Chapter 176: Sister, could you not be like this


Qin Tian has returned.

In the Evil Demon city, many stared doubtfully.

Anyone in Evil Demon city knew that Qin Tian had gone to the Dark Ocean territory to fine Ziyue city leader’s younger sister, Hongyue. Though it is a secret to the outside, it is an open secret in Evil Demon city.

Even if there weren’t a thousand people accepting the task, at least eight hundred had. Sadly, none returned.

Qin Tian’s appearance was bewildering, and him bringing along weirdly dressed young and old was even more so.

“Qin Tian!”

“Brother Qin!”

Hei Yan and Meng Fanyi were exhilarated and ran towards him, giving him a bear hug. Following that, Meng Fanyi whispered into his ears, “Gu Cang and the others are still in the city.”

Qin Tian smiled and nodded slightly.

He already had an inkling that they would be waiting for him in Evil Demon city. Without finishing their task, how could they have any face to meet Violent Sky young master? Moreover, Gu Cang was a supervisor, hence he was even more unable to go back empty-handed.

That is why they would definitely be waiting for Qin Tian in the city.

Previously, Yao Kong had only intimidated Gu Cang. Naturally, after thinking through carefully, he would then understood that he had been played.

He was enraged. However, wanting to find Qin Tian again in the boundless ocean was just too difficult. Which was why he would stay in Evil Demon city and await Qin Tian’s return.

There’s still 3 months before the inner sect hundred strongest competition. If Qin Tian does not appear by then, it would mean that he probably died in the Dark Ocean. At that time, they would be able to report the completion of the task.

When Gu Cang saw Qin Tian, killing intent emerged.

Qin Tian also saw Gu Cang and gave a sneer. He was without fear.

“Rank three ascension realm?”

“How could that be?”

“Breaking through to the ascension realm from rank eight spirit refining realm in half a month. Furthermore, it was rank three ascension realm. Qin Tian, just what divine art do you have?” Gu Cang’s eyes narrowed and a trace of fear formed in his heart. Qin Tian’s rate of breaking through was beyond his imagination.

Ascension realm is a cultivator’s first great threshold.

It is the hardest realm to break through into, yet Qin Tian did it in a short few days while also having a few ranks increase. This completely destroys Tianyuan continent’s common knowledge on cultivation. Even with a heaven-defying innate talent, it was not possible.

“Qin Tian cannot be allowed to live.”

Right after that, he vanished……

Qin Tian trembled slightly. Peak ascension realm Gu Cang’s killing intent made his heart felt cold. In secret, he started making plans.

“Brother Qin, looks like Gu Cang and the others won’t be letting us off, what are your plans? There are still a few more months before the hundred strongest inner sect competition. We have to return before that.” Meng Fanyi frowned, feeling worried.


Qin Tian smiled sinisterly, “As long as I get the black pagoda and raise all my abilities by 1 rank, at that time……”


“Gu Cang, wait for it. By provoking Laozi, you too won’t have good days ahead.”

Qin Tian may have some hesitation when within Tianji sect, but this was Evil Demon city, a place situated so far away. With him now at the ascension realm, he was even less afraid.

“Peak ascension realm, cultivated for hundreds of years. I trust there would be a number of good stuff right?

Thinking until there, Qin Tian became excited.

The instant Qin Tian appeared, Ziyue had already felt his presence. Her heart was madly in joy. Never did she imagine that he could return alive. Ziyue, who was not hopeful before, was now exhilarated.

Not only that, Qin Tian even brought her tribemates back. With eyes brimming with tears of excitement, she sent for people to welcome them.

“Brother Qin, is this Princess Ziyue’s castle?” Luo Feng whispered. Seeing many things unknown to him around, he was full of curiosity.

“En, in a while, you will be able to meet Princess Ziyue.” Qin Tian replied. Thinking of the two times training speed spatial world of the black pagoda, his emotions couldn’t help but be stirred up.

Seeing the buildings in the city, people rushing up and down, curiosity filled them. To them, all these were completely new. The pain of leaving their homes diminished slightly.

At the black pagoda, Qin Tian allowed the others to rest first and entered.

This time, it did not take as long. In less than half a minute after entering, Qin Tian was brought into the Underwater Divine Palace.

At the sight of tens of partially exposed women, Qin Tian pretended to be unperturbed although his heart says otherwise.

“To think that you’ve really done it.”

Ziyue’s emotions were stirred up. As she blinked while staring at Qin Tian, a teardrop fell from the edge of her eye. She was grateful.

Although she was a universe realm expert, her seven emotions and six desires are still that of a normal person. If not for the pride of one in the universe realm, she would have kneeled to express her thanks.

“I too did not expect.” Qin Tian laughed. Only he knew how tough the task actually was. “City leader, the task is completed. As for what you promised……”

“Where is Hongyue.” Ziyue suddenly asked.

“Dead.” Qin Tian replied and saw her change in expression. Her body trembled as if she was unable to believe it.

Noticing the change, he continued, “ Princess Ziyue is dead. She was not willing to practice the Heart of the Ocean. She exhausted her lifespan 300 years ago in the Luo Shi tribe.”

“So you know.”

Hearing ‘Heart of the Ocean’, Ziyue’s expression changed again. Emitting a chilly feeling, she infiltrated into Qin Tian’s mind.

Qin Tian reacted by blocking with his ascension force.

However, the spiritual sense of the universe force was just too great. Before Qin Tian could block, Ziyue had already learnt everything. He was both in a daze and enraged. Against someone powerful, nothing could be hidden. It felt like he was just standing there, letting her manipulate him.


“Don’t be afraid, I won’t eat you up.”

Ziyue sweetly laughed, becoming very charming suddenly. She lightly walked towards Qin Tian. Placing her jadelike hand on his chest, she spoke, coquettishly, “Don’t be angry.”

Her delicate voice brought him an indescribable feeling of comfort. Qin Tian shifted his sight to her chest. Perfectly shaped, perky, round and smooth, covered a layer of purple cloth. It felt as if spring had come, his heart seemed to have submitted.

His breathing became heavy and his face turned red.

Her eyes were mesmerizing. Her fingers moved about his chest as she gently breathed out onto his ear. Her body leaned forward and her huge chest stick onto his waist.

Qin Tian’s arm was just nice in between. The softness of her chest made him feel like he was floating in heaven…….

Qin Tian became frantic and no longer dared to look into Ziyue’s eyes, afraid that he could not hold himself back.

If this carries on, he would really lose his bearings. At that time, it would be no use crying over spilled milk. Qin Tian’s heart tightened and he took a step back before bowing respectfully, “City leader, here is Princess Hongyue’s body. I’ve completed your task.”

Ziyue was stunned, never had a man escaped from her hands. To think that someone of an age to be filled with vigor would have such a great control of himself.

She received the spatial ring and sent her spiritual sense in. Seeing Hongyue, her heart was moved. She then smiled warmly at Qin Tian and laid on him again. “Other than the black pagoda, you can also choose any woman here.”

“Including me……”

Millions of volts of electricity struck him. Facing Ziyue’s amazing twin peaks, Qin Tian spoke unwillingly in agony, “Sister, I really can’t hold back anymore, please don’t……”


Ziyue was taken aback. Seeing Qin Tian’s appearance, she suddenly laughed.

“Fine, it’s good that you’re happy.”

In front of Ziyue, Qin Tian did not even dare to think about scolding her. So, he did not think about anything and just spoke.

Ziyue is beautiful like a honey peach, any man would want to have a taste of her.

However, how could the universe realm Ziyue be so easy to ‘taste’?

Qin Tian was clear that if he were to make a move, he would not be able to get anything.

Before he could get the black pagoda, he must endure.

Ziyue laughed and no longer teased Qin Tian. She returned to her seat, waved her hand and a treasured pagoda appeared. It had seven layers and shone with seven colors. Spiritual aura revolved around it.

“Since you’ve called me ‘sister’, I’ll spare you this time.”

Right after that, the treasure pagoda flew into Qin Tian’s hands.

He could feel that all of a sudden, his hands felt extremely heavy. It was like something which weighs tens of thousands of Jin was acting upon his palm.

Still, Qin Tian would never let it go no matter how heavy it was.

“This Glass Pagoda is many times better than the black pagoda outside. Seeing that you’ve saved the Luo Shi tribe, I’ll give this to you. However, you did better forget about the Heart of the Ocean. It concerns the future of the Ocean tribe.” Ziyue stated.

“Sister, rest assured.” Qin Tian felt touched, “I don’t remember anymore.”

Ziyue faintly laughed, “Want me to deal with those few people in the city?”

“ I’m afraid that it would only dirty sister’s hands, I’ll do it myself.”

Qin Tian’s mouth had never been so sweet before. Sister here, sister there, he said so many times that Ziyue’s liking towards him deepened.

How could his mouth not be sweet? Just the Glass Pagoda almost scared him to death.

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“Right, I’ve also promised you something else.” Ziyue smiled. She waved her hand and the tens of women lined up in front. “They are all in the Rebirth realm.”

These women are all absolute beauties. Anyone of them can bring calamity to a kingdom.

Qin Tian’s mind wandered. Having a beauty serve him every day, that feeling…..

After a long battle of his mind, he finally made a decision.

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