)

General Enel turned and pointed toward the besieged city. “Kill those lesser mortals to your heart’s content.” (Enel)

Naturally, Astrid7Astridcharacter’s main-self returned to her IRL mechanoid body when KMega logged off. KMega washed up, ate dinner, and talked to his colleagues and friends for about an hour before going to bed. After lying with him until he entered REM sleep, she went to the computer chair and plugged into the pod. Although she didn’t mind being bored while watching KMega sleep every night, she would rather make better use of her time. For starters, she would craft or find items in-game to sell for IRL coin. This money would fund her research into improving her IRL body. Her initial body had been designed by Weise’s wife, Zoey, a genius of her time. Had she still been alive, Zoey’s mechanoid research and developmental designs would have actualized Astrid’s dreams faster than Astrid could imagine.


After logging in and getting out of bed, Astrid sensed that something was wrong. Grabbing some snacks along the way, she hurriedly exited the fortress and found the city under siege. She was not concerned by that; however, she could not have the same nonchalance about the figure in the sky. Without hesitation, she took to the sky herself and tackled the other dragon with her true form. With thuds, the two landed like an earthquake in the middle of the demon army, squashing several ranks. The defenders of the city quickly adjusted their aim to not hit the two while the demons did not bother them because they simply wished to pillage the city as soon as possible.

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Astrid felt a bit sore from crashing with the larger dragon. She knew there had been other ways to handle the situation, but the other dragon had been about to unleash a breath attack, so to avoid the worst case scenario, she had immediately acted. When she looked over the other dragon, she noticed that it had been marks of continuous beatings and abuse, some of which were recent enough to still not have healed.

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