Chapter 177: Last Lesson

Hearing Lan Ya’s words, Cheng Yu’s eyes lit up. Even though he could not taste Lan Ya right now, this was still a decent suggestion as he was feeling very uncomfortable.

After getting Cheng Yu’s approval, Lan Ya slowly shifted herself downwards. Ultimately, after a very long time…Cheng Yu finally fired off his first battle in this world.

After solving their individual problems, they both took a shower before laying down on the bed to talk about proper business.

“Have you prepared the Wind Eagle Grass already?” Cheng Yu caressed Lan Ya and asked.

“I have asked someone to bring it over and place it inside the storage box I left outside. They should have already placed it. Let’s go and take a look,” Lan Ya climbed up from her bed and exposed parts of her body. When Cheng Yu saw that, he felt his blood boiling again. However, he endured it. After all, there was still proper business that he needed to handle.

The two of them arrived at the entrance of the villa. There was a storage box placed there. Usually, packages and mail would be placed in it. Lan Ya opened up the storage box. As expected, there was a package inside. Cheng Yu opened the package and took a look. He found a lot of Wind Eagle Grass inside.

“How is it? Is it sufficient? If it’s not enough, I can get someone to gather more.”

“It’s enough. I can’t possibly use so much in a short span of time. I still have some other things to handle. I will leave first. I will come again a few days later. There are some things I need to hand over to you,” Cheng Yu took the Wind Eagle Grass and was preparing to return and refine the pill.

“It’s so late already. How about staying here for the night?” After much difficulty did she finally manage to get Cheng Yu back.

“I’m sorry. I also wish to, but there are things I need to do. I am also doing this for our future. Wait until my cultivation reaches a certain realm, even if a real immortal were to be here, he would not be able to separate us,” Cheng Yu said in an apologetic manner. When it came to the treatment he gave to all his women, Cheng Yu felt a little apologetic. He had been busy with his own stuff and had very little time to accompany them. Thinking up to here, Cheng Yu wished to increase his cultivation even more. Only when he possessed a formidable cultivation would he not be afraid of threats or provocation.

“Alright then. I will wait for you,” Lan Ya knew that Cheng Yu was someone who honored his words. Lan Ya knew that she could only support him. Cheng Yu gave Lan Ya’s forehead a peck. After that, he took out his flying sword and flew off.

When she saw Cheng Yu was actually able to fly, Lan Ya was immediately startled. Before she managed to ask Cheng Yu about it, he had already disappeared from her view.

“He actually did not tell me that he knew how to fly,” Lan Ya stomped her feet and turned around returning to her villa. Originally, Lan Ya had wished to ask Cheng Yu how he managed to arrived here so quickly from the capital, but the moment the two of them met, they started “having fun” with each other. How could she even be bothered by those small matters?

Cheng Yu returned to his own villa and walked into his pill room and started refining a new pill. This pill was called Gale Pill. It was a pill that was meant to increase a person’s speed. However, there was a time limit. One pill would last for two hours. At first, Cheng Yu did not want to refine this pill because with his current speed, it wouldn’t bring any significant effect for his current speed. It was only suitable for those with a cultivation lower than Foundation Establishment Realm.

However, just as he was about to leave, the military had given him a request. Even though Cheng Yu was very confident in accomplishing their request, Cheng Yu still needed to leave for several months. By the time he returned, this squad would have already gone out to start their mission.

Although Cheng Yu only interacted with these soldiers for a few days, they could all be considered his disciples. He also hoped that all of them would be able to return alive. Therefore, he needed to increase their chances of survival. After refining the Gale Pill, with the sky still dark, Cheng Yu quickly rushed back to the capital.


Around nine am, Cheng Yu arrived at the training ground. Today was the last time he was going to conduct a lesson. Looking at their expressions, different feelings started running around in Cheng Yu’s heart. He was unwilling to part with them.

“I already applied for leave with the higher ups. Today will be the last time I am conducting a lesson for all of you,” Cheng Yu’s voice was in low-spirits.

“What? Instructor, you are leaving?!”

“Instructor, you have only been teaching us for a few days and you are already leaving?”

“Instructor! Why? Is it because we did not put in enough effort? I will definitely double the effort I am putting in now. Please don’t go.”

“Instructor, please don’t go.”

When all of them heard Cheng Yu was leaving, they tried to persuade Cheng Yu to stay. Even though they had only been interacting with each other for a few days, this instructor had complete subdued all of them with his own power. Furthermore, Cheng Yu also allowed them to witness all kinds of miraculous things. All of them wished to learn from him forever.

“Thank you for your good intentions. I am very happy, but I still need to leave. Actually, I already taught all of you the things that you needed. The only thing you all need to do is to diligently practice the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique I taught you. In a month, all of you will have to go through an evaluation. If you do not pass the evaluation, even if I wish to come back, I will not be able to do so. As long as you all pass the evaluation, I would forever be your martial instructor.”

“Instructor, we will definitely put forth our best. We will certainly pass the evaluation. Only you are fit to be our Dragon God martial instructor!”

“Instructor, we will definitely work hard and not disappoint you,” One after another, everyone declared.

“I believe in all of you. Today, other than telling you all this, there’s still another important thing I am going to tell you. You also need to conceal this. I am going to teach all of you a technique to cultivate Qi that will also help you properly utilize the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique,” Cheng Yu had carefully considered about passing them the cultivation method. He was not willing to see all of them die as he had regarded the them as his disciples.

“Instructor, what do you mean? What is Qi? Could it be the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique we learned is not the authentic one?” When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, a majority of them showed a puzzled expression.

“Qi is when a person’s body absorbs the spiritual Qi of the outer world and converts it into their body. Now, I am going to teach you guys how to absorb this outer world spiritual Qi. Although you have this cultivation method, it does not mean that you would be able to feel the Qi. This will become a test of perseverance. As for what use Qi has, the best example would be the two footprints I left behind. If all of you have Qi in your body, regardless of how powerful your opponent’s punch is, it will still be deflected by you.”

“Instructor, that footprint was made by Qi? It’s too strong. Then how long do we need to cultivate the Qi?” They imagined themselves being able to use Qi and become as amazing as their instructor.

“It will depend on your talent. Perhaps, it might take a few days, a few months, a few years or you might not even master it for the rest of your lives. All of this depends on yourselves!”

“Ah? We might not be able to master it for our whole life?” Immediately, all of them started to become disappointed. Originally, they all thought that after they learned of the cultivation method Cheng Yu would pass to them, they would be able to utilise Qi. But it turned out that it was just a method to let you comprehend it and not a foolproof method.

“That’s right. Therefore, all of you must work hard. And also, the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique I taught you is authentic, but that was just superficial knowledge. If you wish to truly utilize its prowess, you need to use Qi. And the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique’s cultivation method is specialized in teaching you how to use Qi to display the full might of the technique. I am sure which of you would be able to use Qi, but I will still pass all of you the method. I hope that all of you will be able to succeed.”

“So it’s like that. But instructor, today is the last day you are teaching us. We would not be able to master all this profound stuff in a short span of time,” After getting Cheng Yu’s explanation, everyone understood what was going on. However, what caused them be confused was that they had spent such a long time before managing to master the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. Now, Cheng Yu was going to teach them another two profound techniques. They were afraid that they would not be able to memorize them.

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“Be at ease, this cultivation method is different from the boxing. All of you sit in a meditative poss and close your eyes. I am going to start transmitting the cultivation method to you.”

Even though they didn’t really understand what Cheng Yu meant, every one of them followed what Cheng Yu asked and sat down on the ground in a meditative position. When Cheng Yu saw everyone had prepared themselves, Cheng Yu also sat down and started to transmit the cultivation method.

After Cheng Yu transmitted the cultivation method to their minds, all of them only felt that two cultivation methods had popped into their minds.

“Instructor, what is going on here?” They truly could not understand why such things popped out in their mind all of the sudden.

“All of you just need to memorize it. I have some Gale Pills here. Take it. If you meet trouble during your mission, consume it. It will increase your speed by two times. It should be sufficient to safeguard your life,” Cheng Yu took out a bottle of Gale Pills and got Xu Ruosong to distribute 10 to each soldier.

“This is the Soul Strengthening Pill. It is used to treat external injuries…”

“This is the Reversal Pill. It can be used to safeguard your lives during crucial moments…”

Following that, Cheng Yu also distributed some Soul Strengthening Pills and Reversal Pills while explaining their uses. Since he was intending to help them, he might as well help them out a little more.

“Instructor…” A lot of the soldiers’ eyes had started to turn red and their voices became choked. They looked at the pills in their hands and could no longer describe the emotions they were feeling. They knew that every pill was very precious. And this instructor, for the sake of ensuring that they would be able to make it back alive, had paid a huge price for them.

“What are you doing? All of you are soldiers. Why are all of you acting like emotional creatures now? Returning alive would be the greatest reward you can ever give me,” Looking at those red eyes, Cheng Yu also became sentimental. Cheng Yu had no idea that when he returned, if they would have already been sent out for their mission. He also did not know that once they were sent out, how many of them would make it back alive. All of these were unknown factors. Even if he possessed heavenly abilities, he would not be able to predict their futures.

“Instructor, you can be at ease. We will certainly practice diligently and will not disappoint your expectations. We will definitely make it back alive to see you,” Previously, Xu Ruosong could be counted as Cheng Yu’s brother. But now, Xu Ruosong started to treat Cheng Yu respectfully, as if he was an elder. Regardless, Cheng Yu had always let him feel subdued.

“That’s right. Instructor, we will definitely make it back alive to see you!” One after another, all of them declared.

“Good! I believe you. After today, all of you must pay more attention when it comes to speed training. You must work hard and think of ways to bring forth the use of Qi. Only through this would you be able to improve by another level. This world is not as simple as what all of you think it to be.”

Today, Cheng Yu did not ask them to practice their boxing technique, but asked them to learn the Qi Regulating Technique. If they wished to cultivate Qi, they must first feel the existence of Qi in their bodies.

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