Chapter 178: Huge achievement in the divine ability


Inside the glass pagoda.

Qin Tian was on the second level and the rest were still on the first.

After entering the pagoda, the pagoda would automatically divide the participants base on their strength. The weaker ones could only train on the first level. With just a rank 3 of ascension realm strength, he could only be on the second level. Qin Tian was somewhat bewildered, “What kind of strength does one need to be at the seventh level?”

Qin Tian was too lazy to think about it as there would soon be a day when he would be able to enter the seventh level.

Within the space, it was dim and chaotic like on the barren land of nothingness. The environment wasn’t ideal, but Qin Tian was able to feel that the surrounding was filled with a mysterious power. It was endless and it revolved within this space, “Could it be that this power would be able to help in cultivation?”

As he thought about it, Qin Tian also wanted to try.

Sitting cross-legged and both his eyes closed, Qin Tian silently feel the power in his surrounding. He slowly drew it and guided it directly to his dantian. Afterward, the power would be refined in his dantian and turned into true qi which would temper his blood, bones, mind, and consciousness. This cycle would continue to be repeated…

When Qin Tian reached the stage to refine out true qi but after half a second, the true qi shrunk into nothingness.

“F*ck, a broken dantian really couldn’t cultivate?”

Qin Tian cursed inwardly, “It looks like I must search for ways to find a remedy to restore my dantian. If this continues, the cores won’t be able to replenish it. Since I cannot recover my qi, I might as well die.”

When Qin Tian thought about the remedy, he immediately thought of alchemy.

He then opened the system’s skill bar.

Alchemy: Level 3 proficiency: 4500/5800

Note: Level 3 alchemy’s limit is rank 4 dans.

“Alright, I’ll just train you.” Qin Tian lightly smiled. He still had not finished using the spirit grass which he collected a few years ago in Kunlun Mountain. He might as well make use of the pagoda to train his alchemy and to raise its level. Also, in the future, he would be more proficient in making dans.

After setting up his mind, Qin Tian began to take action.

Besides, it was just to increase the level and proficiency of alchemy so Qin Tian wasn’t concern about the kind of dans created.

With level 3 alchemy, the success rate of refining a low level dan was 90%. If it was a third grade dan, the success rate was only 50%. As for a fourth grade dan’s success rate, it was not even 20%. Higher alchemy level will not only increase the purity of the dan, the success rate would also increase. If lucky, he might even refine a high grade dan.

Naturally, dans at the fourth grade would require a special spirit grass or the dan could not be refined.

Controlling with his mind, he randomly picked out 3 spiritual materials and put them into the system’s cauldron. The system then prompted, “Do you confirm to refine?”


The refining used 100 qigong.

After his qigong was reduced by 100, hot flame was started within the cauldron. The whole process required 10 minutes. As Qin Tian was too lazy to watch it, he would have to make good use of this 10 minutes.

Qin Tian opened the skill system and looked at the 5 skills.

Divine ability berserk: Rank 2; Proficiency: 137/10000

Note: Rank 2 berserk raises all attributes by 8 times.

Heavenly dragon form scripture: Second rank ability: Emperor’s purgatory; Proficiency: 1021/10000

Note: Every time its rank increased, the ability will evolve into something even stronger.

Sky Piercing Lightning arts: Rank 2 ability: Heaven submissive lightning; Proficiency: 34/10000

Note: The circumference of the lightning zone is 1000 feet.

Other than these 3 ability which were at the second rank, the rest like the seven lore formation and the godly dark art were at the first rank. Also, their proficiency weren’t very high. After pondering for a moment, Qin Tian decided to increase the rank of those first rank abilities.

In online games, there would be some abilities which had little value and interest. Their offensive power weren’t strong but they were the keys in forming a combination of abilities. Seeing the seven lore formation and the godly dark art, their offensive powers were extremely powerful.

For the seven lore formation’s offensive power, seven huge swords would attack at the same time. Its might was very powerful. Qin Tian felt that they contained proficient sword skills to dispatch the opponent as that time, a sword was able to kill off a demonic knights.

This ability was still at the first rank. If its rank was to increase, it would definitely be awesome.

Now looking at the godly dark art, a higher tier immortal ability. It contained power which seemed like it was from the king of hell. Its darkness power was able to swallow everything, a shockingly powerful offensive ability.

What made Qin Tian even more surprised was that the abilities could combine.

With the combination of the rank 2 berserk, emperor’s purgatory, and the godly dark arts, at the 6th stage of the spirit refining realm, he was able to resist against the 1st stage ascension realm’s power. The power from the emperor’s purgatory under the effect fo the rank 2 berserk was swallowed by the darkness force and the power was further refined under eight-fold pressure, condensing into a huge pillar of darkness, an earth-shattering power.

The emperor’s purgatory had already reached rank 2 but the godly dark art had yet to. If the godly dark art was also at rank 2, when the 3 abilities once again combined, its destructive power would definitely increase by a lot.

“En, let’s raise you first.”

Qin Tian took a quick look at the godly dark art’s proficiency then activated the ability. Darkness qi was emitted out and they instantly swallowed the mysterious qi around Qin Tian.

“The proficiency was raised by 3 points?”

“This should mean that the second layer gives 3 times the efficiency?”

“Hēi hēi…” Qin Tian felt pleased, giving a bright smile. Afterward, he continued to activate the godly dark art and its proficiency slowly rose. The system prompted that the dan was ready. He took out the dan then put a few spirit grass into the cauldron.

Within his body, the 10 cores in his dantian were crazily replenishing his qigong.

Every second, 1000 qigong points were replenished but it did not satisfy Qin Tian’s activation speed. The godly dark art required 10000 qigong points to activate.

While the proficiency increased by a lot, 500000 plus qigong points were quickly spent.

If this was to continue, it wouldn’t take long for the godly dark art to rise to rank 2.

Within the Evil Demon City, every single activity could not escape the palms of the Evil Demon incarnation. Gu Cang would definitely not launch a sneak attack so Qin Tian and the rest were currently very safe.

Taking this period to raise his abilities’ rank, when the time comes…

“Feng Yun Lei Dian is it?”

“Violent Sky Faction’s four great killers?”

“All of you better prepare yourself!”

“Old Gu, do we wait here?”

Within the room, Gu Cang was sitting cross-legged and his eyes were slightly opened. Giving the burnt black Feng Yun Lei Dian a glance, he humphed and said, “Can’t you all wait?”

“It’s not like this. Old Gu, you today did not see that fellow. He’s too outrageous! He simply looked down on the Violent Sky Faction. I really want to split him apart!” When Feng thought of Qin Tian’s arrogant expression a moment ago, he couldn’t help but lose control of his anger.

“Split him in two?”

“Humph!” Old Gu fiercely humphed and his gaze changed as he glared at Feng, “If you could split him in half, you should have already done it at that time. However, you simply couldn’t. You have become weak.”

“I have not!” Feng immediately quibbled, but his tone lacked confidence.

Towards Qin Tian, he was filled with hatred. Although his physical wounds had healed, the scar still remained. When he once again faced Qin Tian, he worried that the rebirth realm, Yao Kong, would appear once again. That fear had sprouted in his heart and Old Gu had seen through it at a glance.

Gu Cang sneered and did not continue to say anymore.

“The 3 of you have half god armor tool. Ordinary ascension realm’s strength could never be able to harm all of you in the slightest. Since Feng had become a liability, there’s a need to change your current strategy.” Gu Cang looked at Yun Lei Dian and said.

That time, Qin Tian and his group were trapped by the four people.

The spider web like formation was released by the four and it forced Qin Tian and his group to be trapped in it. At that time, Qin Tian thought of a plan to break the formation. However, he could not harm the three as the three were wearing half god armor tool. As Qin Tian was at the spirit refining realm, he was helpless against them.

This time, they were to swap the armor tool so that when they activate it again, they would be able to extend the duration by a bit.

To them, even extending by half a second was crucial to them.


The three respectfully acknowledged.

“That fellow, Qin Tian, had already broken through to the ascension realm. Though he was only at the 3rd rank, he might have the strength of a rank 5 ascension realm. If you all want to kill him, you all have to put everything into your combined formation as none of you are a match to him one on one.”

“The four of you must coordinate well. When Feng Yun Lei Dian combined offense, even if it was a cultivator at the rebirth realm, he would have his soul scattered and never to reincarnate.”

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While talking, Gu Cang was already angered deep down and his eyes began to twitch. His gaze had already turned sharp like knives.

Feng Yun Lei Dian could feel the killing aura released by Gu Cang, making their heart trembled.

“Qin Tian, the day you die is near.” Gu Cang humphed coldly.

Within the glass pagoda, Qin Tian’s eyes kept twitching as he gave a loud sneeze.

“It seems like someone is thinking about me.”

He sneered then once again released the darkness qi.

A trace of light flashed within the formless space……

Time passed.

In a blink of an eye, it was already 2 months later.

During this period of time, Qin Tian did not take a step away from his pagoda. He did not even rest for more than half a minute, continuously using his abilities.

Monotonous, but there was no lack of excitement too.

Thousands of cores were taken and his abilities had greatly strengthened. His current might cannot be compared to the past him.

“It’s time to leave.”

“After holding back for 2 months, Gu Cang and the other four should be unable to contain themselves any longer.”

Qin Tian released his spiritual sense. Immediately, Meng Fanyi, Hei Yan and Mao Mao got up and left the Glass Pagoda.

In the room, Hei Yan was filled with spirit. His eyes shone with a sharp radiance. Now, his aura was much more profound and dense than before.

Rank eight spirit refining realm. In a short 2 months, he had broken through two ranks. The great improvement of his is also because of the many cores he had swallowed.

When swallowing a core in the Glass Pagoda, one’s absorbing speed was much faster.

As for Mang Fanyi, his gaze was like swords and ascension force could be seen emitted by him. Rank 1 ascension realm. 2 days later after entering, he managed to break through.

He spent the remaining days comprehending the Taixu sword intent. He had comprehended it until the quintessence stage and could fully utilize the Taixu swordsmanship, becoming an extremely powerful swordmaster.

As for Mao Mao, Qin Tian stared at its attributes. The unpredictable Demon Baby had actually reformed ‘that’ part of Mao Mao. It was improving too quickly.

“Brother, you……”

Meng Fanyi was confused. Qin Tian did not seem to have any improvement at all, looking the same as before he entered.

Hei Yan was also the same and stared at Qin Tian in bewilderment.

Qin Tian faintly smiled, “Relax, both of you shall be able to see my improvement during the two months soon.”

Training in the Glass Pagoda, the one who’s strength had risen the most monstrously was Qin Tian.

With his Dantian crippled, he would not be able to refine Qi. So, without Qi to nourish his body, he would not be able to raise his strength. However, Qin Tian did not need those.

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To him, Tianyuan continent’s cultivating system was just too troublesome. He could just kill some monsters to level up.

How unfortunate are those who could not break through their bottleneck and grow old in silence?

Qin Tian’s cultivating system was unique.

Perhaps, there was no one in Tianyuan continent that could break through as easily as him.

Hearing Qin Tian’s reply, Meng Fanyi did not continue questioning.

He believed Qin Tian was the one that improved the greatest. It was an indescribable feeling that told him so.

“Prepare yourselves, it’s time we leave.” Qin Tian said, “Let me send Evil Demon city leader my regards first. Wait for me at the gate, do not exit.”

“Understood.” Meng Fanyi laughed, naturally understanding. There were still a few ‘friends’ waiting for them outside.

Qin Tian left the inn and went towards the Black Pagoda.

Not long after Qin Tian left, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan left for the gate.

Meanwhile, Gu Cang opened his eyes and snorted, “Finally decided to leave?”

Immediately after, Feng Yun Lei Dian appeared in Gu Cang’s room and waited for his arrangements.

In the Underwater Divine Palace.

“Sister, it’s time I go and return to Tianji sect. I’ve come to bid farewell.” Qin Tian spoke seriously. Only, seeing the tens of enchanting women, his heart could not help but flutter.

Ziyue smiled, “Want me to send you out and help you tie some loose ends?”

“No need.” Evil Demon city had already provoked Flowing Clouds sect for him, provoking Tianji sect too will bring even more troubles. Not only that, this was his problem, so he should deal with it personally.

2 months ago, he might not have the confidence.

However now, Qin Tian had no fear.

Qin Tian’s thinking, Ziyue naturally understood. “Find me if you were to ever be in a peril, sister will definitely help.”

“I will visit sister whenever I have time. In the future when you are to fight Luo Hou and I am able to help, you must definitely find me. I will avenge my brothers.” Qin Tian’s expression changed as he clenched his fists.

Ziyue laughed in gratitude, feeling touched. By refining the Heart of the Ocean, she would be able to reach the absolute realm in less than a hundred years. At that time, she would naturally attack Luo Hou. She had already waited for thousands of years, a hundred more wouldn’t matter.

She truly looked highly upon Qin Tian, reaching the ascension realm before the age of 20. In another hundred years, he would probably be in the universe realm, the first in the history of Tianyuan continent.

In the future, he would be of help to her.

This was also why she gave Qin Tian the half-god tool Glass Pagoda.


Qin Tian left while feeling an urge to fight.

“Huge achievement in the divine ability. It’s time I find someone as a practice partner.”

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