Chapter 173: Negotiation For The Cooperation

Cheng Yu was recruited by Xu Zhongfu, but after teaching for three days, he wanted to run off. Even if Xu Zhongfu believed him, others may not. Besides, when Cheng Yu seized the martial instructor position, Song Tianlin had been very unhappy. Wasn’t this giving him an excuse to dismiss Cheng Yu?

“The assistance I mentioned is not for me to supervise them, but for them to use some external methods. I have already given them those things they need. The only thing that is needed now is time. Once the time is right, they will be ready.”

“Xiao Yu, let me be frank with you. We have established this Dragon God Squad just for a mission. If you are to go off just like that, it’s very hard for me to answer to the Military Commission Committee,” Xu Zhongfu was stuck in a difficult situation. He had no choice but to divulge some information to Cheng Yu.

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“Grandpa Xu, I hope that you can help me think of some ways because I really have to leave,” Cheng Yu’s conjecture was right. This Dragon God Squad did have a mission, but he still needed to leave.

“This…then let me think of a method first. Have you told your grandpa about this?” When he heard how resolute Cheng Yu was, Xu Zhongfu knew that it was impossible to make him stay.

“I will talk to him about it tonight. He will agree to it because I have a legitimate reason to leave,” Cheng Yu would certainly tell his grandpa about this.

“Then it’s fine. I will think of some ways to convince our people,” Xu Zhongfu could only try his best to accomplish this. After all, he was only a vice chairman. Even if he was the chairman, it would not be under his control.

“Thank you, Grandpa Xu. I hope I can get the answer by tonight so I can be prepared.”

“Alright,” After hanging up the call, Xu Zhongfu sighed. He truly wished to get Cheng Yu to stay. Regardless of the reason, he did not wish for Cheng Yu to leave.

After Cheng Yu hung up the call, he walked a few steps and saw the equipment department chief, Tian Yongsheng, bringing a middle-aged man over. Cheng Yu had no idea who this man was, but he knew that this should be the person who would discuss the mass production of the Soul Strengthening Pill.

“Instructor Cheng, it’s fortunate that we came early. Otherwise, I am afraid we would have missed you,” Tian Yongsheng shouted loudly from very far away.

“Haha! Chief Tian is looking for me for?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Let me introduce Instructor Cheng to someone. This is the logistics department medicine procurer, Chief Feng Zheng. Chief Feng, this is the person I mentioned to you before, Cheng Yu or Instructor Cheng,” Tian Yongsheng pointed at the man behind him and introduced him to Cheng Yu politely.

“Instructor Cheng’s truly reputed, but that cannot be compared to meeting you in person. I never expected Instructor Cheng to be even younger than what they said. You are really young and promising!” This was the first time Feng Zheng had met Cheng Yu, but he was still very passionate.

“Haha, Chief Feng is overpraising me. I have only just used the influence of my family,” Cheng Yu smiled and said.

“Instructor Cheng finished your lesson? How about coming over to my office to have a drink? I would like to invite Instructor Cheng to give me this honor,” Feng Zheng did not voice out his purpose of coming over, but the intention was very clear. It was certain that he had something to discuss with Cheng Yu.

“Just nice, I am also quite idle right now. Let me thank Chief Feng first,” How could Cheng Yu miss such good opportunity when it came to earning money? Even though Cheng Yu was not really concerned about money, he still needed it in the Secular World.

The richer someone was, the more they desired money. There was never one who would dislike having too much money. Wasn’t it the same in the Cultivation World? The only difference was the currency. In the Cultivation World, regardless of the natural resources, cultivation method, weapons or equipments, without any money, how were they going to buy them? Cultivators were more in love of money than mortals. For money, cultivators were willing to risk their lives. Cheng Yu was also the same, but the money he cared for was the Cultivation World’s currency. When it comes to the Secular World money, he does not thirst for it as much as the Cultivation World’s currency, but he will never dislike having more money.

As they were inside a military camp, offices were only a short distance away from the training grounds. After a few minutes of walking, the trio arrived at Feng Zheng’s office. The office was not too big or too small and the decorations were very simplistic. A table, a document cabinet, a tea table and a few calligraphy pieces were hung on the wall. In the military camp, even if they wished for their office to be luxurious, they would not dare to do it because weren’t they looking for death if they did?

After the trio sat down, Feng Zheng poured a cup of tea for Cheng Yu and Tian Yongsheng respectively. After that, he replenished his cup as well.

“To be able to invite Instructor Cheng over really brings lights to my humble dwelling! We can’t drink in the military camp. Hence, I can only treat Instructor Cheng to a cup of tea,” Feng Zheng lifted up his cup and said.

“Chief Feng is speaking too highly to me. I am just a small martial instructor. It should be my honor instead. Otherwise, I would really not dare to drink this cup of tea,” Cheng Yu raised his teacup and smiled.

“Haha! Instructor Cheng is too modest! Let’s not talk about the unusual characteristic of your instructor position. Just by your rank, numerous people would yearn for it even in their dreams,” Even though Feng Zheng was a chief, his military rank was actually very low. He was only a captain. Therefore, he had to be very polite to Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Chief Feng is overpraising me. I believe the reason Chief Feng invited me over is not to compliment me, is it?” Cheng Yu was somewhat unable to endure the compliments of Chief Feng any longer.

“Instructor Cheng is able to understand a human really well. I shall not beat around the bush any longer. I heard from Chief Tian that Instructor Cheng possesses an extremely miraculous drug that is very effective for emergency treatment for the wounded. May I know if Instructor Cheng is willing to cooperate with me and supply us this drug?” Chief Feng went straight to the main topic.

“Sure, I do have this kind of drug, but because of the rarity of the medical herbs needed, it’s impossible for me to mass produce it. Therefore, I don’t think it’s possible for us to cooperate,” Cheng Yu put down his teacup and said awkwardly.

“Hmmm…does Instructor Cheng have any other way to do so? I shall not conceal it from Instructor Cheng, if Instructor Cheng is really able to provide us the drug, there would be a lot less casualties on the battlefield. Therefore, I really hope Instructor Cheng can think of other ways to mass produce it,” Actually, Feng Zheng had already heard of this problem from Tian Yongsheng, but Feng Zheng still did not wish to give up. If Cheng Yu really had such a miraculous drug, he must certainly get his hands on it. And he could even rely on this drug to get a promotion as well!

Those soldiers who do not yearn to be w general were not good soldiers. This was the mindset Feng Zheng always had. Furthermore, this was seeking material benefits for the whole military. No matter what, he must think of ways to get it.

“This…I am afraid it’s somewhat difficult. Even though I also wish to cooperate with the military, the medical herbs needed are not vegetables that can be substituted so easily,” Cheng Yu said with difficulty.

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“Instructor Cheng, how about you give us the prescription?” Actually, this was the original intention of Feng Zheng. Getting the drug was cooperation, but if he were to get the prescription, the nature would no longer be the same. This would definitely be a great merit to him.

“Impossible. This is passed down in my family. If it can be mass produced, the drug would have hit the market long ago,” Cheng Yu rejected it bluntly. “What a joke! If I were to really give the prescription to you, how am I going to earn my money!” Cheng Yu would never do a business deal that was unprofitable for him.

“Instructor Cheng, this matter is related to safeguarding the country and is a good deed that is beneficial to all! You should really consider it carefully. If we cooperate, you will definitely receive great merit for this. I believe it would not be a problem for you to be promoted to a lieutenant colonel!” When Feng Zheng saw Cheng Yu did not even consider it and rejected him, he was not satisfied.

“Chief Feng, you should stop making things difficult for me. No matter what, I will not sell the prescription. I still have some of those drugs here, just take it as doing you and Chief Tian a favor,” Cheng Yu thought about it and decided to show a grieved expression and said.

“This…then may I know how many of this drug Instructor Cheng has?” Feng Zheng was a little disappointed, but it was still a good thing to be able to purchase some of it.

“I only have around 1200. However, I am only selling 1000. After all, it’s hard to refine this drug. I need to save some for myself,” Cheng Yu paused and said.

“1000? This is too little! Does Instructor Cheng really have so little?” 1000 was really too little! When it came to saving soldiers, it would only be used to save 1000. It was quite obvious that Feng Zheng did not believe Cheng Yu’s words.

“Indeed. I only have this much. I already did my best,” Cheng Yu shook his head. He really could fork out no more.

“Then how much is Instructor Cheng going to charge us for each?” Seeing how difficult the situation had become for Cheng Yu, Feng Zheng was afraid for Cheng Yu to open up a disastrous price.

“To be frank, I am very unwilling to sell this drug because factoring in the preciousness of the medical herbs, it was also very hard to refine it. I really want to sell it at a sky-high price, but I know Chief Feng is also doing it for the country and our soldiers. Therefore, I also do not dare ask for a sky-high price. $500 for each,” Cheng Yu said imposingly.

“$500 each?” When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, Feng Zheng and Chief Tian were flabbergasted. A drug costed $500? Is this gold?! Previously, they knew Cheng Yu would definitely ask for a sky-high price, but never expected it to be so high!

“Could it be Chief Feng feels that it’s too cheap? Actually, I also feel that it’s very cheap, but I have no other choice as I am also a soldier now,” Cheng Yu knew what they were thinking, but how can he say the price he said was very expensive?

“…” Feng Zheng and Chief Tian were speechless. They adopted an unsightly smile and said, “Instructor Cheng, your drug is too expensive. $500 each, we don’t even dare to think of buying it.”

“Expensive? Chief Feng, I think you have misjudged my drug. My drug is not something meant to stop bleeding. Even though it can be used to stop bleeding, it’s main use is to save a person’s life. If you think of using this pill just because you receive a knife wound, you are really too extravagant. Even I am not willing to squander it in such a way,” Cheng Yu said solemnly.

“…” Feng Zheng had also not seen it before, but after hearing what Cheng Yu said, he became uncertain as he turned around and looked at Chief Tian.

“Instructor Cheng, can’t you make it a little cheaper?” Chief Tian saw Feng Zhang’s meaningful glance and knew what he meant. But it was also very difficult for Tian Yongsheng to say it to Cheng Yu.

“Chief Tian, you also saw the results it could bring to a wounded person yesterday, right? If I did not use the drug, there would definitely be people who died. Think about it, $500 and you can save a life. How can you think of it as expensive?”

“This…what Instructor Cheng just said is also very reasonable. If it was not because Instructor Cheng interfered, the incident would have become very grave,” Hearing Cheng Yu’s rebuttal, Tian Yongsheng became even more embarrassed because he had witnessed the incident himself. The drug was really not used to stop bleeding, but was used to save a person’s life.

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