Chapter 175: Hidden Dangers Everywhere


After killing the Flame Dragon King, only a Heart of Fiery Dragon was looted.

This was Qin Tian’s first rubbish loot ever since his first BOSS kill. What’s more, it was a half-saint realm creature. His expectation……the feeling was like falling from heaven to hell.

He kept the Heaven Domain Enclosure in low spirit.

Luo Yue kept Hongyue’s body back into his spatial ring. Seeing Qin Tian’s dispirited appearance, he was baffled. Shouldn’t he be happy since the Flame Dragon King was killed, what’s with the dispirited expression?

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just a little ballache.”
[TLN: I’ve put 蛋疼 as ballache, forgive me if I’m wrong. PS: It is a chinese slang]


“Other than ballache, I’ve also got some emotional pain. You won’t be able to understand.”

Luo Yue did not know ballache was, and what Qin Tian meant by ‘emotional pain’. However, the look on Qin Tian led him to understand that those feelings were definitely not good.

The two of them walked back to the tribe.

During the entire journey back, Qin Tian was like a dead man. Silently, he cursed the Flame Dragon King to never obtain rebirth and have its soul burn in hell forever.


Soon after the Flame Dragon King’s death, within the Dark Ocean Territory’s Imperial Capital, rumbles were heard from below the seabed.

A frightening power had awakened.

Luo Hou had awakened.

Without the Flame Dragon King restraining, a core of the mysterious flame occupied Luo Hou’s body. The baleful flame from the firmament surpassed all baleful forces, extremely powerful.


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Cry after cry could be heard, extremely piercing, dispersing the clouds above. Lines of waves spread out, covering the entire Dark Ocean Territory.

The originally calmed valley was no longer so as one by one, the rank nine demonic monsters came out of the valley. The earth trembled and monsters scattered.

Within the Imperial Capital, tens of thousands of black figures were rushing out.

Without the pressure of the Flame Dragon King, the entire Dark Ocean Territory was in a mess……

Meanwhile, Luo Shi tribe.

“All fighters, listen.”

Luo Yue shouted and the open area quietened down. They stared at him, awaiting his orders.

The Luo Shi tribe like fighting, especially against demonic monsters.

After Luo Yue and Qin Tian returned, they spoke briefly about the demon tribe, arousing the crowd’s hatred.

“Luo Feng, bring 30 rank eight fighters along and guard the old, young and women. Leave first and head towards the shore.”

“I won’t go.”

Just after Luo Yue spoke, Luo Feng replied. Although he now only had the strength of a rank six fighter, he wanted to kill some demonic monsters.

“Luo Feng, this is an order.” Luo Yue stared at him with seriousness, “I’ll leave their lives in your hands.”

Luo Feng looked at Luo Yue. A while later, he said heavily, “Patriarch, rest assured.”

He chose the 30 rank eight fighters and went off to prepare.

“Qin Tian, follow them and leave.”

Qin Tian hesitated for a moment before complying, “Rest assured, I’ll bring them to city leader Ziyue.”

“Everyone, take care.”

Having said that, he walked away from the open area.

Although their strength had risen by a few ranks after swallowing cores, only death would be their end when facing such a huge army of demonic monsters.

They’ve made their decision, and he had no rights to interfere.

Also, he was only a rank three ascension realm cultivator. He would not be able to halt the advances of the demonic monsters. Moreover, there was also the extremely powerful Luo Hou. Him staying behind would not be able to change anything, the only thing he could do to help was to protect the Luo Shi tribe as they leave.

They are the hope of the Luo Shi tribe.

The road towards the shore would be a long and tiring one.

Qin Tian brought the young, women and injured away. In less than half an hour, fire ravaged the tribe. Roars and screams could be heard.

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Qin Tian halted and silently prayed.

The fighters strengthened by the cores wield immense strength. Demonic monsters attacked groups after groups, dying in the process. In the end, their corpse piled up like a mountain.

The journey to the shore was without obstructions. They arrived in three days, with no one of the Luo Shi tribe dying along the way.

For four days, they waited to no avail. Seeing no one appearing, Qin Tian decided to bring them to Evil Demon city first.

To the Luo Shi tribe, everything on the continent was new to them. However, they were not able to be any mood to be interested as after all, they had just left their homeland.

No one to rely on, without hope, Qin Tian could understand these feelings. He felt that he needed to give them hope, thus telling them Ziyue was still alive.

The news of Princess Ziyue still being alive made them dance in joy.

Flames of hope were ignited.


In the Evil Demon city.

“It’s almost half a month, I wonder how Qin Tian is doing.”

“Brother Hei, don’t be anxious. Brother Qin Tian will be fine.”

Hei Yan and Meng Fanyi used a space escape talisman each and returned to the shore. After that, they went back to the city. When they saw Feng Yun Lei Dian, the four killers return, they knew Qin Tian was not killed by them.

Due to their fear of Evil Demon city leader, Feng Yun Lei Dian did not dare to touch the two men.

Meanwhile, Gu Cang was also waiting.

He believed Qin Tian would come back soon.

Only after Gu Cang ran away did he came to a realization that the Rebirth realm expert beside Qin Tian was seriously injured.

His fear of the Rebirth forced him to make his escape. Now that he thought about it, he was enraged by the fact that he was actually scared by Qin Tian.

As a Violent Sky faction’s supervisor, to be unable to kill such a small figure like Qin Tian, how could he be heavily used in the future?

Gu Cang awaited Qin Tian’s return. Hidden in the shadows, he shall kill……

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