Chapter 199: Cheng Yu’s Plan

Chapter 199: Cheng Yu’s Plan

The old man looked at Cheng Yu’s back and was unable to make heads or tails of it. He couldn’t help but think that the roasted meat Cheng Yu had cooked was very delicious, but he could not admit it. With just a look he was able to tell that kid did not harbor any good intentions. Not long later, Cheng Yu ran out from the forest. This time, he was dragging a goat behind him. He walked to the river bank and weak white lights appeared within his hands. After that, he touched the goat’s body back and forth, causing the old man who was not so far away to look at the scene confused.

This time, Cheng Yu wanted to roast the whole goat. After he had checked the goat using Qi, he utilized his Qi as a knife and peeled off its fur. After extracting it’s viscera, he smeared the seasonings on the whole goat before placing it on the frame to roast.

“Could it be that this kid became hungry after fighting for a round?” Looking at Cheng Yu flipping the goat on the roasting frame while putting seasoning on it, the old man thought. After about half an hour, the aroma of the roasted goat had spread extremely far. Even though the old man had already eaten quite an amount, he still couldn’t endure this captivating fragrance. He sat opposite of Cheng Yu and stared at the goat on the roasting frame attentively.

“Want to eat?” Cheng Yu smiled and said to the old man who was looking at the roasted goat attentively. “What a pity, this is mine.”

“Do you think that if I want it, you would be able to stop me?” The old man said disapprovingly.

“Old man, in any case, you are a senior. To always snatch a younger generation’s stuff, don’t you feel such a method is very shameful?”

“Nope,” The old man said casually. He had completely disregarded whatever Cheng Yu had said.

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“Haha, old man. I know that you are very strong, but if I were to really keep it, you wouldn’t be able to snatch it. Furthermore, even if you managed to eat it this time, you might not be able to do so next time. Actually, if you wish to eat it, there is no need for you to snatch it. Let’s do a transaction!” Cheng Yu smiled and suggested.

“What kind of transaction?” The old man asked curiously.

“Become my bodyguard for three months and I will cook delicious food for you for those three months as well as serve the wine I have on hand,” Cheng Yu took out a wine gourd and said.

“Haha! Kid, what good intentions you have there. It turns out that after playing so many tricks, you just want to make me protect you. However, to actually dare to think about asking me to act as a bodyguard, you are the first!” When the old man heard Cheng Yu’s words, he laughed as if he had just heard the funniest joke of his life. “You truly belittle this old man. Just like that and you want me to protect you for three months?”

“Old man, you can’t say it this way. First, I don’t even know your identity and both of us are just taking what we need. Besides, with your cultivation, to protect me is as easy as lifting a finger. So much that you only need to stand beside me. You don’t even need to make a move and the enemy would become frightened of you. I can tell from your sloppiness and dress code that it’s been long since you have eaten any delicious food. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have snatched my roasted meat. But if you were to follow me, you would have tasty wine and meat waiting for you every day. Wouldn’t it be better for you?” When Cheng Yu saw the contempt the old man had for him, he didn’t mind and just looked at him and spoke frankly with assurance.

Previously, Cheng Yu wished to use the old man to experience the disparity between him and a Golden Core Realm cultivator. However, after some consideration, if he could make this old man become his bodyguard, then the few months of staying in the Cultivation World would be extremely safe. At least he wouldn’t need to worry about any experts Kunlun would sent over. Most importantly, because his cultivation had not been progressing, it caused Cheng Yu to be at a loss of what to do. If he were to have a supreme expert be his sparring partner, Cheng Yu believed that it would allow his strength to increase to a whole new level. Perhaps, he might even break through to the Golden Core Realm in the process. With so many benefits, Cheng Yu was even more resolute to pull this old man to become his bodyguard.

“Ha! You really know how to speak. I may like delicious food, but if you wish to use these things to impress me, then you are wrong,” The old man was not tempted by Cheng Yu’s words. As a cultivator, they always believed in letting nature take its course. To them, clothes and food were a desire and not a need. Just like how the old man had snatched Cheng Yu’s roasted meat. If he did not meet Cheng Yu, the old man could still pass his days. But since Cheng Yu had so many tasty foods and he had the ability to steal it from him, why not? Therefore, their thinking was simple and direct.

“Alright. I don’t like to force people,” Cheng Yu did not bother to speak more superfluous words and waved his hand. He kept the roasted lamb into his storage ring immediately as he stood up and left.

“Oi! Kid, can’t you be a bit more generous in front of your senior? As the saying goes, even if a business discussion failed, there is always benevolence. I accompanied you for half a day roasting meat, you should at least give me some, right?” When he saw Cheng Yu was actually so direct, the old man was dumbfounded.

“Sorry. I only talk about benevolence with my own people,” Cheng Yu did not even turned his head back as he continued walking forward.

“This kid. Soft and hard methods are not going to convince him,” The old man turned gloomy. Originally, he thought that Cheng Yu would think of all sorts of ideas to make him become his bodyguard, but he didn’t expect Cheng Yu to be so clear cut. He had only just rejected him and he had already given up. Wasn’t he a bit too insincere?! In the Cultivation World, he was at least a reputable and well-known figure. If he were to be swayed just for of a few roasted meat pieces, wouldn’t he be a bit too cheap?

What was more antagonizing was that this kid seemed to had not even placed him in his eyes. Looking at the unconcerned look he displayed, this was the first time the old man felt baffled. Could he really be that worthless? Naturally, Cheng Yu wouldn’t give up so easily. Such a supreme expert, how could he possibly find him anywhere? Him begging the old man was just him showing some inferiority, wanting to move that old man. However, Cheng Yu was not in the least confident about this method. But when he saw the old man was still following behind him, Cheng Yu smiled. He ignored the old man and took out his flying sword as he flew towards Tianhai City.

Originally, Cheng Yu intended to head to Fengye City first, but he felt that at this moment, Fengye City was no longer safe for him. It could be said that the whole Kunlun territory had caused Cheng Yu to feel not even an ounce of safety. Therefore, after pondering it, Cheng Yu decided to leave Kunlun territory earlier.

If he were to exit from Kunlun’s territory, at least the monitoring from Kunlun would decrease by a lot. He would also need not see people monitoring him at every moment. Three days passed in a flash. In these three days, that old man had been following Cheng Yu from a distance. The reason why the old man kept on following Cheng Yu was not because Cheng Yu was able to make good food.

The most important reason was that the old man was very interested in Cheng Yu. Or perhaps, it could be said that he was very interested in Cheng Yu’s phantom fist. Every time Cheng Yu stopped to make food, that old man would appear.

“Old man. This doesn’t seem right. You are not willing to become my bodyguard, but you come asking me for food every day. Don’t you feel ashamed?” Cheng Yu did not want to go overboard. After all, the old man’s cultivation was too high. If he were to anger the old man, Cheng Yu would be in trouble. In any case, the old man had been following him since the beginning. Forcefully speaking, it could be said that he is half a bodyguard.

“Hmph! Don’t think that I don’t know. In these three days, every time you eat, you would fight with me for a round. Isn’t that a benefit already? Every time you would act like you had been angered, but actually, you just wanted me to practice with you. You are so crafty,” The old man took down the fowl on the roasting frame and spoke disdainfully to Cheng Yu. However, the old man actually appreciated Cheng Yu for daring to use a Golden Core Realm expert to become his sparring partner while he was still a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. Of course, it was because the old man had suppressed his cultivation. Furthermore, he did not use too powerful of attacks. Even so, Cheng Yu was still being suppressed very badly.

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“Haha! Old man, isn’t it the same for the both of us? You should also not treat me like a fool. The reason why you still continue to spar with me even after you knew my motive and even forced me to use my ultimate move, isn’t it just so you could fully grasp my technique?” Cheng Yu laughed. In the three days Cheng Yu had sparred with the old man, he started to have some emotional stirrings towards the old man. After all, in his previous life, Cheng Yu had always secluded himself when cultivating. All of his fighting experience originated from his previous life and was not very beneficial to his current cultivation.

However, now that he was able to exchange moves with the old man every day, it allowed him to integrate all the techniques he had learnt even better, just so that when he came across any Golden Core Realm experts in the future, he could at least still safeguard his life. Cheng Yu no longer had anymore Spiritual Origin Fruits on him. If he were to meet any experts, he could only rely on his own strength. Therefore, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but think of ideas to improve his strength. At the same time, he wanted to understand the disparity between him and a Golden Core Realm expert.

“Kid. Who is your teacher?” For the past few days, the old man had been studying Cheng Yu’s phantom fist. However, there was no progress at all. This caused him to be very curious about Cheng Yu’s background.

“I think it’s better not to say. I am afraid if I were to tell you, you would be intimidated to death,” Cheng Yu drank his wine and bit on the roasted fowl as he said complacently.

“Really? Tell me then. I want to see what kind of person can actually intimidate me,” The old man said curiously.

“Not saying,” Cheng Yu wanted to use Limitless Palace to swindle the old man, but after thinking about it, he decided not to say it. Over here was not the Secular World. Furthermore, this old man’s cultivation was so high. Even though he may seem extremely sloppy, he was actually very shrewd. Just like how the old man had kept on studying Cheng Yu’s phantom fist. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not use that move often. Even if he were to use it, it would be a very casual one. As for other techniques, Cheng Yu would never execute them.

If he were to say he was the disciple of Limitless Palace, what if that old man knew one of the seniors in Limitless Palace? That was why it wasn’t wise to do it.

“What’s wrong? Afraid of being shameful?” The old man said.

“Don’t bother trying to agitate me. It’s not going to work. Furthermore, even if I were to say it you wouldn’t believe it. Might as well not say it,” Cheng Yu ignored the old man’s comment. The old man wanted to know about Cheng Yu’s background, but Cheng Yu didn’t want to say it and there was no need for him to continue pestering Cheng Yu about it.

The next day, the two of them finally reached Tianhai City. Although Tianhai City was still one of Kunlun’s territory, this city was a lot larger than Ningshui City. It was at least three times bigger. Stepping into this city meant that Cheng Yu had genuinely entered the Cultivation World. There were a lot of cultivators in the city. Not only were there Kunlun cultivators, there were a lot of other cultivators who wore their own sect clothes. Their cultivations were either high or very low. However, this place was not the core of the Cultivation World as there were a lot of Foundation Establishment Realm and Qi Training Realm disciples.

Cheng Yu looked for Qiongyu Pavilion first. If it was the easiest building to sort out for in a city, it would undoubtedly be Qiongyu Pavilion because it was the tallest building in the city and very obvious.

“May I know what the two immortal masters wish to order?” Looking at Cheng Yu and the old man standing at the door, the waiter inside asked politely.

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