Chapter 126- General Enel’s Big Mistake

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General Enel couldn’t believe his eyes; the soldiers under his command were being slaughtered. The ones with wings tried to retreat into the sky, but they were targeted as soon as they left the ground. No matter what, he couldn’t understand how Level 200 demons were being killed by the hundreds. By the time they got to the gate, his forces numbers were dwindled down to under ten thousand. He was so angry he called one of his magical demonic underlings over, “Are there any undead you can raise?” (Enel)

The necromancer demon shook his head.

“No, master. Their graveyard is built on holy land and purified. However, I do sense something.” (Necromancer)

He then pointed towards the outpost.

Nierlar watched as the demon battle unfolded. These creatures have never dared to attack the dragon4dragonspeciess before, but he understood that they were a threat to humans and other lesser races. Taking into consideration that when properly gathered, these lesser creatures are a threat to even dragons, he observed them with care.

However, he quickly came to a conclusion.

“Is their commander an idiot?” (Lazar)

It was his son’s words, but they matched his thoughts, “I understand that he had a spy learn a lot about the fortress, but he still conducted a full frontal assault. There are no siege weapons and no further plans.” (Lazar)

As Nierlar listened to his son, he thought that it might be possible that the commander was confident in their numbers and the strength of his army, but to lose thousands of troops like this was reckless.

“If it was an attack order I had to obey, I would have split my soldiers in three units and attacked from multiple directions.” (Lazar)

Nierlar was strangely proud as he listened to his son. When Lazar was younger he showed some talent, but he had no real motivation to learn. Something every new dragon lord needs. When Lazar was saved by KMega6KMegacharacter, his drive to better improve himself was reflected in the one he listened to. Even though KMega wasn’t a full dragon, he understood them and he taught Lazar the basics.


“What’s this?” (Lazar)

His son said, breaking Nierlar’s thoughts of pride in his son. A unit of demons then broke off and rushed toward the outpost near them, even though it had no real importance. It’s just a training ground created in order to have an excuse to protect it…. Nierlar then suddenly stood up after realizing what they were going to do.

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“They wouldn’t dare, would they? What foolish creature would dare raise an undead abomination of nature?” (Nierlar)

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Nierlar’s voice carried an intense anger, but he didn’t move as he watched as the other dragons began to realize what was happening.

The necromancer arrived with a group of guards on a hill with red flowers behind the outpost. The system has officially recognized this place as Fallen Hill. There are two noteworthy things about this place; a rare flower grows here that the guards pick once a month and at a cost of more than enough contribution points to Eastguard to make someone a lesser noble if it was of another country.

However, they can also be bought with money. The second thing is a boulder split in two caused by a great sword cleanly cutting through, a monument of the lost. One half of the boulder had the names of the missing or captured people during the war, while the other half held the names of the deceased. The first name was Astrid7Astridcharacter’s mother. Fallen Hill is very close to the hearts of the people of Eastguard. This monument is also where KMega sealed the cave that houses Astrid’s mother. Because of this, when the demons blasted the monument, the gods became angry, but the spirits of the deceased attached to the monument were even more furious.


As soon as the tunnel was cleared, the demons could hear a dragon’s roar from within.

They were all confused as a Level 586 Red Dragon’s ghost appeared surrounded by thousands of ghosts of deceased soldiers of Eastguard. There was a reason why when KMega got Astrid he was told that her body will never be raised by a necromancer. There are fewer things more dangerous than waking a sleeping dragon, especially one content with their eternal sleep.

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