Chapter 485: Meeting Dry Bones again

Looking at Blue Moon City gradually disappearing from his line of sight, Long Yi sighed in his heart. Everything which happened here was enough for Long Yi to write a few books.

Releasing the carriage curtain, Long Yi placed his head on Liuli’s thighs. He subconsciously moved his legs towards Liuxu.

“Long Yi, believe it or not, I will chop off your pig legs.” Liuxu wasn’t a weak woman who would let Long Yi do as he pleased. She immediately punched Long Yi’s legs.

Long Yi hissed in pain as he retracted his legs. His habit was causing him no small amount of trouble now. Thinking about it, he was always surrounded by beautiful women. Every time he traveled, he would place his head on one of the beauty’s thighs. His legs would rest on the other beauty’s leg. One of them would massage his head and the other would massage his head. Long Yi really resembled a celestial being enjoying life whenever he did that.

“Liuxu, can’t you be a bit gentler?” Long Yi complained.

Liuxu coldly snorted and ignored Long Yi as she carried little Niur.

“You are not giving me face… If you can always act honestly like that time in the Illusory Forest, how wonderful would that be?” Long Yi sighed. However, his hands were constantly caressing Liuli’s legs when he complained about Liuxu.

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When she heard him, Liuxu had a confused expression on her face. Turning around, she asked, “How did I treat you in the Illusory Forest?”

“You seemed to have forgotten everything… Looks like you frequently kiss people goodbye. Here I was thinking that it was your first kiss.” Long Yi said and he had a sad expression on his face. In the past, he was leaving the Illusory Forest and Liuxu gave him a light kiss. He had never forgotten about it.

The breathing of Liuxu stagnated and her beautiful face turned bright red all of a sudden. She flew into a fit of rage due to shame and she snapped, “Do you think I am like you? Other than you, I…… I…… Just go and kill yourself.”

Long Yi sat up and smiled. He looked at Liuxu with a warm expression on his face.

“Why are you grinning? Do you believe that I will tear your mouth into pieces?” Liuxu hatefully said.

“I am grinning at myself. I don’t think that I am disturbing you in any way, isn’t that so my little Niur?” Long Yi smirked and winked at Niur who was watching Long Yi with a curious gaze.

“Mmm.” Of course, Niur didn’t understand a word Long Yi said. However, she knew that whatever Long Yi said was right. As such, she nodded her head to agree with him and chuckled.

With eight strong unicorns pulling their luxurious carriage, they headed eastwards. In just a few days, he arrived at the border of the Violent Dragon Empire.

“If I’m right, there seem to be no cities or towns near us. We can only sleep in the wilderness tonight.” Since it was already late at night, Long Yi said to Liuli and Liuxu.

Long Yi found a place to stop the carriage before pitching two tents. He laid out some defensive barriers and made the place even more comfortable.

After eating their dinner, the wind started to pick up and swept across the land. All of them could feel that the air became more humid and the lightning magic elements in the air became much denser.

Hong long, a series of thunderclap resounded as a silvery lightning streaked across the firmament. The heavens seemed to split open and the rain started to fall. It wasn’t long before it turned into a downpour.

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Long Yi lied on the soft bed which was located in one of the tents. He was holding Liuli in his right arm and Niur was hugging his left arm as if her life depended on it. All of them could hear the sound of the rain battering against the covers of the tent.

The incident about the Light Church in Blue Moon City had already spread through the entire continent. However, outside of Long Yi’s expectations, the two Great Holy Priests from the Light Church issued a statement which was in line with the Nalan Empire. In their statement, they had also stated that the Light Pope, Charles, had returned to the light headquarters to enter seclusion. To Long Yi, this was an interesting matter. The statement from the Nalan Empire and the two Great Holy Priests allowed the common people to feel more at ease. However, the matter was left unsettled.

The thing Long Yi was the most confused about was Mu Hanyan and Mist Fairy. He was surprised by the serious soul injury Mist Fairy suffered, He also remembered that Mist Fairy told he to be careful of Charles and Long Yi caught something from that.

With Mist Fairy’s strength, it was completely impossible that Charles was the one who injured her. Even if she was sneak attacked when she was unprepared, how could light magic cause such a huge injury to her soul? Unless……

Long Yi shook his head and frowned in confusion. There was a thought in his mind that Mu Hanyan and Mist Fairy was the same person. This thought appeared in his head as he had never seen Mu Hanyan and Mist Fairy appear together in front of him. The only point which made him doubtful was the fact that the two women were completely different in the way they looked, their temperament, and their aura. The difference was as large as the heavens and the earth. The doubts in his mind were nullified to some extent.

When he was lost in thought, Long Yi’s eyebrows jumped. The blood skull on his left hand started to vibrate.

“Dark aura?” Long Yi instantly sat up.

“Young Master, did you sense it?” Liuli also sat up. Liuli was someone who had strong spirit power. She was extremely sensitive to any kind of magic fluctuation.

Long Yi nodded his head and squeezed Niur into Liuli’s bosom. He became alert and said to Liuli, “Stay here with Niur, I will go out and take a look.”

Liuli wanted to follow him, however, Long Yi had already given her an order. She nodded her head and decided to stay in the tent with Niur.

Long Yi rushed out of the tent and saw Liuxu. He knew that she definitely felt that dark aura as well. Looking at each other, they started to walk towards the origin of the dark aura one after another.

“Young Master, you should obediently return to the church with us. Don’t make things difficult for us.” At the foot of the small hill, four people wearing black robes surrounded a youth.

“Since you guys are calling me Young Master, don’t make things difficult for me. You can all return and report that I can’t be found. Doesn’t that solve both of our problems?” The youth said in a hoarse voice.

“Dry Bones, don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and grab Young Master before returning to make our report.” Another black-robed man said sinisterly.

The youth’s mouth twitched and he suddenly unleashed a terrifying roar. Two golden lights appeared and dense death qi filled the area.

“Golden Armored Corpse King. This is actually the Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic!” Dry Bones cried out in alarm. Waving his hands, ten huge skeleton warriors which were strengthened versions of normal ones walked out from the space crack. They started to fight with the Golden Armored Corpse King.

“Demonic Hell Skeletons! How can are you able to use Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic?” The youth was startled when he saw the huge and fierce skeletons. He asked Dry Bones with a frown on his face. Although Demonic Hell Skeletons were a grade inferior to the Golden Armored Corpse Kings, there were ten of them and only two Golden Armored Corpse Kings. The battle was even.

“My Uncle Master gave it to me.” Dry Bones lightly said. He had great innate talent in undead magic and his current strength was much stronger compared to his previous self. He also made huge progress in the Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic. Only after a short period of time, he was able to summon ten Demonic Hell Skeletons.

“Uncle Master?” The pupils of this youth flashed with disappointment.

“Young Master, please return with us.” Seeing as the person in front of him could also use Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic, the youth became alert. He knew that there was no chance for him to escape when he was surrounded by the four of them.

The youth coldly snorted and said, “Either you guys let me leave or you can bring my corpse back.”

Long Yi stared at this youth which was not too far away from him and thought about something. A smile suddenly appeared on his face.

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