Chapter 175: Disclosing His Intentions

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Ruilong put down the book he was reading and looked at his grandson. Cheng Ruilong was getting more and more satisfied with the maturity of this grandson.

“I have requested for leave from Grandpa Xu today. I am going to leave for a few months.”

“Request for leave? You have only started teaching the soldiers for a few days and you want to take leave? Furthermore, it’s a few months. Did Grandpa Xu agree to it?” Cheng Ruilong was startled. At first, he thought that Cheng Yu was going to ask for some allowance. He did not expect it to be requesting leave.

Even though Cheng Ruilong had already retired, everyone were educated people, they were all able to roughly guess the importance for this new squadron. Now, Cheng Yu had only taught them for a few days, so how were his superiors going to allow him to leave. If they agreed to it, wouldn’t it mean that they were going to make him give up his position as well?

Cheng Ruilong had spent so much time convincing his grandson and only after much difficulty had he managed to obtain this martial instructor position. Now that the Cheng Family had stepped into the military world, why would Cheng Ruilong be willing to throw away what he had already obtained it.

“Grandpa Xu agreed to it, but we still have to wait for him to convince some others as well,” Cheng Yu spoke frankly. Cheng Yu felt that there was no need to conceal such things.

“What kind of urgent matters need you to leave right away? Now is the best time for you to establish your own network in the military world. If you leave now, isn’t it equivalent to you giving up this position?” Cheng Ruilong disapproved of Cheng Yu leaving. After all, as the head of the Cheng Family, he needed to consider the future prospects of the family.

“I think Grandpa Xu would fight for me, but I really have to leave. Now that my strength has already reached a bottleneck. I need to look for an opportunity to breakthrough. Or else, I will not be able to live my life with ease,” Cheng Yu knew that he needed to disclose some part of his true identity to his grandfather. This method was able to assist him in solving this problem.

“Tell me frankly, are you part of those kinds of people right now?” Cheng Ruilong’s expression was extremely serious, but there were traces of expectation.

“Those kind of people? What do you mean?” Cheng Yu was taken aback as he asked in response.

“I previously met an outside world expert and he possessed a set of supernatural abilities. He told me that he was not part of our kind. As for which realm he was talking about, I have no idea. Even though I don’t know which realm you achieved, I believe that your master should also be an outer world expert,” Cheng Ruilong recalled the words of an outer world expert whom he had met before.

“Judging by what you said, I think I should be in the same classification as them,” What Cheng Ruilong had said was not very distinct, but Cheng Yu was able to tell that Cheng Ruilong was referring to the Cultivation World. To be addressed as an outer world expert was usually reserved for those who possessed extraordinary abilities and people who were likely to be cultivators.

“Really?” After getting Cheng Yu’s confirmation, Cheng Ruilong was excited. To him, those outer world experts were people who could only be sought for. At that time, he also wished to request that expert as his teacher, but that expert said that he was lacking of natural aptitude making Cheng Ruilong feel regretful. Never had he expected that dozens of years later, his grandson would actually have the opportunity to become one of them. This was truly a blessing to his Cheng Family.

“Should be.”

“Then what kind of people are all of you classified as? Immortals?” Cheng Ruilong started to become curious. He had always hoped to understand them more and had also sent people to seek them. But there was never any good news from them. Ever since he had met that expert, Cheng Ruilong never stopped investigating about them. Take for example his study room, a lot of the books were related to the secrets of this world, but even so, he was still not able to comprehend what realm the expert was talking about.

Now that his grandson had such a good opportunity, it’s natural for Cheng Ruilong to wish to know more about it. Looking at Cheng Ruilong’s eager expression, Cheng Yu felt that there were some things he should be frank about and it could be beneficial for the Cheng Family as well. He would also not need to find anymore excuses and would even get the support from Cheng Ruilong.

“We are addressed as cultivators. Normally, we would seek the way of immortality to become an immortal. As for the realm we belong to, it is named the Cultivation World.”

“Seek the way of immortality? Becoming an immortal?” Cheng Ruilong had flipped through all kinds of ancient books and records for the recent years. He found out that there were once people that had seeked immortality before. All the daoist traditions originated from ancient times. But in their eyes, all the daoists were very ordinary just like those monks. A majority of them were fakes.


“Are there really people who can live forever in this world? And become immortal?” At this moment, Cheng Ruilong was like a curious little student as he voiced out all his questions.

“Yes. Previously, I said so when I gave everyone a Longevity Pill. It was to prolong a person’s lifespan. That pill allows someone to prolong their lifespan for 50 years.”

“What? That pill can really prolong a person’s lifespan?” Previously when Cheng Yu had taken out the pill, he only briefly went through it very casually and Cheng Ruilong had never treated what Cheng Yu said seriously. Furthermore, that pill smelled very fragrant and was even able to refresh one’s mind. So, Cheng Ruilong thought that it was just a filial act of his grandson. He had no idea that it was actually able to prolong a person’s life. Furthermore, it was 50 years! This was truly too mystical.

“Of course. If not why would I take it out? In the Cultivation World, there are still lots of mystical pills and this is also one of the reasons why I need to leave…” Following that, Cheng Yu explained everything he knew of about the Cultivation World to Cheng Ruilong once to broaden Cheng Ruilong’s horizon. Only once he grasped hold of the overall situation would he be able to tell which direction he should head to. This played a very big influence towards the growing of an influential family.

“Too mystical. I have never thought that there was actually such a mystical world in existence. If you did not tell me about it, I am afraid only a few people would know of this.” After hearing Cheng Yu’s narration, Cheng Ruilong felt that his brain’s capacity had reached its limit. What ascending up the heavens and going down to hell, toppling the mountains and overturning the seas, soaring through the skies. All this was just a record about a deity. It was like a narration from a mystical folk tale.

“Grandpa, now that you have a more in-depth understanding of me, there is another thing that I wish to tell you. This thing is very important and our Cheng Family must pay extra attention to it,” Cheng Yu considered about it for very long and felt that he should inform Cheng Ruilong about the conflict between Kunlun and him. In case they had managed to find out his identity, it would not be beneficial for the family. And when the time comes, Cheng Ruilong would have no idea about their origins, so would it lead to a calamity happening to the Cheng Family then?

No matter how big a Secular World family was, it was impossible for them to oppose a cultivator. If the other party no longer hesitated or cared about anything else and headed over to the Secular World to eliminate Cheng Yu, by then, Cheng Yu would definitely die.

“What?” When Cheng Ruilong saw how solemn Cheng Yu was, he knew the importance and seriousness of this issue and quickly adjusted his state of mind.

“When I was in Yunhai, I offended a sect from the Cultivation World: the Kunlun Sect. However, currently they should have no idea about my situation. But I can’t be certain. Therefore, you must pay extra attention to them. If there really are someone from Kunlun coming over to find trouble with our Cheng Family, you must say that our Cheng Family is the Limitless Palace’s people. Even though it might not serve much purpose, there would still be some lingering effects,” The Limitless Palace was definitely shouldering the scapegoat’s responsibility. At least before Cheng Yu’s strength had fully matured, he would have to rely on the Limitless Palace’s name to mingle around.

In any case, those who knew of Limitless Palace also knew that the Limitless Palace had never exited its seclusion. No one knew if what they said was real or fake. If they thought of it as true, no one would dare to risk and offend Limitless Palace, this kind of colossus. If the other party were not fearful of Limitless Palace, then Cheng Yu would really have no other means. At least before he returned from the Cultivation World, he would still need to continue using the Limitless Palace’s name.

“Kunlun Sect? Why would you offend them?” There were countless people who had heard of the Kunlun Sect. Probably, a majority of Huaxia’s citizens had heard of them, but they had no understanding about Kunlun. Never had Cheng Ruilong expected it to be a cultivation sect. Wouldn’t there be a lot of outer world experts there? Now that his grandson had offended them, wouldn’t they constantly be in danger?

“It’s a long story. In any case, I already offended them. Therefore, you must be extra careful. The reason why I have to leave this time is also because of them. I need to increase my strength. Otherwise, I would certainly be eliminated by one of Kunlun’s people one day.”

“So it’s like that. This issue is truly very serious,” When Cheng Ruilong heard that Cheng Yu had actually offended such a formidable opponent, his heart was in extreme distress.

“Grandpa, you also don’t need to be too worried. The Cultivation World’s people are not able to deal with you all these ordinary people so arbitrarily. If they do, they would be besieged by all the Cultivation World’s sects,” Cheng Yu had not experienced this world’s cultivation realm before, but he believed that the cultivation realm must not disturb the Secular World as they wish. This applied to all other worlds as well, regardless of where they were. Otherwise, there would only be cultivators left in this world.

“Then what about you?” Since they could not deal with the ordinary people, it did not mean that they could not deal with his grandson.

“You can be at ease. As long as you guys are fine, it’s not that simple for them to deal with me. If they dare to make a move on me, they would have long done so. The reason why I am going over to the Cultivation World this time is to promote my cultivation to make Kunlun more hesitant to make a move,” Cheng Yu said confidently.

The current Kunlun was very strong, but it did not mean that Cheng Yu would lose to them. As long as they did not possess the cultivation of Golden Core Realm and above, no one would be able to block him. Even if he were to bump into a Golden Core Realm expert, Cheng Yu still possessed the means of escaping even if Cheng Yu was not a match for him.

In his previous world, there were numerous times where Cheng Yu had made a narrow escape. Otherwise, he would not be standing right here. His cultivation and strength might not be able to contend against those experts, but his experiences were not something these experts would compare to.

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“Since it’s like that, I will also think of ways to allow you to leave,” Now that he knew of Cheng Yu’s overall situation, Cheng Ruilong supported Cheng Yu’s decision. After all, compared to an instructor position, Cheng Yu’s life was the Cheng Family’s roots.

As long as Cheng Yu was able to become a genuine immortal, there would be no limits to how strong the future Cheng Family would become. No one would ever dare to imagine it, even the families in the Secular World. There was no need for Cheng Ruilong to detain Cheng Yu’s life here just for the sake of protecting the instructor position. This was simply a waste!

“Thank you, Grandpa,” Cheng Yu was right, as long as he were to be frank with Cheng Ruilong, everything would be a lot easier to handle and he would even be able to get his full support. This way, it would be a lot easier for him to handle his own matters.

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