Chapter 177: Don’t be anxious, your wish will come true

This decision by Qin Tian made him feel that he was extremely amazing to the point that he himself felt it to be a misconception. Why did he make such a decision?

Seeing a group of exceedingly beautiful ladies. They had the bodies, appearances, slender legs, perky butts, two proud peaks, white and delicate skin, refined faces, there was not even a flaw on their bodies.

It must be the works of demons and gods for him to actually refused them.

Many years later, every time he thought back to this decision of his, there will only be regret.

“They are your most trusted people, capable helpers in your fight against Luo Hou. How could I bear to let you lose any of them?”

As Qin Tian spoke, he suddenly seemed so awe-inspiring, a refined gentleman.

Everyone was stunned, including Ziyue.

She had almost jumped out of her divine seat. One must know that she truly wanted Qin Tian to choose one for protection. There are a few in Evil Demon city that isn’t weak, he would not be able to cope with just his rank three ascension realm strength. With a Rebirth realm expert by his side, they would not dare to provoke him.

And of course, Qin Tian misunderstood.

If he knew Ziyue was sincere in letting him choose, how could he resist?

He thought Ziyue was testing him, so he ‘nobly’ chose to reject.

This regret would last a lifetime.

“Since you declined, I shall not insist. However, you are still Luo Shi tribe’s savior. I will, under their stead, remember it.” Ziyue closed her eyes and suddenly frowned. Immediately, universe force erupted and gathered within her. In less than half a minute, a black pendant appeared on her hand. “Bring this pendant along. Unless you meet an absolute realm expert, it will be able to ensure your survival once.”

The pendant was thoroughly black with rough edges, seemingly unappealing. However, Qin Tian took it as a treasure and carefully kept it.

It was able to protect him from death once.

Qin Tian bowed gratefully, expressing his thanks.

“Evil Demon city shall always welcome you. Find me if you are to ever be in peril.” Ziyue smiled gently. Her charming eyes moved Qin Tian’s heart.

“Thank you!”

Qin Tian did not continue his stay and returned to the black pagoda. After greeting Luo Feng, he left.

Not long after, Luo Feng brought his tribe into the pagoda.

They will definitely be able to get used to the life on land soon. In a few years, their strength would surge as they prepare to regain their territory back.


With the task finished, the system gave him his experience points.

The trip to Jibei Ocean could be considered to have ended off on a great note. Breaking into the ascension realm, gaining close to 20000 cores, a Heart of Fiery Dragon, a half-god Glass Pagoda and a life-saving pendant. The rewards were abundant.

Thinking about these, his heart was in elation.

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“Qin Tian!”

A voice traveled cross and four figures descended, blocking Qin Tian.

Faking a smile, Qin Tian sneered, “Yo, is this not Violent Sky faction’s four great killers? Who’s this, Feng? How is your injury?”


Feng was so enraged that he could only spit out a word. His eyes were blazing with anger, as if saying ‘You finally came back, I’ve been growing impatient.’

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“What, you all want to die?” Qin Tian replied playfully and pretended to not put Feng Yun Lei Dian in his eyes, showing an expression of calmness. This, even the four of them, having lived more than hundreds of years, would not be able to see that Qin Tian was pretending.

Feng Yun Lei Dian are all in the rank four ascension realm and had trained their ascension force for hundreds of years. Their strength were not small, and even more so when they used their ultimate move.

Although Qin Tian had never seen it before, he was still able to sense the terrifying power of the combined attack. It was immense.

For now, Qin Tian was still unable to withstand it.

“Follow us out of the city if you have the guts. Laozi will beat you until your teeth are all over the floor.” Feng snorted and released his killing intent. The other three mirrored.

“Don’t be anxious for I’ll slowly pay back the debt.”

Qin Tian smiled coldly and leaped across them. “Act now if you’re courting death.”

Feng frowned as his rage grew.

The wind swirled around him like countless knives.

For his wind attribute ability to be able to train to such a degree, Qin Tian was taken aback.

With his current strength, dealing with Feng was naturally no problem. But against the four, that may not be the case.

However, he was not afraid, for here is within Evil Demon city.

No fights can be carried out in the Evil Demon city.

“Second-hand good, look above you.” Qin Tian laughed as he pointed above them. With that, he shook his head, “Really dumb, why not look at where we are first?”

Evil Demon incarnation hovered above the four, holding a black lance. It released its aura.

Meanwhile, the four felt a gust of chilliness penetrated into their bones.

They seemed to have forgotten Evil Demon city’s rule.

“Pili pala……”

Lightning flashed down and they kneeled immediately, not daring to fight back. With Evil Demon incarnation‘s universe realm strength, dealing with them was simply just easy.

Feng Yun Lei Dian were charred black and their clothes were tattered.

“This is just a small punishment. Next time, it shall be death!”

The faces of Feng Yun Lei Dian turned pale. They did not dare to breathe loudly.

“Ai, serve you right.”

As Qin Tian laughed, he wondered, “When can Laozi reach the universe realm?”

Seeing the Evil Demon incarnation pressure Feng Yun Lei Dian in one move made him want to progress faster.

In a dark corner, Gu Cang narrowed his eyes as he pondered, “Seems like killing him in Evil Demon city is impossible with the incarnation being everywhere. Qin Tian, let’s see how long more can you live for, Laozi wants to know when you will hide until.”

Qin Tian returned to the inn and got Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan into his room. Next, he placed the Glass Pagoda on the table. “Do you know what it is?”

“Glass Pagoda?!”

“Cultivation treasure, where did you get it from?”

Meng Fanyi said in a low voice excitedly.

“F**k, how did you know?”

Qin Tian was a bit unhappy. He had wanted to show off, only for Meng Fanyi to spoil his plans.

“It is recorded within Tianyuan Godly Catalog. Did you not read it before?”

“There was such a catalog? How did I not know?” Qin Tian questioned. Secretly, he made a decision to never flaunt a treasure like a st*pid person again.

Fortunately, it was Meng Fanyi. Otherwise, others would just make fun of him.

“Let’s ignore the catalog first. Say, where did you get this treasure?” Meng Fanyi stared at Qin Tian and asked.

Qin Tian spoke seriously, “Picked up along the roadside.”

“E?” Meng Fanyi was startled and glared at Qin Tian.

“Picked up? It can’t be.” Hei Yan also stared at Qin Tian, having an inconceivable feeling.


Finally, Qin Tian could no longer hold back and laughed. “Don’t bother about where it came from anymore. Tell me, do you want to cultivate within?”

“We can enter too?” Hei Yan asked.

Meng Fanyi swallowed his saliva. “Glass Pagoda, a cultivation treasure. Not only can it allow many people to cultivate within at the same time, Rumours has it that one’s cultivation speed would increase with every layer.”

“You know quite a lot ah.”

What Meng Fanyi said was not false. Previously when he checked the status of his pagoda, his heart wanted to jump out of his skin in celebration. No wonder Ziyue said it was better than the black pagoda, it was indeed true.

As long as one’s strength met the requirements, one could enter the next layer to cultivate.

Glass Pagoda has 7 layers, each layer had a space of their own. It was something a saint of the ancient times refined using his great spatial abilities and the power of the firmament.

Half-god cultivation treasure, an auxiliary tool.

Tianyuan continent had many combat-related tools, but auxiliary tools were few. With such a treasure, training a group of powerful experts would be simple. Only time would be needed.

However, to Ziyue, it had already lost its usefulness for her.

What was really useful for her Ocean tribe was the black pagoda. Although one’s cultivation speed would not be as fast as when in the Glass Pagoda, it was still more suitable for her people.

“Shall we enter and see?”

“Are you really letting us enter?” Meng Fanyi felt touched.

He was already one step into the ascension realm, just a bit more to break through completely. Only, this little bit was extremely difficult. Without meeting with an opportunity, it would not be possible.

Now, he felt that his opportunity has come.

“Of course, otherwise why would I take it out?” Qin Tian laughed and the gate to the pagoda opened. Meng Fanyi sent his spiritual sense inside. His body turned into smoke and was sucked inside.

Hei Yan looked at Qin Tian in his eyes before doing the same.

“Mao Mao, enter too.”

Mao Mao exited his spatial ring, made a few sounds before entering.

Then, Qin Tian controlled the pagoda and it floated. After sending his spiritual sense in, he too was absorbed within.

An image of the pagoda appeared in his mind which allowed him to control it at ease.

His law of aura was released. Nothing within his radius of sensory could hide from him.

“Everyone can cultivate in peace. I’ll inform if something were to happen.

After his thought was transferred to the others, he observed his surroundings.

The Glass Pagoda has seven layers. Each layer has different cultivation methods, which to Qin Tian, none were suitable.

He had only one goal by entering.

Ability training!!!

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