Chapter 487: The business of Bimeng Clan

It was just like what Long Yi expected. The Dark Pope of this generation only had Feng Ling as his only daughter. She had been nurtured as a boy since she was young. She had always appeared as a boy in front of all outsiders.

That year, Hell Priest Lafaer proposed to marry his disciple Leng Youyou to Feng Ling. In order to deceive the public, the Dark Pope agreed to the marriage. Feng Ling was instantly irritated at her father’s decision. One should know that, although she was disguised as a boy since she was young, she was one hundred percent female. Both physically and mentally, she was a girl, how could she marry a girl?

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“In order to chase her away, you intentionally took liberties with Leng Youyou in order to make her flee in defeat?” When Long Yi heard her, he broke out into a grin.

“Yes, Leng Youyou is such a proud person! How could she ever agree to marry me, this kind of ignorant and incompetent fellow? Hehe, no wonder she ran away from the Dark Church.” Feng Ling laughed as she was extremely proud of herself.

Long Yi couldn’t help but smile when she saw Feng Ling’s cute expression. Pinching Feng Ling’s little nose, Long Yi said, “So, everything is thanks to you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met Youyou.”

Subconsciously, Long Yi thought about the time he ran into Leng Youyou. She was also using magic to change her appearance. Even though she looked ordinary, her fiery figure was able to make Long Yi drool.

“Scoundrel husband, what are you thinking about? You have a nasty smile on your face!” Feng Ling lightly pounded her tiny fist on Long Yi’s chest.

Long Yi smiled when he saw that Feng Ling was acting cute in front of him. However, he suddenly thought of something. A frown appeared on his face and he asked, “Do you know where Youyou is now?”

“No need to worry. Of course, I won’t escape alone and make her my shield. She already knows what is going on. She will definitely not stay in the Dark Church for much longer.” Feng Ling whispered. She had a lonely expression when she said that. When all was said and done, her biological parents wanted to use her as a bait for the dark spirit tablet. How could she not be sad? Long Yi didn’t know how he should comfort Feng Ling when he saw her reaction. However, he was very touched in his heart. He swore that he would remember everything Feng Ling had done for him.

“My husband, I am fine. Now, tell me everything that happened after we separated. I want to know everything!” Feng Ling nested in Long Yi’s bosom and she changed the topic of conversation.


To the west of the Hengduan Mountains lies the territory of the beast-men race’s imperial Bimeng Clan. The Bimeng Clan had the least number of clansmen among all the other beast-men clans. Even though they were lacking in numbers, their combat ability was the strongest. An adult male from the Bimeng Clan had the height of at least three meters. Their entire body was covered with golden long fur. Their muscles were filled with explosive and dauntless power. They had extremely high resistance to magic and their physical defenses were extremely tough. They could be frequently seen using a wrought iron rod thousands of pound to sweep away their enemies. The Bimeng Clan had always been the imperial clan of the beast-men race. Ever since a long time ago, they had been in command of the entire beast-men race.

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Originally, the beast-men race could be seen in every corner of the Blue Waves Continent. They lived in peace with humanity. However, the greed of humankind was inexhaustible. Humankind began to divide the power and establish their own tribes and cities. In order to establish their control over more land, war was inevitable. The warfare accelerated the unification of powers and many countries were established. The greed of humankind began to take over and they established a strict hierarchy. The beast-men race was deemed to be the lowest race and they were banished from every single country. In order not to be killed, they retreated all the way into the bleak and desolate Hengduan Mountains.

This was how the hatred between the beast-men race and humankind was formed. Since then, the war between the beast-men race and humankind never stopped. However, no matter how strong the beast-men race was, they were unable to outsmart humanity. Even after dispatching massive armies, they had always been suppressed. They were unable to take a single step out of the Hengduan Mountains.

On this day, a shocking thing happened. In the territory of the Bimeng Clan, a trace caravan belonging to humankind appeared. No one ever thought that it was possible for humankind to step foot into the Hengduan Mountains. Strangely enough, every single beast-men the caravan met en route turned a blind eye towards them. There were even some beast-men who greeted the caravan with enthusiasm.

“Yin Jian, my good brother-in-law! What good stuff did you bring for your big brother today?” At the end of the path, there was a group of ten or so soldiers from the Bimeng Clan. The leader of that group was more than 4 meters tall. The moment he saw Yin Jian, he quickly ran over to the caravan. When he ran, the entire earth shook.

Yin Jian silently looked at the second prince of the Bimeng Clan. He was called Leimute. This fellow was actually a bandit. Every time Yin Jian passed by this area, Leimute would extort him. However, Yin Jian had no choice but to endure Leimute’s actions with a smile on his face.

“Second Prince, I have already prepared the things you wanted. Zhangsan, Lisi [1], bring these ten carriages over to the second prince.” Yin Jian said with a flattering smile.

[1] Zhangsan-Lisi (idiom): Tom, Dick, Harry

Leimute strode over with large strides and he lifted the curtains of the carriages. When he saw a superb collection of beautiful treasures in the carriages along with huge casks of good wine, he broke into a huge smile. His smile was so wide it threatened to split his face open.

“Good, good brother-in-law, you are truly generous! Hurry up and head over to my younger sister’s place! That girl missed you so much her eyes turned red.” Leimute laughed heartily while carrying a huge wrought iron rod.

The corner of Yin Jian’s mouth twitched. Recalling that little princess of the Bimeng Clan who was like a cruel beast, his legs began to go soft.

Leimute complacently led his group and they walked past the caravan. All of a sudden, he stopped walking. He turned his head back and looked at several women beside Yin Jian. Slamming his wrought iron rod on the ground, he cried out in surprise, “Fox Clan? Brother-in-law, why did you bring these weaklings along with you?”

Yin Jian had already prepared an excuse long before he came to the Bimeng Clan. With a smile on his face, he replied, “These fox ladies are cooperative partners of my trade caravan. The members of the fox clan are good at bewitching people. In the human world, they are like stranded fish back in the water. Their help is essential to procure the goods.”

Leimute nodded his head without any doubts and walked away with his team. In the past, the position of the Fox Clan was only second to the Bimeng imperial clan. Because of the deceitfulness the Fox Clan learned from humanity, they had an important role in the war. They were involved in the planning and strategy when the beast-men waged war against humankind. The strength of their members was not weak as well. They had special magic spells, the Vanishing Magic and the Thousand Extreme Illusions, which belonged to the Silver Fox Clan. Due to the possession of special magic spells, the Fox Clan had high prestige as it was led by the Silver Fox Clan. There was no objection to the Fox Clan being the second strongest clan in the beast-men race.

However, after several hundred years, the war between humankind and the beast-men race ended. The Silver Fox Clan’s blood started to decline and they were on the verge of extinction. Moreover, the Vanishing Magic and Thousand Extreme Illusions were lost and as a result, the position of the Fox Clan took a dive. They started to split up into many different branches. Right now, they could only depend on their beauty and charm in order to attach themselves to clans which were stronger than them. Even though they were able to latch on to several clans, the members of the Bimeng Clan was unaffected by their charms. The moment the Fox Clan lost their usefulness, they were ruthlessly kicked down from their high position.

Bertha gritted her teeth and tightly clenched her fists. After taking a deep breath, she calmed down.

“Don’t take it to heart. You should know about the current situation of your Fox Clan. It is impossible to change your position overnight.” Yin Jian comforted Bertha when he saw her angry expression.

“I am fine. There will be a day when I make this fellow pay the price. I’ll make him suffer the price for looking down on our Fox Clan. ” Bertha exhaled and said in a low voice. She vowed that she would definitely bring the Fox Clan back to its previous peak state. She even had ambitions to make her Fox Clan stronger than its peak state in the past.

Yin Jian smiled. In his heart, he admired Bertha. He knew that she was stronger than him. She was not only able to use charm magic. She also had the Vanishing Magic and the Thousand Extreme Illusions. They were all skills which could only be broken by a few people in this world.

The caravan continued its journey to the west. Before long, they saw rows f tall and frightening buildings made up of stone and wood. This was there the Bimeng Clan was located.

The trade caravan easily made its way into the Bimeng Clan. If anyone saw how effortlessly Yin Jian dealt with the Bimeng Clan, they would know that he had integrated with them without any problems. This was a miracle for mankind.

The Bimeng Clan occupied a huge territory. Nearly 80% of the Bimeng Clan’s clansmen lived in his place. This place was divided into two regions. The lower part was the place where ordinary clansmen from the Bimeng Clan lived. The houses in this place were much simpler. The upper part was where the imperial family of the Bimeng Clan lived. Although there were only about one hundred people in the imperial family, the area they had was half of the entire territory. It seemed as though the internal hierarchy of the Bimeng Clan was very strict.

Yin Jian led his trade caravan to one of the huge wooden houses in the lower region. This place was his territory.

Entering a room, Bertha impatiently asked, “Yin Jian, what should we do next?”

“Don’t be hasty. As far as I know, the reigning emperor of the Bimeng Clan has wild ambition. He will not be willing to stay quiet for much longer. He will certainly start a war against humanity. At that time, we will have an opportunity to strike. For the time being, stay here and be quiet. It will not be too late for you to display your strength when you have a chance. Okay, I am going out now. You can look for a room to rest.” Yin Jian said and walked out. He was naturally heading towards the imperial palace of the Bimeng imperial family. Wasn’t his starving wife waiting for him?

“Ai, I wonder if this Golden Spear Pill given to me by Young Master will work… Will I be squeezed dry again?” Yin Jian pinched a pill in his pocket and sighed. He had a worried look on his face.

As for Bertha, she cleaned up a room with two maids from the Fox Clan. She sat on a chair and got lost in her thoughts. Now that the Fox Clan was in her hand, she was able to feel a huge weight resting on her shoulders. Currently, with the help of the Skynet Intelligence Organization, the Fox Clan was slowly starting to gather. The only good news was that they managed to find members from the other branches who possessed the bloodline of the Silver Fox Clan. However, the future of the Fox Clan was still dark.

“Long Yi, if you were by my side, how wonderful would that would be?” Bertha muttered. When she thought about Long Yi, her heart trembled. Of course, she knew that she was hoping for too much. She was afraid that he did not like her. She thought that Long Yi didn’t like her as he didn’t bring her along on his journey.

“Yin Jian, roll out here for this old man.” A thunder-like sound came from outside. It shook the entire wooden house and woke Bertha up.

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