Chapter 174: Reaching An Agreement

“Instructor Cheng, I know the price you just quoted us is very reasonable, but it is really too expensive. It’s over our budget,” Feng Zheng was also stuck in an dilemma. How was this selling a drug? This was as buying luxury goods! $500 each, so 1000 would be $500,000! Even though the country was rich, it was impossible for them to squander it like that. Furthermore, the higher ups would also criticize them. Cheng Yu kept quiet and lowered his head as if he was in deep thought. When they saw Cheng Yu acting like that, Feng Zheng and Tian Yongsheng became anxious.

A moment later, Cheng Yu raised his head and said, ”Chief Feng, I have a suggestion. Not sure if it will work.”

“Oh? What idea do you have?” Feng Zheng and Chief Tian were expectant.

“I have a friend in Yunhai who is in the pharmaceutical business. Previously, I had thought of mass producing the drug as well. So, I gave her a list of items to research. From what I know, they had already developed a sample of it. But because of the substitution of medical herbs, the medical efficacy dropped a lot. It’s effectiveness is only around half of this drug. But if they were to consume two, its effect would be equivalent to the one in my hand,” Cheng Yu had long wanted to say this, but was waiting for the appropriate time to.

“Really? Then what’s the quote for it?” Feng Zheng was afraid of Cheng Yu. He had no idea what Cheng Yu was trying to achieve.

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“The new product used more of those ordinary herbs. Naturally, it’s price would be a lot cheaper. It should be around $100 each. What do you think?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“$100 each? Only by consuming two of it would it have the original effect? Wouldn’t it become $200? This price isn’t that cheap as well,” When Feng Zheng heard Cheng Yu’s quote, his heart chilled.

“Chief Feng, regardless, the company still has to earn money, right? Furthermore, the drug efficacy is not something that corresponds with its quantity. Nowadays, just a box of medicine for cold would already cost you around $30. More importantly, even if you consumed it, it doesn’t have a 100% guarantee that you would recover. A lot of people spent thousands of dollars just for the sake of curing their flu. If I were to substitute the box of flu medication to the drug of mine, wouldn’t it be even better? Besides, my drug is not a probability. The moment you consume it, it would take immediate effect. This is the main selling point,” Cheng Yu persuaded patiently.

“What Instructor Cheng just said is true. But the budget for the military would also be a lot larger. Can Instructor Cheng give us an even cheaper price?” Feng Zheng also knew that what Cheng Yu said is true. There were countless drugs in the market right now, but only a few were really effective.

“How about this, let me go and discuss it with her first. Is $80 each good enough for you?”

“This price seems a bit more reasonable. However, Instructor Cheng, the new product they develop has to really be as effective as what you are proclaiming,” Feng Zheng said with uneasiness.

“Of course. If it is not as effective as what I proclaimed, we will not accept your money. Furthermore, you can choose to sample the drug before signing the agreement,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Sure. Then can Instructor Cheng leave behind your friend’s number with me?” After getting Cheng Yu’s assurance, Feng Zheng was also relieved. After all, Cheng Yu was also in the same circle as him, so how could he possibly run away?

“Sure,” Cheng Yu passed Yang Ruoxue’s number and reminded. ”However, let me remind you that this drug attached more importance on healing external injuries and complements the internal injuries. It does have certain effects on treating internal injuries, but it is not very rapid. Within that period of time, it would be able to slow down the bleeding of the wound, but I cannot be certain that it would be able to save the life. Otherwise, I would have a miracle drug on my hands.”

“I will remember. To have this drug is our soldiers’ blessing. I hope that we have a happy collaboration,” Feng Zheng smiled.

Feng Zheng felt that he had benefited from this cooperation because they had cooperated with a few pharmaceutical companies, especially when it came to blood clotting drugs. Furthermore, the price was not cheap and it cost around $50 each. The effects were also very ordinary, but it was already the best they could get in the market. If they were to procure Cheng Yu’s special drug, Feng Zheng could even abandon some of the pharmaceutical companies. Of course, he still had to keep some of those drug suppliers around because it was as Cheng Yu said, his drug is meant for saving a life and not meant to stop bleeding.

Inversely, Cheng Yu also felt that he had profited because he had never thought of selling the Soul Strengthening Pill. It was not a gimmick. Even the quote he had given them was a con. Cheng Yu originally wanted to sell them at $50 each because the pill was very simple and the herbs needed were very ordinary making it easy to refine. Just by the recent refinement, Cheng Yu already had countless pills. Even if he were to sell all of them at $50 each, he would have earned a huge amount of money. Besides, he was selling it at $80 each and it was not as effective as the original.

After leaving Feng Zheng’s office, Cheng Yu took out his phone and dialed Yang Ruoxue number.

“What? What kind of wind has blown? It’s been so long since you contacted me. Why would you call me suddenly?” The moment the call went through, a satirical reply was heard.

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“Heh, heh. Ruoxue, I am very busy. This call was made while I am still extremely busy,” Cheng Yu laughed and said.

“Wouldn’t it mean that I should be very grateful instead?” Yang Ruoxue said ill-manneredly.

“Haha! Ruoxue, did you miss me? I missed you,” Cheng Yu ignored the sarcasm from Yang Ruoxue.

“Who would be so free to think about you? Speak. I would not expect you to be so kind hearted to call me just to tell me you miss me,” Yang Ruoxue had a good understanding of Cheng Yu. This scoundrel would never call her just because he had nothing better to do.

“Ruoxue, don’t phrase it this way. I always think of you every single moment because you have long obtained a place in my heart. Anyway, I have prepared another dowry for you.”

“Don’t bother. You only know how to use those sweet and honeyed words to lie. I am not those young little girls who would succumb to that.”

“I really prepared another dowry for you. I just discussed a business proposal with the capital military district. It is related to the Soul Strengthening Pill. Later on, I will give you a prescription and refining method. Within these two days, you would have to manufacture some samples,” Cheng Yu changed the topic back to proper business. Feng Zheng would definitely contact Yang Ruoxue within these two days. Cheng Yu couldn’t possibly let the cat out of the bag.

“Cooperation with the military?” Yang Ruoxue was somewhat amazed. Which businessman would not want to have business related to the country? If her company would be able to cooperate with the military, it would be extremely beneficial for her company.

“That’s right. I already standardized the price with them. It will be $80 for each pill,” Cheng Yu was naturally be able to hear the excitement in Yang Ruoxue’s voice.

“$80 for each pill? What kind of pill is this, for it to be so expensive?” Yang Ruoxue had already known of Cheng Yu’s true identity, but when she heard that he was selling the pill with an individual price, she couldn’t help being surprised by it. Regardless of how effective the medicine was, others would sell it box by box or bottle by bottle. But for Cheng Yu…he wanted to sell them pill by pill?!

“Ruoxue, you are looking down on me too much! How can the things I bring out be comparable to those playthings in the market? This is a life-saving pill! This pill can stop any wound. It is very effective for external injuries and has a very good recovery rate for internal injuries as well. When the time comes, you are to reduce the effective of this drug. The current prescription I am going to give you is not suitable to be used by the commoners and you are to manufacture another kind for the citizens to use. As for the price, you can decide it yourself, but it must not be too cheap. After all, in the future, we would be one of the listed pharmaceutical companies that is cooperating with the military. We must pay more attention to our branding.”

“Understood. Tell me the exact details. Otherwise, if our details don’t match, it would be very troublesome,” Yang Ruoxue paid extra importance to this military cooperation. Following that, Cheng Yu spoke about the specifics of the cooperation to Yang Ruoxue. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if others were to take him as a swindler.

“Cheng Yu, when will you be coming back?” After they finished discussing the collaboration, Yang Ruoxue was somewhat bitter. Even though Cheng Yu had only left Yunhai for less than a week, Yang Ruoxue felt that her life had become very dry and dull. When Cheng Yu was in Yunhai, she would often not see him around, but at least he was still in Yunhai. Even though she was not able to see him, she still knew that he was in Yunhai and she could meet him anytime she wanted. Now that Cheng Yu had left Yunhai, she felt that there was nothing left for her to care about in Yunhai.

“I will return in two days,” Cheng Yu recalled that he had already requested for leave. In two days, he would need to return and settle everything once and for all.

“Really?” Yang Ruoxue missed Cheng Yu, but was not expecting him to return anytime soon.

“Yup. When the time comes, I will go over and look for you. There are still a lot of things that I need to hand over to you,” Cheng Yu did not elaborate on what it was as he hung up the call and went home.


“Bro, are those instructors in the military camp as relaxed as you? Why do you always come home so early?” The moment Cheng Yu arrived at his doorstep, he saw his sisters walking the dog.

The sisters also go through military training. Those instructors would always follow them around when they trained. It was extremely irritating! But Cheng Yu was actually so at ease even after he had become a military instructor.

“Little lass, your bro is an instructor. I specialize in teaching people and not supervising their training,” Cheng Yu joked.

“Bro, when our school reopens, those instructors would also accompany us through the training, making the training very restrictive. I hate those Instructors!” Cheng Xuan said with gloominess.

“Haha! How can those instructors be compared to me? Oh right, is grandpa around?”

“Yes. He should be reading a book in the study room,” Cheng Qing replied.

“That’s great. Slowly walk the dog. I am going to look for grandpa,” Cheng Yu said as he advanced towards his grandfather’s study.

Cheng Yu stood outside his grandfather’s study and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” An imposing voice echoed out from the study room. The tone seemed to be displeased. Cheng Ruilong always hated it when someone interrupted him when he was reading a book.

“Grandpa, it’s me.”

“It’s Xiao Yu? Come in,” When he heard that it was Cheng Yu, Cheng Ruilong’s mood became a lot better. Previously, Cheng Ruilong also doted on Cheng Yu, but Cheng Yu was too immature. Even though he doted on him, it was more of a regret. Now that Cheng Yu had become more promising after he returned, Cheng Ruilong grew even fonder of his grandson.

“Grandpa, I am here to discuss something with you,” Cheng Yu opened the door and walked in. He looked at Cheng Ruilong who was seated on his chair reading a book and said.

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