Chapter 18: The Old Driver Teaches You How to Be a Better Man

It may be that the applause was so enthusiastic that it influenced the guests who came from afar. The blonde-haired woman stood up and clapped along with the audience.

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. carried out the translation flawlessly. He even corrected some of the mistakes in the guests’ speech…

The audience were stunned speechless. Su Qiubai definitely didn’t act like a normal translator; it was like he had already perfectly memorized the speeches beforehand and was just reciting it out loud right now…

“This is impossible… How can a taxi driver be so proficient in English, even the teachers can’t do it…”

Wu Gang sat on his chair, feeling like he was sitting on pins and needles. He stared straight at Su Qiubai and muttered under his breath, cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

In fact, all of the teachers were also secretly comparing themselves to Su Qiubai. They realized that their level of English proficiency was indeed far below Su Qiubai’s.

In the end, even the foreigners were baffled, especially after listening to Su Qiubai’s English!

This translator frankly speaks more like a foreigner than everyone else in the conference!

Has the usage of English become so common among the Chinese that even taxi drivers can be so unbelievably good?

China is really a phenomenal country!

Similarly, Su Qiubai’s English pronunciation had completely shattered the last trace of hope in Director Li and Wu Gang’s hearts!

He must be crazy. His foreign language level is so extraordinarily high. Yet, he works as a taxi driver to chase after young ladies!

He’s a liar. This is simply a crime!

Director Li and Wu Gang shared the same thoughts.

On the other hand, the school principal started smiling widely after noticing the awe on the foreigners’ faces.

Besides the feelings of shocked and joy, Dong Jiawei was a bit touched and fascinated.

Su Qiubai had left an indelible impression in her heart.

Perhaps the foreigners also felt that he was too outlandish, they suddenly decided to make things difficult for him.

An old lady suddenly stood up and spoke a string of words that no one in the venue could understand.

Everyone became quiet.

What’s happening? She’s speaking in… Russian!

Noticing what had happened, the audience realized that everyone in the foreign delegation was staring at Su Qiubai.

They understood what was going on… It was basically a conspiracy!

But these foreigners are really shameless! How can they do this?

If they think they’re so good, why don’t they try translating our ancient poems as we recite them!

Just as the teachers and students intended to address the injustice in Su Qiubai’s stead…

Darn it, that bastard actually started to smoothly translate it as well!

Oh my God… this world has gone crazy!

He actually understood Russian!

Everyone was astonished. This whole scene was just insane.

A mere taxi driver, not only was he proficient in English, but he also understood Russian!

Then, someone else from the foreign delegation once again stood up to speak.

It was…French!

Although everyone felt that these foreigners were too shameless, they still held on to a last strand of hope as they continued to watch Su Qiubai.

Sure enough, he customarily started translating it after a few seconds of silence!

Amazing! Some of the students were shouting at the top of their lungs. No one had ever thought that the exchange conference could be this exciting!

However, it was still not over yet!

Was it the old driver’s style to let them go just like that?

As a pragmatist, Su Qiubai’s concept had always been the same: if you owe me, then you have to pay me back as soon as possible, what if you end up dying tomorrow?

Therefore, he set his eyes on the foreign delegations. He had been listening to their arrogance speeches for too long, now he had finally grabbed a chance for himself.

Spanish, Arabic, Hindi…

Su Qiubai added the rest of his growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to the foreign language category.

No time to fool around. If he didn’t fight for justice now, he would humiliate his foreign language teacher.

He uttered a string of words that surely made the foreign delegations speechless!

Yet, everyone else in the hall couldn’t help but to stand up and applaud.

Su Qiubai had a feeling that the conference was about to come to a close, so he turned to look at the audience and pulled the microphone near his mouth.

“I’ve just asked the foreign delegations in their respective languages if they have any more to add, but they were silent. Most likely… the conference is now over.”

Upon hearing his words, the conference hall became silent for a few seconds. Then, the entire audience burst into laughter.

This translator was scandalous. No one could understand what he just said, yet, he dared to announce that the conference was over?

But such bold move… was simply amazing!

The audience had looked up to foreigners for many years. They felt that the foreigners were far more incredible, ideologically avant-garde, fashionable, and that even their moon was rounder than China’s!

It didn’t matter who it was, everyone just becomes respectful towards the foreigners whenever foreign countries were mentioned.

Every school spent its time and energy on its students, however, all of its energy was used on inviting foreigners to exchange conferences.

Could the students and teachers really become spectacular all of the sudden, merely after attending a conference? Could they really benefit so much from such a short exchange conference?

It was nonsense!

However, no one had ever spoken out the obvious truth.

In the end, it was the taxi driver who took the lead and expressed this idea!

Everyone began another round of applause. No one believed that the man in the vest on stage was just an ordinary taxi driver!

Instead, his appearance…was actually quite handsome!

It could be that the foreign delegations weren’t able to wait any longer, so they started leaving. The conference had clearly ended in their eyes.

However, many people still looked at Su Qiubai’s direction before the host announced that everyone could leave. Who would ever think that a simple taxi driver could spurn so many miracles in a single day.

“Are you really a taxi driver?”

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Dong Jiawei immediately ran over, she stared at Su Qiubai with her eyes wide open.

To her, what had happened earlier was a dreamlike, rather than actual reality!

“Why would you think otherwise? Don’t forget that my taxi is still parked at the school entrance.”

Grinning, Su Qiubai felt quite relaxed.

Everything he did was to help Dong Jiawei. In fact, before he went up on stage, he had been worried that he would mess things up!

Fortunately, the whole event went much smoother than he had initially thought.

“You really scared me. I thought you’d only understood a few English words. It seems that I’m a bit too superficial…”

Dong Jiawei smiled lightly, her eyes curving into crescents. Her sweet smile blew Su Qiubai away.

The old driver sighed happily in his heart! The growth points he spent… were completely worth it!

As he continued his chat with the beautiful Teacher Dong, he noticed the sullen-faced director closing in on them.

“Teacher Dong, do you know how much damage you’ve done to the school? As a result of you neglecting your duty and hiring such a translator, the foreign delegations are now in a fury!”

Director Li’s face distorted as he ranted, his fat belly stretching his shirt out in front of him.

“Director Li, please get your priorities straight. The level of translation wasn’t a problem. As for their dissatisfaction? That’s ridiculous; they were obviously trying to make things difficult for Su Qiubai!”

Dong Jiawei was angry at the ridiculous words Director Li said!

“Teacher Dong, they’re guests who’ve come here from afar. Our school has to cater to all of their requests. Would you treat foreign guests like this? No matter what, this is entirely your responsibility!”

Director Li justified while snorting coldly.

“I’m going to speak to the principal. You’re doing this on purpose. I’ll also let him know that you never sent the task book to me in the first place!”

Dong Jiawei was so angry that she ended up raising her voice in the end.

People who were still in the venue glanced at them.

“Oh, fine then! Go to the principal. The translator you’ve hired has annoyed the foreign guests. Not only didn’t you ask me for help, but you’ve also dared to talk to me in such a manner… Teacher Dong, you’d better think carefully from now on…”

Having said that, with a wicked gaze, Director Li leered at Dong Jiawei.

“Think carefully?!”

He never expected to get a slap on the face. Director Li didn’t say a thing as he slowly rested his hand on his face.

When was the last time someone ever slap me?

“You… you dare to slap me!”

However, just as he said that, Su Qiubai immediately rushed towards him.

“Slap you? I just helped your parents teach you a lesson! I’ll let you know now why flowers are red!”

Su Qiubai’s character had always been like this. He couldn’t get used to unfairness, just like how he beat up his department manager after only a few days of work after graduating, and then got dismissed.

He had hopped around and ended up getting dismissed from a few more companies. The reason was the same every time, he was trying to speak up for others and lost his job in the process.

However, he just couldn’t change his attitude towards injustice, so after being fired from so many companies, he just decided to be a taxi driver.

As he always said, some things had to be done. Since the police were too busy, he had to occasionally do something to stop injustice!

Su Qiubai had felt sick earlier when he heard Director Li’s words at his home.

However, in order not to cause any trouble to Dong Jiawei, he had been patient with the director. Having witnessed first hade how rude this man could be, Su Qiubai couldn’t hold his anger anymore.

If Su Qiubai didn’t teach this man a lesson, he would end up thinking that Tian ‘Anmen was his home!
[TLN: Tian ‘Anmen is also known as ‘Gate of Heavenly Peace. So the author writes that Director Li thinks his actions are pure and good, as if he belongs in a heavenly place, like Tian ‘Anmen, which it’s totally the opposite in reality, that’s why Su Qiubai slapped him.]

Although the old driver wasn’t very strong, it was more than enough to deal with such a fat man.

After a few minutes, Director Li’s nose and face were swollen up as he hid under the table, shouting and crying.

The venue was in a mess. A lot of people started gathering around them.

Students were taking pictures with their phones, the security guards were chasing people away and the teachers were advising the crowd… The situation was just pure chaos!

After much effort, Dong Jiawei finally managed to pull Su Qiubai away, but it was too late, Director Li was already badly injured.

“Someone call the police! I want this driver jailed! Call the police!”

Someone called the police in midst of Director Li’s shrieking.

Dong Jiawei was very worried, but Su Qiubai smiled and assured her that there was nothing to worry about.

As he spoke, he bound two bad luck charms on Director Li!

Idiotic fat man, let’s see who can get away in the end…

On the other hand, he bound two lucky charms to himself!

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Hehe, all this while, I don’t know the effect of a lucky charm. I could test it out now…

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