Chapter 198: Sparring Partner

“…” This sentence from the messy old man caused Cheng Yu to be rendered speechless immediately. Not only was this messy old man shameless, he was also a hoodlum.

“So tasty, fatty and fragrant. What a delicacy!” The old man was too lazy to be bothered with Cheng Yu as he bit into the scalding rabbit meat and exhaled the hot air out from his mouth while showing an content expression. “D*mn it. I cooked it for half a day and didn’t even manage to taste it.” The moment Cheng Yu thought of it, he was angered. In an instant, he charged forth as he tried to grab the old man’s hand that was holding the roasted rabbit. But just when Cheng Yu had stretched out his hand, it was kicked away by the old man.

“You disobedient kid! You actually dare to steal something from the elderly. You are too shameless!” Cheng Yu had just fallen on the ground when he heard the old man speaking words that made Cheng Yu almost vomit blood. He had seen shameless people, but had never seen someone so shameless before. It was evident that the old man had snatched it from him, yet the guilty person complained first making bogus accusations. This was truly too infuriating. Cheng Yu grabbed a handful of mud in his left hand and flung it towards the old man. Since he couldn’t eat it, he would not let the old man enjoy it as well.

Cheng Yu’s plan was not achieved as the old man fanned away the mud. In an instant, Cheng Yu was buried by the mud he had thrown. Cheng Yu stretched out his head from the mud and spat. His whole mouth was filled with mud. Cheng Yu was angered. He climbed up from the floor as he patted all the mud off from his body. He pointed at the old man and scolded, ”You, old man, are too much! I treat you to roasted meat yet you actually treat me like this!”

“You are more shameless than me. It was obviously me who had taken it myself. When is it you who treated me. You even threw mud on me, wanting to dirty my roasted meat. Your heart is too evil, you don’t even know how to respect your seniors,” The old man glimpsed at Cheng Yu and continued to eat his rabbit.

“Hmph! Seeing you are an old man, I will not be so calculative with you,” Cheng Yu knew this old man was not simple. He was not willing to fight over meat with him. Cheng Yu just thought of it as feeding the wilds as he took out his flying sword and flew off.

“Ah! What an interesting kid,” When he saw Cheng Yu had left just like that, the old man laughed as he continued to nibble on the rabbit. Cheng Yu flew to the riverside with his face covered in dirt as he jumped straight down to the river to take a shower.

“D*mn it! I just exited my seclusion and got robbed got someone. So f*ck*ng unlucky. I will have to be more alert this time,” Cheng Yu saw that there were many fish in the river, so he immediately devised more plans. He slapped a few fish and threw them onto the shore as he ignited the fire once again. This time, Cheng Yu was very vigilant. He looked around his surroundings and listened carefully to all the sounds. At every moment, he was paying attention to any movements in his surroundings.

“It seems like that old man should have eaten his fill,” Cheng Yu took out his spices and wine to roast his fish. Immediately, the fragrance pervaded the surroundings. However, Cheng Yu was still very alert to his surroundings.

“This smell is so good. It’s a pity I couldn’t eat that big white rabbit. If it was to be matched with this wine, it would be a lot tastier compared to this fish,” Cheng Yu took out the wine from his storage ring as he removed a fish from the frame. After that, he started to eat and felt that the taste was pretty decent, making him to recall that rabbit he had.

“Swish!” Just as Cheng Yu was sighing in sorrow, the other two fishes that were on the frame flew off once again.

“You kid, you actually left behind this old man and enjoyed another meal yourself. How can you do this kind of thing!” Cheng Yu saw the unusual situation, as the messy old man held onto a branch that was roasting the fish and leaped out from the forest. He looked at Cheng Yu while speaking disdainfully.

“Hmph! You are truly too detestable. You are so powerful, don’t you know how to hunt your own food and roast them yourself?” When he saw this old man had snatched his food away again, Cheng Yu was angered to the point of stomping his foot as he said unhappily.

“I am afraid of troubles. Furthermore, what I roast is not as tasty. Since there’s one that has already been cooked, why would I still need to create such trouble for myself?” The old man justified his actions.

“Then you should have at least left behind one for me. You have already eaten one rabbit, so you wouldn’t be able to finish the two fish as well,” Cheng Yu was also very helpless when he bumped into this kind of old man.

“You are truly a foolish little boy. If I am unable to finish it, couldn’t I just save it for tonight?” In the old man’s opinion, Cheng Yu was just a naive little idiot.

“You detestable old man! I must definitely teach you a lesson today!” Cheng Yu was no longer able to tolerate the old man’s disdainful look. This old man had already taken his food from him, yet he still showed him a disdainful expression. Cheng Yu kept his wine gourd and charged forth. In fact, he was eager to find out what the old man’s cultivation was. Normally speaking, the moment one’s cultivation was higher than the other person’s by two stages, they would no longer be able to tell the other person’s cultivation level.

Cheng Yu knew that the old man should at least be a Golden Core Realm late stage expert. He could tell that the old man did not have any malicious intentions. Since it was like that, he could use him as a sparring partner. With his current circumstances, he had no idea how long he would need to form his golden core. He knew that sooner or later, he would have to face the Golden Core Realm experts from Kunlun. Cheng Yu might have no idea what kind of Golden Core Realm experts they would send out, but regardless they would still be able to eliminate him easily.

Since there was a ready-made sparring partner now, Cheng Yu would just take it as the reward for his food. Even though Cheng Yu was not able to estimate how big of a disparity there was between his strength and a Golden Core Realm expert, he still knew that with his current cultivation, even if he used all his strength, he would be unable to injure a Golden Core Realm expert. Besides, this strange old man should be at least a Golden Core Realm late stage expert. Even if Cheng Yu utilized his most formidable technique “Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Sea,” he might not be able to injure him.

Therefore, Cheng Yu did not have any reservations as he utilized the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. With Cheng Yu’s strength, the boxing technique displayed was not something that the Dragon God Squad could be compared to. Cheng Yu infused Qi into both of his fists. The first fist had already condensed 80% of Cheng Yu’s Qi. That old man lifted the roasted fish with two hands in a calm and composed manner as he kicked at Cheng Yu’s fist. In an instant, Cheng Yu was sent flying to the ground.

“Heh! Kid, just this puny strength and you want to teach this old man a lesson?” The old man bit into the hot roasted fish again and laughed. Cheng Yu’s Qi grew denser. It was obvious that the old man had not used his full strength, but Cheng Yu did not feel discouraged. He leaped and once again headed towards the old man as he attacked. This time, Cheng Yu chose to go for hand to hand combat. He raised his speed, but his strength had lessened by a lot compared to his previous attack.

“Bang Bang Bang!” Cheng Yu’s fists and legs continued to attack unceasingly. However, it was all blocked by the old man’s light green Qi defense.

“This kid is actually so wild. He actually almost shattered my Qi defense,” The old man was naturally able to tell Cheng Yu’s cultivation. Therefore, he had suppressed his cultivation to Golden Core Realm initial stage. What caused him to be surprised was that Cheng Yu possessed such strength. Although he did not attack back and dodge, he still had to admit that Cheng Yu’s strength was quite formidable as a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

When he saw that his Qi defense was about to be broken through, the old man’s body moved. He kept the roasted fish as he no longer allowed Cheng Yu to attack him as he wished. Otherwise, once he had broken through his defense, it would be very embarrassing for him.

“Boom!” This was the first time the old man had returned an attack. His fist collided with Cheng Yu’s. An explosion resonated and Cheng Yu immediately was sent flying.

“Heh! Old man, didn’t you allow me to hit you? Why did you make a move now?” Cheng Yu stood upright as he wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and said.

“Do you think it’s appropriate for you to treat an elder like this?” The old man also laughed.

“Don’t try to incite me using this. It was you who snatched my food first,” Cheng Yu replied disapprovingly.

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“Haha! If you have the ability, you can always snatch it back,” When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, the old man took out the roasted fish again and took a bite. ”Kid, it’s not impossible if you want the other piece. Take out that wine gourd and let this old man take a sip, I will return the other piece to you.”

“Hmph! Eat my rabbit and fish, and you still want to drink my wine? Eat a few of my fists first!” It was very hard for Cheng Yu to look for a sparring partner. He was not even satisfied with his beating, so how could he possibly let go of such an opportunity like that? He quickly rushed up once again.

“Heh heh! You asked for it. I will make you take out the wine and let me drink it willingly,” The old man kept the roasted fish once again as he looked at the rushing Cheng Yu. Both of them used their fists and legs as swords. Sword Qi flew everywhere, cutting off an area of trees. However this time, the result was a lot worse compared to each and every single previous time as every time Cheng Yu was sent flying, he would rush off again.

“The moment this kid started fighting, he really no longer wants his life!” After fighting for half a day, the old man could no longer sustain such a wild fight. After much consideration, he felt that he should at least restrict Cheng Yu. This kid was too crazy. However just as the old man was about to stop Cheng Yu in a move, Cheng Yu’s left hand suddenly punched out a light blue huge phantom fist.

The old man was taken back. He subconsciously released his Qi and blocked the phantom fist. The old man had unexpectedly retreated a few steps.

“You, what kind of boxing technique is this?” The old man asked surprisingly. Even though this phantom fist was not able to hurt him, its might was something that could not be looked down on. He felt that the strength it possessed was a lot more powerful than a Foundation Establishment Realm. He was eager to know what kind of boxing technique could actually let a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage wield such formidable strength.

Cheng Yu did not say anything. After he punched out he returned to his previous posture as he curled up his lips. He wiped off the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and patted the mud off his body. He walked to the river side and jumped down.

“This scoundrel, you actually dare to act arrogant with me!” When he saw Cheng Yu had jumped into the river and started swimming like a duck, the old man said gloomily. Cheng Yu did not come ashore for a very long time. The old man was very bored and could only take out the roasted fish and continue eating. However in his heart, he kept on thinking of the phantom image Cheng Yu had used.

Cheng Yu laid down in the water, feeling extremely comfortable. Just now the battle might not necessarily have been their true strength and that old man had already purposefully suppressed his cultivation, but Cheng Yu understood that the old man had at least used the strength of a cultivator from Golden Core Realm initial stage. In case he had really come across a Golden Core Realm cultivator that had been sent out by Kunlun, even if he couldn’t contend against him, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to escape. He looked at the old man who was sitting ashore, and Cheng Yu suddenly thought of another idea.

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“Heh! Old man, is the meat I roast that delicious?” Cheng Yu swam to the riverside and shouted at the old man. The old man was still recalling the huge phantom fist image Cheng Yu had displayed when he heard Cheng Yu call out to him all of a sudden. He lifted up his head and looked at Cheng Yu as he bit the roasted fish. He said neither disapprovingly or approvingly, ”So-so!”

“Since it’s like that, then forget it,” When Cheng Yu saw the old man had answered so casually, he smiled lightly as he leaped back ashore and ran into the forest.

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