Chapter 172: Requesting Leave

The squad was ecstatic. They had never once been able to memorize techniques so well. They were more proficient in the first six forms, but when it came to the second half, they became slower by a lot. But the good thing was that they had still managed to remember it and they just needed practice.

Xu Qing and Yang Ziming saw that these people l really remembered everything. Their hearts were in awe.

“Sister Ming, how about you go and ask him how he accomplished that?” Xu Qing moved her head to the front of Yang Ziming’s face and requested her.

“Why don’t you go do it yourself? This kind of thing, he will definitely not tell you about. If he was willing to talk about it, he would not have chased us out just now,” Yang Ziming had thought over the situation more clearly compared to Xu Qing. Even though Yang Ziming also wished to know about it, she knew that Cheng Yu would not simply tell anyone how he achieved this miraculous result.

“I hate him the moment I see him. I am not going to ask him,” She had been aggravated with Cheng Yu by how Cheng Yu treated her moments ago, but she was still extremely curious. Xu Qing obviously wished to know, but she was not able to get the answer. This caused her to be at a loss of what to do.

“Unless he is willing, he will definitely not tell us.”

“Hmph! So be it! In any case, I don’t need to memorize stuff everyday. So what if my curiosity can’t be sated,” Xu Qing pouted. She also knew what Yang Ziming said was right. Furthermore, Cheng Yu disliked her. He would most likely not tell her about it.

“I think you better not expose this matter. Since he did not wish for others to know about it, it’s natural that he hopes no one would speak of it. Otherwise, he might probably assassinate the informant,” Yang Ziming reminded Xu Qing. Since it was a secret, Cheng Yu would definitely not wish to divulge it. Furthermore, Xu Qing’s temperament was too carefree. If she were to accidentally divulge it, Yang Ziming had no idea what Cheng Yu would do to Xu Qing.

Everyone had gotten acquainted with each other for only a few days. No one knew what kind of person Cheng Yu was. But for him to have such abilities, regardless of who he was, Cheng Yu was definitely not simple. Therefore, it was better not to provoke him.

“Understood, Sister Ming. I am not someone so gossipy. You are soon going to be as annoying as that scoundrel Cheng Yu,” Xu Qing pouted and muttered.

“Since we have already seen the boxing technique, let’s return,” The two of them had known each other for very long and Yang Ziming knew what kind of person Xu Qing was. She no longer nagged as she dragged her out.

“Instructor, you are really too amazing to actually have such a miraculous drug!” Everyone saw Xu Qing and Yang Ziming had left, so they immediately got lively. They also knew that Cheng Yu was not someone inflexible. When it came to something serious, Cheng Yu would always be very serious, but when it came to relaxation, he did not mind if everyone was lively.

“Do you think I am like those scammers who set up their stalls in the street to cheat others?” Cheng Yu replied sarcastically.

“Heh heh! Instructor, since this memory strengthening drug is so effective, then why was the strength increasing drug you gave us a few days ago still not seem to have an effect?” One of the team members dangled his head to the side and asked.

Cheng Yu did not tell them the names of those pills he had given them. Therefore, these people had named the Body Strengthening Pill as the strength increasing drug privately.

“That pill is not called strength increasing drug. It’s called Body Tempering Pill. It specializes in tempering one’s body. The two pills I have given you works differently. The Body Tempering Pill is used to strengthen a body’s constitution especially for strength and resistance. As for the medical efficacy, it is certainly slower. It’s impossible for it to bring in its effect so quickly, but it wouldn’t take too long either. All of you guys had good body constitutions. Therefore, there was not much effect for the past two days, but if you pay extra attention, you will realize your strength is definitely increasing, just very slowly. Around half a month’s time, and all of you would have assimilated its medical efficacy. Seven days later, you will definitely feel a visible effect from it. When the time comes, your strength will increase by 50% and I will also prepare a few more of the Body Tempering Pills for you,” Cheng Yu explained to them.

“Instructor, is the drug you gave us, a pill? Those kinds that were refined from a furnace?” One of the team members heard Cheng Yu’s explanation and was extremely curious about the word Cheng Yu had used.

“You know of pills?” Cheng Yu was baffled. Ordinary people should have no idea.

“Instructor, it’s really pills! This always existed in ancient folklore. In ancient times, there were beings who refined pills, but they have gone extinct,” In ancient times, it was usually a daoist priest who would refine pills. Previously, a lot of daoist priests had also been recruited into the imperial court because of this as the emperor had thought highly of them. One of the most famous ones was from the Qin Dynasty. Qin Shi Huang[1] who seeked immortality using the refinement of pills.

“So it’s like that,” Cheng Yu did not question them further. Since there was a cultivation world, it’s natural to have people who knew how to refine pills. Those daoist priests were probably the Pill Masters in the Cultivation World.

“Instructor, your martial arts are so powerful. Could it be from those ancient powerful families or those ancient martial sects?” When they heard someone mention refinement of pills, a lot of them had also gotten curious about Cheng Yu’s identity.

“Then what kind of sect do you guys know of?” Cheng Yu was also very curious. Could it be they knew of Cultivation World sects?

“There’s a lot of them. Like Wudang, Shaolin, E’mei. They were formerly known as the most influential sects. However, they all became tourist attractions now and are used to deceive others. However, I believe that there were certainly experts out there. Instructor, could it be that you are an expert from these sects?”

“No,” All those sects that had been mentioned, Cheng Yu knew none of them. They probably only knew of some more powerful martial arts and were not genuine cultivators.

“Could it be that Instructor originates from a place even stronger?” One of them asked curiously. After all, they had all seen their instructor’s strength. They believed that even if the Shaolin monk came over, he might not necessarily be their instructor’s match.

“Let’s not talk about this. All of you should work hard in mastering your techniques. Only by mastering them will you be able to return alive from your missions. War is your karma. The only thing you people can do against it is return alive,” Cheng Yu did not wish to leak out his identity. So, he changed the topic.

Cheng Yu’s words turned the lively mood into a gloomy one. The topic was too heavy. All of these soldiers knew that for the country to suddenly establish such a squadron, it was definitely not by a sudden impulse or for them to look good. It’s certainly because the country needed them. Therefore, they formed such a squadron.

“Instructor, we will definitely master the boxing technique you have taught us.”

“Instructor, we will definitely work hard.”

“Instructor, we will definitely not make you lose face…”

Looking at their resolute expressions, Cheng Yu’s heart turned heavy. There was never a deathless war. Even though the higher ups never mentioned using them during war, all of them knew of their intentions.

The only thing Cheng Yu could do for them was to increase their strength to allow them to increase their chances of survival. But they were not him and the current advanced weapons were not something they would be able to resist.

“I believe in you guys,” No one knew what was going to happen in the future. The future had always been an unknown factor. Perhaps in the future, Cheng Yu might even join them in the battlefield. As long as they practiced what Cheng Yu had taught them, if they were to face other soldiers, they would definitely be unrivalled.

As for the other aspects, they would have to rely on the other instructors to teach them.


Cheng Yu left the training ground, but did not go back immediately. He called Xu Zhongfu. They had exchanged their numbers previously.

“Hello. Xiao Yu, why would you suddenly call this old man here?” After the call went through, the person who spoke seemed to be very amiable.

“Haha! Grandpa Xu, I am calling you today because I have something to discuss with you,” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

“Oh? Tell me what matter needed you to call me personally?” Xu Zhongfu said curiously.

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“I wish to request for leave.”

“Request for leave? This matter is very simple, you can just apply with Chief instructor Liu,” It turned out that Cheng Yu wanted to request for leave. Xu Zhongfu smiled and said.

“I am not requesting for a few days, but a few months.”

“What?! A few months?! Impossible! This squad is very important to us. You can’t apply for leave right now,” Originally, Xu Zhongfu thought Cheng Yu wanted to apply for a couple days of leave. He would have just granted that to him. But a few months was impossible. This squad had only been in training for three days and the martial instructor wanted to leave. What’s the difference between having Cheng Yu as their martial instructor and having no one then?

“Grandpa Xu, I already taught what is needed. The remaining stuff would have to depend on their own practice. Even if I were to continue staying here, there’s nothing more for me to teach them,” Cheng Yu said realistically.

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In the Cultivation World, a lot of them had no teacher. If they were able to enter some big sects, they would also only be able to learn some basic cultivation methods. As for after that, they would have to depend on themselves to explore.

Only those who were really inborn geniuses would be able to advance without any obstruction. This way, only they would be able to attract the higher ups attention. Even if they had gotten the higher ups attention, very rarely would they be able to get guidance from them. The most they would do was give them a bit more resources to let them cultivate. Who would be so idle to the point of paying attention when others cultivate all day long?

Time was an important factor when it came to going against the heavenly laws. Who would want to waste their time on others? If they did not promote their own strength, only death awaited them. Now that Cheng Yu had passed them a new martial art technique and added in the Body Tempering Pills Cheng Yu had given them, what they needed the most now was time. That’s all.

“What? It has only been three days and you have already taught them everything?” Xu Zhongfu was speechless. Could it be he misjudged Cheng Yu? And that Cheng Yu was not as reliable as he thought? Only three days had passed and he had already taught them everything? Could those soldiers have even learned anything?

“Yes. They will have to depend on themselves now. If they don’t put in effort, it will just be a waste of time even if I were to supervise them everyday.”

“Xiao Yu, but I heard from Instructor Liu that up until now, you only taught them a boxing technique. Are you taking this position too lightly?” Xu Zhongfu would receive daily reports about the squad’s daily training from Liu Yan. Yesterday, Liu Yan had told Xu Zhongfu that the soldiers were being beaten up in the training grounds, creating a mess inside. And when Liu Yan had confronted with Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu said to leave this to him and not interfere. As a result, the next day, Cheng Yu called to say that he finished teaching them? No matter who heard this, they would find Cheng Yu’s words very unreliable.

“Grandpa Xu. Since I have already promised my grandpa and you that I would be a good instructor, I would certainly not teach them some random things to deceive you guys. My objective is to help them promote their strength and this kind of thing is not possible in a day or two. What I taught them was a way to increase their strength. The boxing technique I passed them was the most direct way of doing so. Other than that, I also used some supplementary methods to assist them. What they need now is time. In just a month’s time, you will be able to see its effect.”

“You also said that you used some supplementary methods to assist them. Then if you were to leave, who is going to assist them?” Xu Zhongfu knew that what Cheng Yu just said was very reasonable, but he still did not wish to let Cheng Yu leave.

[1] – TL Note – Qin Shi Huang is the first emperor who managed to unite all of China. If you watched the Forbidden Kingdom movie, you would have noticed that his tomb was introduced in the movie.

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