Chapter 488: Reaping the unexpected benefit

Bertha stood up and went out of the house. When she saw that the housekeeper who accompanied Yin Jian hastily rushing out as well, she asked, “What is going on here?”

“The eldest prince of the Bimeng Clan is here. He has been on bad terms with the Second Prince since a long time ago. This time, he is here to cause trouble.” This housekeeper said with a bitter expression on his face.

Bertha was quite curious about the eldest prince. As such, she walked out of the wooden house with the housekeeper. The moment she left the house, she saw a huge fellow from the Bimeng Clan who was not any smaller compared to the second prince. Behind that man, there were a dozen or so soldiers from the Bimeng Clan. All of them had ominous looks on their faces which would terrify everyone who saw them.

“Looks like the eldest prince is here to visit us. My family’s young master has just gone to the visit the little princess. Why is the eldest prince here?” This housekeeper made a flattering smile and greeted the eldest prince. Although he was afraid in his heart, his legs didn’t tremble when he stood in front of the eldest prince. His voice was firm as well, which showed that he had some abilities.

“Humph, I heard about the gifts you gave second brother. None of you gave this father anything. You guys thought you could get away with that? Do you believe that this father would smash all of you into meat patties with my rod?” The eldest prince ferociously shouted at the housekeeper. His words were straightforward and he didn’t beat about the bush.

“Eldest prince, please do not be angry. My family’s young master will naturally not favor one prince and be prejudiced against the other. The gifts have already been sent to the eldest prince’s residence.” This housekeeper wiped the sweat off his brows. Of course, when Yin Jian handled matters, he would not only take care of the head and ignore the tail. If he didn’t take care of everything, how would he become a fish in water among the beast-men race?

“Did you really send it to my place? Why did I not notice it?” The eldest prince was dumbfounded.

“Eldest prince, we just came back. We have yet to return to the residence.” A soldier from the Bimeng Clan who was standing behind the eldest prince reminded him.

The eldest prince seemed to have realized his mistake and he retracted his angry expression. It seemed as though he was truly a unicellular animal.

When he heard that Yin Jian did not favor his younger brother over him, the eldest prince dropped the matter. When all was said and done, Yin Jian was his younger sister’s darling. If he were to beat Yin Jian up, his younger sister would lodge a complaint against him. One should know that the iron-fist of the Bimeng Clan Patriarch was not a joke.

The eldest prince was about to return to his residence and enjoy the gifts sent by Yin Jian. However, he noticed Bertha who was standing behind the housekeeper. His complexion instantly sunk.

Seeing as the situation was getting bad, the housekeeper quickly repeated Yin Jian’s words. However, the eldest prince wasn’t easily persuaded unlike the second prince. As he saw it, it was difficult for him to take his anger out on Yin Jian. However, killing one or two fox ladies who were not pleasing to his eye was of no importance.

This eldest prince tossed the housekeeper to one side and his big leg kicked towards Bertha. A whistling sound could be heard as his leg swept towards Bertha. If his kick really connected, Bertha might be reduced to a meat pulp.

Bertha’s figure flashed as she dodged the kick. She left behind afterimages and she did some calculation in her head.

Yin Jian told her to display her strength at the critical moment. Wasn’t this a good opportunity for her to do so?

“Eh……” When the eldest prince saw that Bertha dodged his kick with an astounding speed, he became extremely surprised. When did the Fox Clan become so powerful? He thought that they only know how to use their charms to trick people.

“Take my second kick.” The eldest prince shouted and he took two steps forward. He used his right leg this time and the kick shot towards Bertha. This time, his sturdy and furry leg glimmered with a pale golden light.

Although the speed of the kick was extremely fast, Bertha managed to dodge it with no efforts. However, she was shocked as another kick was sent her way the moment she dodged.

After the old power was exhausted, a new power would be born. If an average person was in her place, they would naturally not be able to dodge. The person was bound to die a horrible death after getting kicked by the eldest prince. Of course, the eldest prince also thought that she would not be able to dodge the kick. The soldiers of the Bimeng Clan under his command were already cheering in advance.

Swish, the eldest prince’s big leg pierced through Bertha’s body. That lightning fast speed and power created a small tornado which blew away the sand and stone in the surrounding area.

The cheering came to an abrupt end as they saw the figure of Bertha fading away after ten seconds. This was a technique from her Thousand Extreme Illusions.

The eldest prince blinked and looked around. He noticed that Bertha had disappeared without a trace. He was not a fool, he no longer looked down on this fox lady and the muscles on his entire body stretched taut. Both his ears were ready to pick up any movements around him.

All of a sudden, the eldest prince felt a cold gust of air rush towards him from the right side of his waist. Without warning, he swung his thousand pound rod at the gust of cold air. The fierce momentum of this move forced all the soldiers of the Bimeng Clan to take a few steps back. They felt as though a heavy boulder was placed on their chest.

Even after swinging his rod once, the eldest prince didn’t stop. He swung the rod repeatedly and the violent momentum caused a huge vortex to form with him as the center. Now, anyone that approach him would be crushed by his iron rod.

Bertha who had used Vanishing Magic wanted to carry out a sneak attack when his guard was down, however, she was unable to resist his attack. She quickly retreated to the outskirts and dispelled her Vanishing Magic. She quickly used her Thousand Extreme Illusions again.

Now, there were many afterimages of the iron rod and Bertha’s figure was also the same. Those illusory shadows made the eldest prince have a dizzy spell. He seemed to have swept away n numbers of Berthas but there were still more of them. He was extremely dejected.

As a matter of fact, Bertha was not doing too well either. If she wanted the eldest prince to fall for her Thousand Extreme Illusions, then she couldn’t be too far away from him. The violent momentum from his rod made her feel extremely stifled. She wanted to vomit out blood when standing her him. However, she wanted to use this chance in order to leave a deep impression on everyone here. She wanted to let them know that the brilliant Silver Fox Clan has returned.

“Ah……” The eldest prince shouted and golden light appeared around his wrought iron rod. He smashed it into the ground and it appeared as though he was using it to sever heaven and earth. The wooden house in front of him collapsed with a loud crash. Fortunately, that housekeeper had evacuated everything and everyone in the house when he saw how terrifying the first prince was. As such, there were no casualties. However, this incident allowed everyone to witness the strength of the Bimeng Clan.

Swish, a silvery light flashed. Bertha flew backward as she let out a muffled groan. All of her clones had merged into one and her beautiful face looked pale. A trace of blood could be seen trickling down the corner of her mouth. Her right hand held a bunch of golden furs.

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The battle between these two had already attracted the attention of many clansmen from the Bimeng Clan. They were observing this battle from far away. When the dust settled, everyone became silent. A fox woman that couldn’t even withstand a single blow from anyone in the Bimeng Clan was able to fight evenly against the eldest prince. The eldest prince was one of the very best fighters of the Bimeng Clan. This scene utterly shocked everyone.

The eldest prince could feel that some of his furs had been cut off at the back of his ear. When he saw that the fur was in Bertha’s hand, his expression changed unpredictably.

“Good, good, good, I have not been so happy for such a long time!” The eldest prince suddenly roared with laughter. The housekeeper and the others sighed with relief. If anything happened to Bertha, young master Yin Jian would have peeled off their skin.

The beast-men race revered the strong. The Bimeng Clan was no exception. The eldest prince’s behavior changed as he wanted to get closer to Bertha. As he destroyed their wooden house, he gave them a house in the upper imperial region which shocked everyone. After the news of this battle between Bertha and the eldest prince of the Bimeng Clan spread throughout the Hengduan Mountains, the way the beast-men clans looked at the Fox Clan changed. The standing of the Fox Clan started to rise. After the battle, the fox women were able to raise their heads with pride. Of course, Bertha’s status rose to the apex of the Fox Clan. Both Bertha and Yin Jian would never have expected for this to happen.

When everything was happening, our poor Yin Jian was being ravaged by the little princess of the Bimeng Clan. The huge wooden bed was creaking non-stop.

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“Baby, a bit faster! You are doing great today!” A lovely voice cried out while moaning. The voice was not as terrifying as everyone thought it was.

“Of course, this big brother is great! I was only using one-tenth of my strength before. Now, I will let you have a taste of my full power. Today, I will ** you to death.” The excited voice of Yin Jian came from the bed.

“Baby, quickly ** me to death! Ah…… I am flying.” The little princess of the Bimeng Clan shouted. Her ** voice also had a distinctive style.

Finally, after two hours, the big bed no longer swayed. Yin Jian was drenched in sweat as he collapsed onto the little princess of the Bimeng Clan. He was gasping for breath and he was utterly exhausted. Seeing that the little princess below him was enjoying the lingering **, he secretly sighed in relief. It seemed as though the medicine given to him by Young Master was truly effective. However, he hoped that there was no side effect after taking the medicine.

Speaking of this little princess of the Bimeng Clan, her appearance was really not what everyone would expect. She was nearly two meters tall and she could be counted as delicate and exquisite in the Bimeng Clan. However, she still was more than a head taller than Yin Jian. The surprising matter was that her entire body was snowy white and smooth. Her skin was tender and even though the lines of her face were relatively deep, she would be considered a beautiful woman even in the human world. In addition, her figure was also very good. She had a slender waist and plump buttocks. The two meat buns on her bosom were also very plump. They could easily smother someone to death. No wonder Yin Jian was willing to sacrifice himself.

“Baby, you were extraordinarily brave today! Did you miss me too much?” The little princess of the Bimeng Clan smiled and pressed Yin Jian into her bosom.

“That’s natural. This big brother missed you so much that I nearly went insane. The world was really dark when I couldn’t get to see you.” Yin Jian spoke sweet words and honeyed phrases easily as he was already familiar with flattering her. All of a sudden, he changed the subject and said with a smile, “I left for quite some time… Did that old bastard father emperor of yours force you to choose a marriage partner?”

“No, ever since the time our beast army suffered an ambush in the Proud Moon Empire, father emperor no longer laughs. Now, he acts mysterious and secretive. I have no idea what he plans to do. It has been a long time since I last saw him.” The little princess of the Bimeng Clan answered. She didn’t have a shred of doubt towards Yin Jian.

When Yin Jian heard what she said, his heart went cold. He had seen the Patriarch of the Bimeng Clan only once. He was definitely not simple-minded like the average clansmen of the Bimeng Clan. Since the beast-men army suffered such a heavy loss, he would definitely not let the matter go. He might already be planning something in secret.

“It seems like it’s time for me to use that piece.” Yin Jian muttered in his heart. He bit on one of the little princess’ ** and a strange light flashed through his pupils.

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