Chapter 484: Farewell night

“Kexin……..” Long Yi was startled and he was frightened stiff. He wanted to rush out and pull Dongfang Kexin back, but the magic transmission array was already activated. The moment he cried out, the magic array flashed and everyone disappeared. They disappeared without a trace from the stone room.

Dongfang Kexin slowly closed her eyes. Although she was sad in her heart, a feeling of freedom washed over her. She felt relaxed and she muttered, “Cousin, if there is a next life, I’ll definitely become your wife. I don’t care how many women there are around you.”

Boom, a loud explosion sound resounded and dust and smoke filled the entire sky. Everything which was located one kilometer from the Light Church was razed to the ground. Fortunately, this Light Church was located in a remote place without any much houses near it. Moreover, it was only dawn right now and there was no one in the church. As such, only the priests and the light warriors in the Light Church lost their lives.

However, something strange happened. Even though everything within one kilometer of the church was destroyed, the Light God statue at the top of the Light Church was completely undamaged. There wasn’t even a single scratch on the statue… This was an extremely strange matter.

In a secret room in the Nalan imperial palace, a magic array flashed with no warning. Several figures appeared above the magic array.

This was the secret room in the Nalan imperial palace where Liuxu cultivated. She had always been prudent and cautious. As such, she laid out a transfer point in this secret room just in case. It she hadn’t placed a transfer point here, they would be transferred to the Illusory Forest.

As all of their spirit power and magical power were consumed after fighting Charles and his four Magic Gods, all of them were extremely tired. They felt as if the bones in their entire body had fallen apart. Long Yi had not felt like this for a long time.

Closing his eyes, Dongfang Kexin’s sad eyes appeared in his mind. His heart started to throb with pain. This silly girl, why was she so silly? He could understand the pain Dongfang Kexin felt. When all was said and done, Charles was her foster father. However, she stabbed her foster father with a knife because of him. She was definitely feeling very guilty right now. She probably chose death in order to free herself.

After a short rest, they recovered some of their strength. However, none of them spoke. Even Niur, who was in her humanoid form, obediently sat on the ground as she looked at Long Yi and the others.

“My husband, we should go out and take a look at the situation. I am afraid that the entire Blue Moon City should be in chaos right now.” Nalan Ruyue said in a soft voice. With the self-detonation of five Magic Gods, the Light Church was leveled to the ground. Such a major incident would definitely give rise to panic within the entire Blue Moon City.

“All of you can leave the room. I want to be alone for a while. I need to calm down for a bit.” Long Yi said with some exhaustion. After closing his eyes, he rolled onto the ground and remained motionless.

Sure enough, the matter of how the Blue Moon City’s Light Church leveled itself to the ground within a single night stupefied everyone. Everyone in the city was discussing about this matter.

Nalan Ruyue was extremely exhausted after the battle with Charles and she still had to deal with the destruction of the Light Church. She was in an extremely sorry state and she couldn’t think of anything. In the end, she decided to place the blame on the east. She said that the destruction of the Light Church was due to the people from the Dark Church. As for everything else, she decided to put it off to a later time.


Three days later, late at night, in the middle of the ruins of the Light Church, a figure stood still for a long while. In the ruins, other than the statue of the Light God, everything else had already changed into powder.

“Did they really die?” The figure muttered to himself. He was none other than Long Yi who had just walked out of the secret room.

Sighing deeply, Long Yi drifted towards the beach which wasn’t far away.

“Young Master.” Liuli greeted him the moment he arrived at the beach. She was walking barefooted on the beach and she rolled up her trousers. Her jade-like glittering and translucent lower legs were exposed to the air. Right now, she appeared as though she was a fairy under the moonlight.

Long Yi suppressed the sadness in his heart and smiled. He rubbed Liuli’s head which was filled with her beautiful golden hair and said, “Liuli, after we leave, you’ll have to leave the seas for a long time. Do you want to reconsider your decision?”

Liuli shook her head. Grabbing onto Long Yi hand, she said softly, “Young Master, I have already said that I don’t regret anything. Even if you went to the ends of the earth, Liuli would follow you. Unless you don’t want me anymore, I’ll follow you everywhere.”

Long Yi smiled and he couldn’t help but grab Liuli’s pert buttocks. He teased the little mermaid and she grumbled in a flirty manner.

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“Let’s go to the sea and talk to Bifei and Xiao Mi. We will be leaving this place tomorrow.” Pulling Liuli’s hand, Long Yi felt up into the sky before diving into the sea.

As soon as they entered the water, Liuli’s legs changed into a golden fishtail. She chatted and swam towards the depths of the sea with Long Yi.

Before long, the two people arrived at the area where that sea monster Meng Qi was located. However, they realized that the Meng Qi was gone.

“Eh? This is impossible! This is the best area for the Meng Qi to hide… Did something happen to Bifei and Xiaomi?” Liuli panicked.

Long Yi looked everywhere and he caught sight of something which was sparkling beside the deep sea coral reef. Swimming over, Long Yi discovered a piece of shining rock. There were some strange patterns carved on the rock. He knew that the carvings were in the language of the Sea Race.

“Liuli, look, what is written here?” Long Yi called Liuli.

Liuli swam over stared at the words on the stone. She cried out in alarm all of a sudden and she grabbed onto Long Yi’s hand helplessly. She had a worried expression on her face and she looked at Long Yi.

“What is written on it?” Long Yi asked. It seemed as though the feeling of unease he felt when he left the sea with Liuli wasn’t wrong.

“Aunt Bifei said she went back to Ocean City with Xiaomi. She wants me to follow you without any worries. They’ll be back after a period of time.” Liuli appeared just like an abandoned child when she explained the writings to Long Yi.

“Well, they definitely had a reason if they went back so suddenly. Don’t worry about it too much.” Long Yi hugged Liuli and said. Long Yi guessed that Bifei and Xiaomi would definitely face dangerous situations when they returned to Ocean City this time. This should be the reason they left without saying goodbye.

“However… Why did aunt Bifei return to Ocean City? We, the Mermaid Clan, were banished from Ocean City forever. We can never return. If aunt Bifei and Xiaomi were discovered, then……” Liuli appeared anxious.

“Since they already left, you don’t have to worry too much. You know how cautious Bifei is. She definitely made sufficient preparations.” Long Yi consoled.

Liuli was startled and she suddenly thought about how Bifei was acting weird during her adult ceremony. She finally understood everything.

After they returned to shore, Liuli had a depressed appearance. Since she was young, Bifei and Xiaomi accompanied her everywhere she went. When they left, she was obviously worried and sad.

Only after Long Yi spent half a day to make a number of ambiguous jokes, Liuli started to laugh.

The beautiful night always needed romantic **. Long Yi didn’t like a sad farewell. As such, he used ** to make them forget the sadness.

In Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarters, two shadows were panting and entangled on that soft bed. The sea breeze gently blew against the bed curtain, bringing along a pleasant cool feeling to those two figures.

“Ah, my husband……” Nalan Ruyue cried as her charming body trembled and her jade hands frantically grabbed onto Long Yi’s black hair.

Long Yi nibbled on Nalan Ruyue’s soft buds while his big hand explored and teased her wet valley. His actions caused the beauty to repeatedly reach the apex of waves.

All of a sudden, Nalan Ruyue pushed down on Long Yi and used her small mouth to kiss Long Yi’s sturdy chest. In the night before they parted, Nalan Ruyue wanted every inch of Long Yi’s body to have her smell. She wanted him to think of her even after leaving the Nalan Empire.

Nalan Ruyue’s kisses were hot and full of warmth. Her dense love flowed and seeped into his skin, muscles, and marrows.

As she kissed her way down his body, Nalan Ruyue’s lips arrived at the place between Long Yi’s legs. There, that burning hot big little Long Yi was standing upright with great rage. It seemed to blame Nalan Ruyue for not giving it enough love.

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Even though they were an old married couple, using her mouth and tongue to serve Long Yi was not an easy thing to do. However, Nalan Ruyue knew that Long Yi enjoyed this kind of ** service.

“Oh…… Yue’er, my darling! A little deeper!” Long Yi couldn’t help but moan. Nalan Ruyue’s mouth technique wasn’t something that Little Lolita could compare with. The Little Lolita was a rookie compared to Nalan Ruyue. She sucked, licked, and used all kinds of techniques to directly make Long Yi’s soul reach the highest heaven.

After her fragrant cheeks turned numb, Nalan Ruyue spat out the thing in her mouth. Straddling Long Yi’s waist, she sat down and began to move up and down. Tonight, she took the initiative to please Long Yi.

After a long time, Long Yi was still standing strong. However, Nalan Ruyue was unable to keep up.

“Yue’er, it is not that easy to defeat me.” Long Yi smiled and pinched Nalan Ruyue’s **

Nalan Ruyue snorted with conviction and wanted to fight again. However, she had no more strength in her body and she could only lie on Long Yi’s chest helplessly.

“What can I do? Your little scoundrel is still protesting.” Nalan Ruyue stuck out her fragrant tongue and licked Long Yi’s ** and said.

“Don’t worry about it. Now, your husband only wants to hold you.” Long Yi reached out his hands and embraced Nalan Ruyue. She completely entered his bosom when the sound of the sea waves crashing against the shore filled her ears. She felt extremely comfortable.

Nalan Ruyue opened her eyes and there were glistening teardrops in them. If she could, she really wanted to hold him like this for the rest of her life, never parting with him.

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