Chapter 17: The Translation Industry

“Teacher Dong, why have you only just arrived? Where is the translator? It seems that you really don’t plan to work anymore. How could you make such a mistake on something so important? I’m very disappointed with you! Very disappointed! Forget it… Let Teacher Wu have a head start. You shall submit a resignation report tomorrow…”

The bald middle-aged man in front of Dong Jiawei sneered without giving her a chance to speak.

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. assumed that he was the school principal. The fat man sneering behind him should be Director Li, the one harassing Dong Jiawei.

Seeing that the principal had made the decision and decided the punishment, Director Li’s sneer was more pronounced and Wu Gang’s eyes were filled with laughter.

“Principal, I’ve found a translator.”

Dong Jiawei looked at Su Qiubai once more before saying softly to the principal.

Her words stunned the three of them. The principal turned to Director Li whose expression immediately changed as he walked two steps forward.

“Teacher Dong, please understand how important this exchange meeting is to the school. Everything is ready and the guests will be entering the hall in ten minutes. If your translator is still not available by then…”

Director Li spoke, with the intention of once again intimidating Dong Jiawei, but he was interrupted by her.

“The translator that I’ve hired has already arrived.” Dong Jiawei’s voice was more determined. Just as Su Qiubai said, she had no other choice now!

The only thing she could do now was to believe in the man standing next to her!

“The translator’s here? Hehe, where? You aren’t planning to go on the stage yourself, are you? Or is this taxi driver the translator you’ve hired?”

Director Li laughed out loud after saying that, it was as if he had just heard the biggest joke in his life.

The principal next to him was ashen. On the other hand, Wu Gang glanced at Su Qiubai in his company’s vest, his eyes full of contempt.

Director Li’s words infuriated Dong Jiawei. Su Qiubai had taken the initiative to help her, so she refused to allow him to be humiliated in such away.

Just as she was about to argue further, Su Qiubai suddenly laughed while walking towards Director Li.

“Is it really that funny? Yes, I am the translator.”

Su Qiubai calmly told Director Li, who was stunned into silence by his words. He then pointed at Su Qiubai and broke into a hysterical laughter.

Su Qiubai remained calm and quiet.

“Are you done laughing? If you’re done, then please enter the venue. The guests have arrived.”

Su Qiubai snorted then muttered.

Director Li thought that Su Qiubai was only joking earlier, but he immediately looked at Dong Jiawei in chagrin upon listening to him.

“Teacher Dong, is he really the translator?”

Without hesitation, Dong Jiawei nodded and said, “Yes, he is the translator that I’ve hired.”


The principal shouted angrily once her words had left her mouth.

Director Li scoffed while Wu Gang was anxious. He has thought of taking the initiative to help Dong Jiawei, but he dared not speak after seeing the look on Director Li’s face.

“Principal, please believe me. He can do it!”

Dong Jiawei approached the principal and said earnestly. Her pretty face radiated staunch and sincerity.

“Impossible! How can he be a translator?! He’s a taxi driver! Teacher Dong, you’re not planning to drag the school down, are you?”

The principal froze. He stared at Dong Jiawei with a doubtful expression.

“Principal, please give me a chance. If he can’t do it, then I’m willing to personally resign and write an apology letter to all the teachers and students!”

Dong Jiawei continued firmly without any hesitation.

Her attitude surprised the principal a. She wanted to say what was in her heart, but she swallowed those words. She turned to look at the still composed Su Qiubai once more. In the end, she was still hesitant.

“Principal, it’s better to believe in Teacher Dong since she insisted on this, but please ensure that she remembers what she just said. If anything goes wrong, make sure she doesn’t deny that she’s responsible for it.”

Completely out of Dong Jiawei’s expectation, it was Director Li who agreed with her. But seeing the derision in his eyes, she understood that he just wanted to see Dong Jiawei and Su Qiubai make a fool out of themselves.

After hesitating for a few more seconds, the principal heavily nodded. “Okay! I’ll believe in you. You have to take note of the consequences if anything goes wrong during the translation.”

With a final glance at Su Qiubai, the principal turned towards Dong Jiawei and made his decision.

Dong Jiawei couldn’t help but smile after the principal agreed. However, a nervous feeling quickly creeped up her. What if…

As she speculated, she noticed Su Qiubai smiling at her as he mouthed a sentence.

“Trust me!”

With a nod in response, Dong Jiawei suddenly felt confident

A while later, the principle wanted Su Qiubai to change his clothes, but he refused. He wanted everyone to notice him.

All walks of life have great talents. Don’t look down on anyone. Maybe they’ll make you cry the next second.

The exchange conference was starting soon.

It was the most important educational event in Yucheng Middle School that year. The guests were all middle school teachers from other countries. In all honesty, it was crucial that they hire a professional translator, but when the task book was issued, Director Li and Wu Gang both decided to partner up against Dong Jiawei.

Dong Jiawei certainly couldn’t care less about them right now. She had placed all her trust on Su Qiubai. She would be completely finished if he made a mistake.

After entering the venue, Su Qiubai was brought to the backstage by a member of the staff. He had to go up on the stage together with the honorable guests as his sitting position was right next to the podium.

Dong Jiawei, who was in a bad mood, followed Director Li and Wu Gang to the teacher’s ensembly area while they waited for the conference to begin.

“Teacher Dong, I wish you good luck.”

After sitting down, Director Li shouted straight at Dong Jiawei. The small beady eyes on his greasy face were really despicable.

Dong Jiawei ignored him as she lowered her head and tightly held her hands together.

Many teachers knew what happened to Dong Jiawei, but no one dared to speak up for her due to Director Li’s arrogance. Everybody was silent after glancing at her direction

Finally… the conference began!

Dong Jiawei could feel her tension increased when the host announced the opening of the event.

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After explaining the upcoming flow of events, the guests gradually entered the hall. The students spotted a bunch of foreigners slowly walking up the stage.

A fat man with a big belly, a blonde woman with blue eyes, a tall old lady with a big nose… and a taxi driver in a vest… A driver!

Almost instantly the students and teachers, who were originally inattentive, stared at the taxi driver!

What’s going on? Is he a foreigner? But why is his vest a Chinese vest? Is it a special style from his country?

The conference hall became noisy. Pretty much everyone was wondering why such a person appeared on the podium of a Chinese-foreign exchange conference.

However, something even more incredible happened after that. The taxi driver actually stood at the translator’s rostrum!

This is a joke! Some students had already started gossiping while secretly taking pictures of him with their mobile phones.

“Has the school gone crazy? Is that a taxi driver?”

“Nonsense, this is a Chinese-foreign exchange conference. How can he be Chinese? He is definitely… Thai!”

“Idiot, open your eyes and see what’s written on his vest. You can even see the name of the taxi company…”

“He is a taxi driver. I’ve seen him before somewhere…”

Not only the students, but even the teachers were also busy discussing among themselves.

No one knew what was going on. Why is a strange person like him here? Was Dong Jiawei fooled again?

A group of teachers sympathized for Dong Jiawei as they secretly speculated about what was about to happen later.

But, almost everyone had already realized from the moment the taxi driver had appeared, the conference was definitely going to be full of surprises.

Due to his presence, the entire audience had developed some strange ideas. Su Qiubai stood in front of the microphone as everyone stared at him.

He noticed that a lot of people were watching him, so he felt a bit stiff. His English teacher would surely faint if he knew that he had become a translator for a Chinese-foreign exchange conference… His teacher would probably be worried that he was going crazy after his brain comprehend the situation.

Su Qiubai’s smiled as the host started introducing the guests.

Su Qiubai also bid welcome to his first show on the road of translation.

After the old foreign man spoke a few sentences, all eyes in the conference hall were focused on the old driver on stage.

Dong Jiawei’s heart pounded very fast. Director Li was ready to watch Su Qiubai make a fool of himself. Wu Gang was still scornful and tight-lipped. The principal’s face was also ugly as held his breath…

Taking a deep breath, Su Qiubai clearly envisioned the translation in his mind.

“What is the concept of education? From my understanding, it’s to let every child grow up in a way that best suits each and every one of them. The educational philosophy of every country in the world is different, but the purpose should be the same… ”

The moment he began speaking, many people were struck speechless.

How could it be!

The meaning of the translation was clear, the words used were appropriate and the translation was spoken without a second of stutter!

Dong Jiawei froze for a few seconds, then smiled very happily, feeling touched by Su Qiubai’s translation.

However, Director Li was just the opposite. His face turned pale and his eyes looked like they were falling out! Wu Gang just gaped unknowingly.

Something even more far-fetched was just about to happen. The foreigner had planned to wait for Su Qiubai to finish his translation, but the old driver simply gestured at him to continue. The foreigner was taken aback!

But he understood what Su Qiubai meant. Su Qiubai was urging him to continue his speech!

Just like an automatic translator, the foreigner spoke for nearly ten minutes, the translation didn’t stop even for a second the whole time!

The speech was finally over and the audience went dumbstruck!

Su Qiubai gazed strangely at the audience. Why is everyone quiet? The translation was clearly up to standard. What had happened?

The foreigner who gave the speech was confused as well. For the sake of politeness, shouldn’t there be at least a round of applause, right?

As he was wondering, someone in the audience started clapping, and soon… a thunderous applause sounded that almost shook the venue hall!

It was incredible!

Was he… really a taxi driver?

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