Chapter 319: Sometimes, Even Trying to Leave is a Problem

The new world doesn’t possess any magical element. However, there does exist a certain, almost primitive, kind of energy…because we still aren’t able to send over our Necromancers, the nature of this energy cannot be analysed…at the same time, the possibility of errors cannot be ruled out…after all, the low level skeletons we sent over haven’t been there for too long themselves…


—An Invasion Report from the New World




Just like that, the battle came to an abrupt end. Nola’s injuries weren’t as severe as they looked, or at the very least, they didn’t hinder her from crawling up to shore by herself.


“What happened just now?”


It was then that Sinmosa came galloping over with her husband and asked the same question I had asked Nola.


“It was the Nether Flames…once those sprites come into contact with Nether Flames, they will be forced to evolve. Those that can’t evolve will end up like that…” I solemnly answered: “In order for the sprites to control the Nether Flame, they have to at least be at the level of a Nine-stars. And that’s why it is basically a death sentence for them to encounter Nether Flames before meeting the requirements…”


“So that’s why.” Sinmosa nodded her head to show that she understood my explanation before posing another thought-worthy question. “Still, what are those sprites doing here then? I can understand why that fish would be here…but those two sprites were clearly in cahoots with that fish…don’t tell me they have a settlement nearby?”


The sprites were nomadic, that much we knew. Because of their destructive nature and lack of numbers, it was basically impossible for them to conquer any territory for themselves. Being elementals of part Fire, they needed Fire Elements to sustain themselves as well, just like the Fire Elementals.


In other words, wherever would be best for habitation would also be swarming with Fire Elementals and given their lack of numbers, there was no way for them to actually gain a foothold unless…


Unless a Fire Elemental settlement was destroyed…


Not too long ago, there was a Flame Devouring Fish invasion. Nola, however, mentioned that it had been already been suppressed. Yet if the sprites were to ally with the fishes…well, not like that was actually my business. Given my current strength, I couldn’t really afford to stick myself into an inter-race war. What was important now was to send off Nola, secure a food source and then research that golem production method.


“Sinmosa, we still aren’t strong enough now so let’s just leave it at that for now…”


The sprites were an extremely nimble race. Just based on that point alone, they were able to completely outclass the Abyssal Golems in a fight. Should we encounter too many sprites at once, I really couldn’t guarantee that we would win. Even if I was able to protect myself with Nether Flames, what about Mo Na? My little baby was just a normal loli-Devil. At the very most, she had an unreal level of aptitude in Undead magicks, but that was it. That only meant that she had potential to become strong, until that potential was realized, all that talk was pointless.


“Mhm, I get it.”


Perhaps it was just my imagination, but ever since I became a Fallen Angel, I noticed that Sinmosa had been acting a little strangely around me. Whenever she faced me, she seemed to address me more respectfully instead of just being a normal friend.


“Well then, you’ve already sent me this far. It’s time for me to return to my clan.”


Nola lowered her head and allowed me to touch her chin, which I did, with a sense of longing. “Nola, do you really have to go?”


“Your adventure has ended and my mission as well. I can’t stay beside you forever.” Perhaps it was because she was so close to me, but she seemed to have lowered her volume significantly so as not to blow me away with a breath. “Besides, as you are now, you don’t need my protection anymore.”


“…I understand.”


With her mind set, I knew there was no way for us to convince her otherwise. As they said, there was no party that lasted forever; some people would eventually leave you in the end.


Faced with her obstinance, my mind couldn’t help but drift to Mo Na…

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‘Once she grows up, I bet she will meet that certain b****** who will whisk her away from me…and that’s why they say women aren’t lasting…curses, just thinking about some person laying his hands on my daughter just irks me. I don’t want her to marry…but I don’t to be that kind of father either…’


Realizing that we were about to part, Mo Na scooped up little Cinderel before flying up to Nola’s eye level. Even though she was basically as tiny as one of Nola’s eyes, and that it looked rather terrifying precisely because of that, Mo Na didn’t care about that at all.


“Big Salamander, will we meet again in the future?”


“Probably,” Said Nola, after pausing in thought for a second, seemingly not too sure herself. “I think…we will have the opportunity to meet in the future again.”


“Woof woof!~~”


Cinderel barked twice as if she was saying, “I’ll miss you.”


Nola smiled. “After I’m gone, you two had better listen to your parents. Don’t cause trouble for them.”


“Mo Na is the most obedient girl ever!”




Having said their farewells, Mo Na flew back to the ground with Cinderel, both still clearly unwilling to see her go like that as they gazed at her. Several times, I saw them try to speak but stop before saying a single word. Undoubtedly, they must have had a ton of things to talk to her about but should they do that, she probably wouldn’t have to leave at all…


In truth, their relationship was a rather close. Whenever we had to rush, they would often ride on her back. Unfortunately, that was how adults were: they always had all manners of circumstances or reasons for leaving. As for the kids, all they could do was accept it.


In the past, I had often heard the phrase “Our departure is only a precursor to our next meeting” being said in animes. While it invoked an infinitely optimistic feeling, departures always induced sadness.


“Then I’ll be off.” She said her farewells and turned around to leave.


“Nola, perhaps we might just meet again very soon…” Sinmosa trotted up to her till there was only one step separating the two of them.


“Perhaps.” Nola continued swimming forward without looking back. “I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”


Seeing her figure slowly disappear into the lake, my heart was a tangled knot of countless emotions. Suddenly, something occurred to me and I hurriedly called out to her: “Err…Nola…can you delay your departure…”


Hearing me say that, she probably thought that I was trying to convince her to stay again. Even so, she still patiently turned around to address me. “Whether it’s now or later, is there a difference?”


“It’s not that. I know you wish to return to your clan as soon as possible, and I have no intention of forcing you to stay either but…” Everyone gave me a puzzled look as if they were asking, “What else could this be then?”


Faced with the sudden interest from everyone, I awkwardly smiled before saying: “About that…back when we were fighting, a couple of my WInged Abyssal Golems fell into the lava lake. They haven’t surfaced yet…Nola, if you’re not in too much of a hurry, can you help me fish them up?”




Roughly three hours later, Nola finally finished fishing out the two golems from the lake. However, the weight of those two golems were truly a terrifying thing to contend with. Even with Nola doing most of the work in her own element…she ended up exhausted anyway.


Seeing her sprawled on the ground like a panting dog, I couldn’t feel anymore embarrassed even if I tried.


“Nola…are you really tired now?”


“What do you think?”


Nola gave me an exasperated and exhausted glare before closing her eyes to rest.


Seeing me like that, Sinmosa quietly giggled at the side before giving an extremely constructive suggestion: “Looks like we have to rest here for a while more, how about we have No.3 bring the captives here?”


Speaking of No.3, it was then that I remembered about my subordinate whom I almost forgotten. Back then, I had a ton of considerations in mind when I told him to stay there and watch over the prisoners instead of bringing them over.


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We were in a rush to send Nola off then so I didn’t want to waste time watching over prisoners who might just slow us down. More importantly, it had never occurred to me that we would find ourselves in some random ambush while on our way to the lava lake.


Since we were planning to take a break here, it only made sense to call for No.3.


“Indeed, we should summon No.3 back.”


I had to admit, forgetting about him was an oversight on my part. Since we were planning to spend a day here, it really was a necessity to have him come over.


Moreover, this one day would be the perfect chance to teach the prisoners how to procure food.


“Then me and Sasani will go call him over.” Sinmosa offered to accept this little errand. “Either way we’re the fastest here and we have nothing to do right now.”


“Mhm, I’ll have to trouble you then.”


She was right in that sense. Based on speed alone, she was the fastest amongst us, especially since I was still wasn’t able to master flying.


Given that she had the urge to go for a little bit of exercise, I honestly had no reason to refuse her at all. Dogs needed their exercise after all…ahem…that wasn’t an insult.


Watching the Cerberus couple leave, I began to consider what our course of action was once No.3 was brought over.


In terms of food procurement from the lava lake, the most readily available source would probably be those Demon Fire Worms.

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