Chapter 176: Lan Ya’s Trap

During the night, Cheng Yu received a call from Xu Zhongfu as the military committee had approved of his leave. But they had a request, and that was to not joke around when it comes to the Dragon God Squad. This was not only related to their survival, but also the success rate of a mission. It might even influence the safety of the country.

They suggested that if within a month, the squad members’ strength were to significantly increase, they would retain Cheng Yu’s position as the Dragon God Instructor. In a month, if the test did not meet their expectations, they would withdraw Cheng Yu’s position and remove his rank.

Cheng Yu was elated when he received the news. One month was exactly the time where the Body Tempering Pill would have been fully absorbed. Not even a month, even just half a month, and their strength would have already soared by at least a grade.

When a person’s strength reaches a certain boundary, his moves would be like floating clouds. Take Cheng Yu for example. If he were to contend against these members, regardless of what kind of moves they used, Cheng Yu would just need a simple move to eliminate all of them.

“Speed and agility are the core of martial arts.” This sentence was not formed without any justification. But if their opponent was Cheng Yu, no matter how fast they were, they would still lose against him. At most, they would be able to safeguard their lives.

But when it came to facing an opponent on the level as them, if their speed was faster than their opponent, the chances of them winning would be a lot higher. Speed was one aspect that Cheng Yu had been worrying about for the squad. Thinking up to here, after having his meal, Cheng Yu called Lan Ya.

“Xiao Ya, did you miss me?” Cheng Yu said intimately.

“You scoundrel! So you still remember having this sister huh? Now that you are tired of me, do you intend to just pat your ass and walk off?” Lan Ya picked up the call and her tone was filled with scorn.

It seemed like this woman’s charm technique had reached a certain level. As expected from someone who was inborn with such talent. Sure enough, Cheng Yu’s decision was right.

“Heh heh. Why would I do that? Sister is so attractive, how could I bear to abandon you? Are you asleep? I am going over to look for you,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Hmph! You are just coaxing me. You are now in the capital. How are you going to come over? How about we FaceTime? Do you want to take a look at sister’s body? Recently, sister has matured quite a lot,” Lan Ya’s voice was extremely seductive. This was pure enticement.

“Haha! There’s nothing fun about FaceTiming and what’s worse, I can’t even touch them. I prefer to touch them in reality. Wait for me, I will come over right now. However, I also want to check if you guys have any wind eagle flower?”

“Wind eagle flower? We don’t grow this kind of herb, but we have imported some. Why do you need them?” Lan Ya asked curiously.

“Help me prepare some. I am coming over to take it.”

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“Are you really coming over?” Lan Ya was somewhat surprised.

“Of course. Do you think I would lie to you? It’s been so long since I have seen my big white rabbits. I want to see if you starved them,” Cheng Yu said cunningly.

“Hateful! I have been massaging them every day! Bad boy, come over quickly. I will wait for you in bed after showering,” Lan Ya’s alluring words transmitted over again. The meaning behind her words could not be any clearer as Cheng Yu’s blood boiled.

“I am coming over now. Wait for 30 minutes,” Cheng Yu opened his window and used his flying sword to rush towards the sky. He flew at a very high altitude as he believed that no one should be able to sense him.


Lan Ya hung up the phone and went into the bathroom. Even though she had no idea what kind of method Cheng Yu was going to use to arrive in 30 minutes, she believed in Cheng Yu’s abilities and knew that he would not lie to her.

When Lan Ya came out from the shower, she went to lay on her bed. After going through some thoughts, her eyes brightened up as she showed a sinister smile. She ran down and unlocked her door.

After that, she ran back up and unlocked her room. Next, she stood in the middle of her room and circulated her Qi to operate her cultivation technique. With a wave of her hand, a spiritual ray flickered. After that, it was as if nothing had happened.

Lan Ya smiled sinisterly and lied back down on her bed. She was looking forward to Cheng Yu’s reaction after falling into her trap. Half an hour later, Cheng Yu arrived on schedule. Cheng Yu shouted after arriving in front of Lan Ya’s villa. But no one replied and Cheng Yu did not feel concerned. Walking in, Cheng Yu saw her room was brightly lit. He smirked and leaped up to Lan Ya’s balcony.

Cheng Yu peaked in through the window and was taken aback immediately. He saw lots of fairies inside and all of them were donning white gauze seductively. All of them were laughing and having fun in the room. Their voluptuous bodies made it hard to resist.

However, Cheng Yu was not captivated by the alluring scene in front of him. The corner of his mouth raised. This little lass, you have just learned some skills and you wanna use it to fool your grandpa? Simply trying to be a brat in front of an expert. Are you tired of living?!

Cheng Yu acted as if he was captivated as he opened up the balcony and went into the room. Lan Ya also saw Cheng Yu the moment he leaped onto her balcony. When she saw Cheng Yu had been infatuated by her illusion, she was delighted as she looked forward to what Cheng Yu was going to do next.

Cheng Yu fooled around with the illusionary fairies as he hugged, kissed and grabbed them as if all of them were real. Those fairies started to undress Cheng Yu and Cheng Yu allowed them to. Lan Ya lied down on her bed and looked at Cheng Yu undressing foolishly in her room. Looking at his starry-eyed infatuation, Lan Ya was already laughing in her heart. However, as she was afraid to be discovered by Cheng Yu, she covered her mouth with her hands while her body was constantly trembling with giggles.

Just as Cheng Yu had undressed until he was left with only underwear, Cheng Yu suddenly turned around and pounced on Lan Ya as he pushed Lan Ya on the bed.

“Haha! Little lass, you dare to fool me? Look at how am I going to teach you a lesson!” Cheng Yu hugged Lan Ya as he slapped her smooth and bouncy chest ferociously.

“I don’t dare to! You knew that this is just an illusion all along! You played me!” Lan Ya pouted and said unhappily.

“Haha! Silly girl. With just this little skill and you wish to enchant me? How can that even be possible?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“But I have already been cultivating it diligently!” Lan Ya was discouraged. Originally, she thought that Cheng Yu had really been enchanted by her illusions. In the end, she found out that Cheng Yu had long seen through it.

“Cultivation is not something that can be rushed. Besides, to be able to reach a great success in the first layer of the Art of Thousand Illusion Charm in such a short span of time could already counted as very fantastic,” Cheng Yu quickly consoled Lan Ya when he saw Lan Ya’s disappointed look.

“Really?” When Lan Ya heard Cheng Yu’s words, she felt a lot better.

“Of course. My cultivation level is a lot higher than you, so it’s normal if your illusion is not able to enchant me. But if it was others, it can definitely enchant them. In the future, you should have no problems protecting yourself. However, you still have to be careful. After all, our enemy is not commoners.”

“En. I understand. I will definitely cultivate even harder,” For this period of time, Lan Ya would cultivate every night incessantly. It can be said that she had already put in her utmost effort in cultivating. Through the process of cultivating, she experienced that even though she had not slept when she was cultivating, she still felt extremely refreshed. Even more than when she slept. This caused Lan Ya to cultivate even more diligently.

Actually, Cheng Yu never expected Lan Ya to cultivate so quickly as well. Because from what he saw, among all his women, none of their natural endowments was high. Even though Cheng Yu already washed their bone marrows for them, Lan Ya’s cultivation speed was still very fast. She must had put in her utmost efforts in cultivating.

After Lan Ya started cultivating the Arts of Thousand Illusion Charm, her whole body had manifested a kind of charm that would make one feel attracted to her. While hugging her, Cheng Yu l felt unable to endure any longer. He sluggishly moved his lips on Lan Ya’s fragrance lips.

“Mmm,” Lan Ya muttered as her fragrant tongue started to intertwine with Cheng Yu’s. Regardless of whether it was Lan Ya’s passion or her voluptuous body, it was all top quality as Cheng Yu forget about the situation. This was even more effective than the illusion technique she had used earlier.

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Cheng Yu tasted the essence while hugging onto Lan Ya tightly with the two big white rabbits pressing down against his chest. This kind of feeling is truly so comfortable!

Just as Lan Ya had reached her hand down to Cheng Yu’s lower body and wanted to finish up the last step, Cheng Yu suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Ya said discontentedly as she wishing to continue.

“We still can’t do those sorts of things right now. This is not beneficial for your cultivation. Only once you successful break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm can we do that,” Cheng Yu was also very helpless. But he was not someone who only knew how to covet a moment of happiness. He still had to be considerate to these women and considerate for himself. Only when their cultivation level got higher, the chances of them being together would be longer.

“Thank you, Cheng Yu,” Lan Ya was very touched. This man really made her feel that she was incapable of freeing herself from him. Once again, she ruthlessly went forward to kiss Cheng Yu’s lips.

Before she met Cheng Yu, which of the men who always tried to get close to her did not do so for her body? Only Cheng Yu was not like this. She was also able to tell that she was very seductive, but he still chose to endure it.

Cheng Yu had always been very perverted. But he would never ignore others just because of his selfish desires. In contrast, he was exceptionally concerned about those around him. Cheng Yu had never once requested anything from her and was still extremely doting and attentive.

Lan Ya felt that meeting Cheng Yu was the biggest blessing she ever received from the heavens. If she had not met him, she would have probably been confined in Kunlun by Fang Wenxuan. Cheng Yu’s appearance had not only freed her from all her troubles, he even taught her how to cultivate. All of this was just because Cheng Yu cared for her.

In this life, if there was a man who was willing to give up everything for you, what was there for you to hesitate about?

Feeling the stiffness in Cheng Yu’s lower body, Lan Ya’s fragrant lips moved to the side of Cheng Yu’s ear and said seductively, ”I heard that it is not good for the body if the man’s thing becomes like that and you don’t relieve it. Let me help you.”

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