Chapter 486: Young Master of the Dark Church

The uncompromising stand this youth took stunned the four members who were in a black robe. When all was said and done, this youth was their young master. They had orders to bring him back alive. If they had the guts to return with his corpse, they were afraid that they would be sent to the underworld with him.

Just when the four black robed personnel were in an awkward predicament, suddenly, two blood-red lights flashed. A horrible shriek could be heard. Two heads flew into the air. They were the heads of the people wearing a black hood. Blood sprayed into the air, filling the entire area with a bloody stench.

Two green lights shot out from the chest of the two who had their heads cut off. However, the green light was destroyed the moment they appeared. Sad cries were heard and the green light fell to the ground. They were Emerald Magic Birds which were sealed within the high-leveled personnel from the Dark Church.

Of course, since they were high-leveled personnel from the Dark Church, they naturally had defensive barriers which would be activated upon touch. However, the speed and strength of their attacker were too terrifying. The defensive barriers around them were just like a piece of paper in front of the enemy. It didn’t even resist the attack for a second.

The rain grew bigger and bigger. Even the scenery in front of them turned blurred. The only scene in front of their eyes was that of their companions’ corpses. Even though they had their heads chopped off, they were still standing upright. Not too far away from them, a figure gradually solidified. The figure wore a pitch black bone armor with purple veins on it. It held a blood-red death scythe and it had two strange demonic pupils.

“Long Two?” The youth muttered.

“Dry Bones, let’s retreat……” When the other black robed member sensed Long Two’s aura, he felt as though he was standing in front of the gates of hell. After seeing what happened to his companions, the remaining black robed member started to tremble. His legs started to wobble and he wasn’t able to finish his sentence.

Swish, a huge purple claw appeared out of thin air. It smacked the black robed member and he fell to the ground.

With great difficulty, the black robed member stood up. He subconsciously leaned towards Dry Bones. The only problem was that he didn’t notice that the purple claw was summoned by Dry Bones.

“Soul Devour.” Dry Bones muttered a few words and a withered tree-like claw reached out towards the black robed member. The claw pressed against the space between his eyebrows and started sucking the life out of him.

“Dry Bones, you……” Never in his wildest imagination would he have thought that his companion would be the one to attack him. He didn’t guard himself against Dry Bones at all. After using his magic spell, Dry Bones absorbed a thin dark mist through his claw. The body of the black robed man started to wither. It turned into a dried corpse and fell to the ground.

After the black robed man fell, Long Yi and Liuxu appeared in front of that youth and Dry Bones.

“Dry Bones pays respect to Uncle Master.” When Dry Bones saw the appearance of Long Yi, he instantly became excited.

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Long Yi smiled and patted Dry Bones’ shoulder and said, “Not bad. Your undead magic is really progressing at an extremely fast speed.”

“Everything is because of Uncle Master’s pointers. Now, my body is gradually returning to normal. Uncle Master, thank you.” Dry Bones pulled up his spacious sleeve to show Long Yi his arm. That skinny arm under his clothes seemed to look more like a normal human arm now. Long Yi believed that as long as he continued to cultivate according to Bite.Xiuge’s magic book, his body would return to normal sooner or later.

Long Yi smiled and spoke a few words of encouragement to Dry Bones. Turning to the youth which who was staring at Long Yi with a blank expression, Long Yi asked, “What’s going on here?”

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“Replying to Uncle Master, this person is our Dark Church’s Young Master. The Pope ordered us to bring him back alive.” Dry Bones replied respectfully. However, he turned his gaze to the youth and a hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes. This young master saw everything. He saw how Dry Bones killed his companions. If he returned to the Dark Church and reported it to the Dark Pope, it would be difficult for Dry Bones to preserve his little life. Since Long Yi was here and seemed to be interesting in the young master, Dry Bones thought that it would be inappropriate for him to make a move. They might be old acquaintances for all he knew. As such, he didn’t act rashly.

“Young Master?” A trace of smile appeared on Long Yi’s face when he stared at the youth in front of him.

“What are you looking at? You never seen a beauty before?” The youth stamped her feet her voice became sweet and attractive. The face of this young master started to distort like flowers in a mirror. In the next second, the handsome young man changed into a beauty who had blue eyes. She was none other than Feng Ling.

Feng Ling’s eyes became misty and she bit her lower lip as she looked at Long Yi. Without warning, she rushed into Long Yi’s bosom.

“My husband, I miss you so much!” Feng Ling tightly hugged Long Yi and the familiar smell on Long Yi’s body rushed into her nose. Tears slid down her face uncontrollably.

In the heavy downpour, this pair of lover met each other again. After being separated for so long, they hugged each other tightly without any intention of letting go.

After a long time, Feng Light returned back to her senses. She began to explain everything to Long Yi. Long Yi learnt that the Dark Pope wanted to use Feng Ling in order to force Long Yi to make a trip to the Dark Church. The reason he wanted to see Long Yi was naturally the same as Charles. He wanted to obtain inheritance of the spirit tablet. However, Feng Ling accidentally about it and she fled from the Dark Church. She wanted to look for Long Yi and tell him about the Dark Pope’s plan. As such, the Dark Pope dispatched lots of people in order to capture Feng Ling back to the Dark Church.

Long Yi frowned after he heard everything Feng Ling said. Looking at Dry Bones, he said, “You can return back to the Dark Church to make your report. Help me to pay attention to the movements inside the Dark Church. As for your companions… You don’t need me to teach you what to say, do you?”

“Of course. Uncle Master, you can rest assured.” Dry Bones paid courtesy to Long Yi and disappeared into the rainy night. He changed into a wisp of dark mist and left without a trace.

After Dry Bones left, Long Yi patted Feng Ling’s shoulder. He assured her that nothing would go wrong. “Let’s return to the tent first.” However, when Long Yi turned around, he discovered that Liuxu had already disappeared a long time ago.

“That she-T. Rex… She really doesn’t want to give me face.” Long Yi mumbled as he held onto Ling Feng. He brought her back to his tent.

“Young Master…… She……” When he entered the tent, Liuli immediately stood up to welcome him back. However, she was stunned when she saw that Feng Ling was beside him.

Feng Ling looked closely at Liuli. That soft beautiful golden hair, sea blue eyes, extremely exquisite face, and that fresh, pure, mystical aura around Liuli made her seem exceptionally beautiful.

“My husband, where did you go to swindle back this little beauty?” Feng Ling withdrew her gaze and pinched Long Yi’s waist.

“Hello, my name is Liuli. Young Master didn’t swindle me. I am Young Master’s maid.” Liuli gently smiled but she groaned in her heart. How many wives did her Young Master have? Not to mention the fact that they were all so beautiful…

When she heard what Liuli said, Feng Ling rolled her eyes at Long Yi. Goddess-like maid? Feng Ling felt as though something was fishy when Liuli said that Long Yi did not swindle her. Feng Ling was quite familiar with Long Yi. It was true that Long Yi used some tricks in order to make Liuli his maid in the past.

“Anyway, can you tell me how you turned into the Young Master of the Dark Church?” Long Yi smiled as he stared at Feng Ling. This girl made his life miserable enough after hiding many things from him.

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