Chapter 16: Let Me Handle It

Dong Jiawei glanced at Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. with an apologetic look. As she endured the discomfort in her heart, she spoke over the phone, “Director Li, my personal life is my own decision. If you want to care about it so much, then suit yourself.”

“Oh well. Teacher Dong, don’t blame me if you don’t know how to recognize a good favour. Just you wait.”

From the other side of the phone, Director Li became angry at Dong Jiawei; his voice filled with hatred.

“I have nothing to hide. Goodbye.”

She couldn’t help but say, before hanging up immediately. She was unsettled.

As for Su Qiubai, he had pretty much understood what was going on just from her side of the conversation. However, it was inappropriate for him to inquire further since he still wasn’t that close to her.

The living room’s initially harmonious atmosphere, became stiff after the phone call.

“Sorry, Mr. Su. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll be leaving first. Please don’t hesitate to call me if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Dong Jiawei said while standing up. She was still very grateful to Su Qiubai.

“You have to leave now?” Su Qiubai asked softly, obviously somewhat hesitant.

Dong Jiawei also seemed very helpless, but she smiled immediately. Her pretty eyes were as clear as spring water. “I have no choice, I have to work. I took the morning off so I could specifically come here…”

“How about this… let me take you there. Coincidentally, I also have to work.”

Su Qiubai smiled; already helping out by carrying Dong Jiawei’s purse.

Dong Jiawei became very embarrassed, but Su Qiubai was indeed planning to go out and fetch customers. They both went downstairs together after Su Qiubai had quickly freshened up and changed his clothes.

Getting into the taxi, Su Qiubai found out from Dong Jiawei that she was working at Yu Cheng Middle School, not far from his house but still it was a good ten-minute drive.

Both of them chatted during the journey. Dong Jiawei finally filled Su Qiubai in about her situation with Director Li after being heavily questioned.

To be frank, the story was quite simple. That director had been trying to take advantage of Dong Jiawei several times because of her beauty and the fact that she came from an ordinary family. Naturally, he tried to threaten and entice her several times but she simply refused him every time.

Just the night before, he wanted Dong Jiawei to watch a movie with him but by the time he reached her office, Dong Jiawei had already left.

So he stewed the enmity in his heart the whole night, before deciding to call and threaten her.

As someone who had been a taxi driver for so many years, Su Qiubai witnessed this type of behavior all the time. Once a passenger got into his taxi, he could clearly tell whether they were married or having an affair by just a glance.

However, even after perceiving that that kind of situation so many times, the fact was that he couldn’t help them. The only thing he could do at the end, was to set himself as a role model for others.

Su Qiubai had already learnt about Dong Jiawei’s family situation from their chat earlier. Her mother passed away when she was young, so her father was the one who raised her up. They currently rented a house and lived on her monthly salary of few thousand dollars.

If not for that, why else would such a beautiful lady only wear professional attire all the time? She most likely didn’t have enough extra money to buy new clothes.

However, even with such conditions, Dong Jiawei still willingly tried to give all of her savings to Su Qiubai just to thank him for saving her father. Her bearing stood strong, even while facing the oppression and provocation from Director Li.

It really moved Su Qiubai. He realized how precious the lady really was, especially after seeing her sincere smile and the genuineness in her clear eyes.

Dong Jiawei wanted to pay Su Qiubai for sending her to the school, but the old driver definitely refused to accept it.

Just as both of them were rejecting the payment from each other, the phone rang once more.

Originally Dong Jiawei thought it was Director Li again. However, after glancing at the caller ID shown on her phone, she realized that it was actually from the school principal!

She quickly answered the phone. The voice on the other side was anxious. “Teacher Dong, where are you now? The exchange conference is about to begin! How’s your preparation?”

Having heard that, Dong Jiawei promptly replied, “My part is ready. I’ve notified all of the students. They’ll definitely arrive at the venue on time.”

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“What are you talking about?! Who told you that you’re responsible for notifying the students? You’re responsible for the translation!”

The principal suddenly shouted anxiously, Dong Jiawei’s mind blanked out for a few seconds. She became worried. “Principal, that’s impossible! I’m sure that my responsibility was to inform the students to arrive at the venue on time! As for translation… ”

Halfway through her words, the principal interrupted. “Nonsense, didn’t you read the task notice issued to every teacher? It clearly stated that you’re responsible for the translation and that is also the most important part of the whole exchange conference! Teacher Dong, don’t tell me that you only know about this now?”

The principal growled.

Dong Jiawei was even more nervous. “Principal, I really didn’t know. The task book wasn’t sent to me at all. It was Director Li who called me…”

As she mentioned the director, in a flash she suddenly comprehended the entire situation. Her face turned pale. So this is his revenge. No wonder he deliberately called to warn me earlier… now I understood everything! This is simply Director Li’s revenge scheme!

“Director Li gave you a call? He is right next to me. He personally confirmed that the task book was sent to you! Teacher Dong, the exchange conference begins in half an hour. I want to see the translator in twenty minutes, if not you’ll be fired!”

The principal spoke in a rush and with an angry tone, before instantly hanging up the phone.

Dong Jiawei sat in the passenger seat; she was overwhelmed by what had happened.

I have to bring a translator to the venue within twenty minutes, or else I’ll have to face the dismissal?

How could this happen? Twenty minutes… to look for a professional translator! And we have to rush to the venue too… This is impossible!

After that last thought, Dong Jiawei eyes reddened as she began to cry.

“Is it too late to call for a translator now?”

Su Qiubai heard every word from the phone with clarity. He was concerned after seeing Dong Jiawei cry, he hesitated for a moment before trying to come up with ideas to help.

“It’s too late! Even if I could find one right now, we won’t reach the venue on time!”

Her tears rolled down her cheeks. For some inexplicable reason, it made Su Qiubai heartbroken.

However, he couldn’t help her. How could he act as a translator in an exchange conference with his poor English? During an English exam in his fourth grade, he had carelessly finished all the questions and submitted the paper early, whilst only halfway through the listening comprehension

Wait… why can’t I help?! My English level wasn’t good before but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it now!

Su Qiubai suddenly got a plan. Without further hesitation, he opened the navigation interface in his mind and found the English language skill right away.

For safety purposes, he added twenty growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to it!

Wahaha, I’m ready now!

“Let’s go, I’m going to the venue with you. We can still arrive on time!”

Su Qiubai gazed at Dong Jiawei and held her hand to calm her down before speaking softly.

Dong Jiawei was puzzled. She froze after hearing Su Qiubai’s words and wondered if she had misheard.

“You…can be the translator?”

Dong Jiawei found it unbelievable, so she stuttered out her question. Intelligent high school students were common in her school, but none of them could be translators!

Otherwise, the school wouldn’t specifically assign her to hire a translator from outside!

“Don’t I look like one? You’ll see later. Besides, there’s nothing you can do but to trust me right now.”

Although Su Qiubai was being doubted, he smiled stiffly.

Dong Jiawei wiped her tears off, and asked him seriously one last time. “Can you really do it?”

He shook her hand firmly before nodding and replied, “Trust me!”

After that, Dong Jiawei made the most risky decision she had ever made in her life.

She brought the taxi driver, whom she only met that morning, to the venue to act as a translator for an exchange conference between China and other foreign countries!

She knew how outrageous the thought was, but as Su Qiubai claimed, she had no other choice but to believe in him!

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Both of them got out the taxi, ran into the school and rushed to the venue. They didn’t even have the time to talk about anything else.

Breathlessly arriving at the entrance of the venue, a young man in a suit came out to greet them.

“Teacher Dong, didn’t you know that you needed to hire a translator? The principal has gone crazy!”

“How is the situation now? Is everyone here? How much time is left before the exchange conference starts?” Dong Jiawei asked quickly while ignoring his question.

“You still have ten minutes before it starts. Everything is ready. All we need now is a translator.”

The young man was Wu Gang, a colleague who wanted to be in the same department as Dong Jiawei. He secretly glanced at Dong Jiawei’s expression after replying.

In fact, the reason why he slipped out of the venue alone was because he knew that Dong Jiawei had just found out that she was responsible for the translator, and that it was impossible to find a translator on time! Although his English level wasn’t great, he should still be able to pass the borderline and be the translator.

Then, Dong Jiawei would be grateful, wouldn’t she? And I’ll have her all to myself…

He felt that the decision he made, to unite with Director Li against Dong Jiawei was truly fortunate. Actually, he had been responsible for the interpretation. It was only at the last minute that Director Li conferred with him and did some changes to the task book.

Wu Gang revealed a faint smile. Dong Jiawei didn’t notice but Su Qiubai saw it clearly.

Darn it, you and I are men. Do you think I can’t see what you’re planning to do?! You’re simply insulting my wisdom.

The three of them remained silent. Wu Gang was certain that Dong Jiawei needed his help. As for the man wearing a vest next to her, it was obvious that he was just a taxi driver merely from his attire!

But why did the taxi driver follow her to the venue?

Wu Gang only had the time to think that, before the principal and Director Li marched towards them.

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