Chapter 15: Blessed

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. logged into his Weibo account. To his surprise, the number of followers he had soared thousands of times, and he had even more messages!

After a quick browse through, he found out that several media actually wanted to interview him!

There were even some ridiculous headlines that really upset Su Qiubai… especially the one that said: Furious man smashed sports car and beat people up!

Darn it, I did smash the car but when had I ever beat people up?!

Only after a while did Su Qiubai realise that Dong Jiawei was still staring at him, so he quickly set aside his thoughts and presented the clarification message he had posted to her.

But the lady was still determined to hand over the money to Su Qiubai, he had to reassure her that he would certainly take the money from her the next time he needed it.

The both of them once again sat on the sofa. Dong Jiawei gently drank the glass of water while Su Qiubai sat stock still, not knowing what to say next.

He felt awkward, especially with such a beautiful lady in the same room as him, so he tried hard to find something to talk about.

Soon enough, the old driver had an idea.

Since the navigation system was now bound to his mind, he quickly selected the romance value and added ten growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to it.

However, nothing happened even after a minute of anxious waiting.

Su Qiubai didn’t give up and added another twenty growth points to it.

Almost as soon as the points were added, Dong Jiawei, who was seated just opposite of him, suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll be leaving now. There are still some things I have to do at the school. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know.”

Dong Jiawei definitely felt uncomfortable because both of them had been sitting in silence for a long time! She wanted to leave because of that.

Su Qiubai was thrown into confusion upon hearing Dong Jiawei’s words. How could she just leave when he had invested so much in the romance value?

He was dispirited but there was no way he could stop her from leaving. As he helplessly walked her to the door, an unexpected accident happened!

As Dong Jiawei walked towards the door, she accidentally bumped into the coffee table and fell. The glass of water slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground.

Su Qiubai reached out, almost subconsciously, and caught ahold of Dong Jiawei in his arms just at the right time. The feel of her body and warmth sparked through his body and made his mind blank.

When he looked down at Dong Jiawei, he noticed that her clothes were wet and the white shirt under her suit was clinging closely to her body. A pink shoulder strap was also clearly visible.

Dong Jiawei was startled. However, noticing the awkward position they were in, her beautiful face immediately reddened into a rosy pink. The old driver almost couldn’t contain himself from kissing her.

“S-sorry… Could you help me up first?”

Dong Jiawei dared not look Su Qiubai in the eyes, she bit her lips and whispered; her ears were a blushing red.

“Oh, err… I’m sorry.”

Su Qiubai quickly straightened her up and apologized repeatedly. In reality, he was screaming excitedly in his head.

Those thirty growth points are now worth it!

Dong Jiawei slowly stood up but immediately frowned, she huffed as she almost fell down again.

“What’s wrong?” Su Qiubai asked with worry.

“My foot… it seems to be swollen.” Her face was still red as she glanced at Su Qiubai and replied in embarrassment.


Su Qiubai was also nervous. But, he immediately understood that for a lady like her, hitting a hard coffee table would surely cause her foot to swell.

“Quick, have a seat. Let me help you.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he immediately urged Dong Jiawei to sit down.

Dong Jiawei remained silent. Although she was hesitant and had struggled, her foot had indeed swelled up. She had no way to resist letting Su Qiubai help her.

Standing by her side, Su Qiubai thought hard about whether or not he had any medicine in his house to treat bruises. Unconsciously looking down, he accidentally spotted Dong Jiawei’s soaked white shirt once again.

Dong Jiawei noticed where Su Qiubai’s gaze was, so she tried to cover it up with her hand. Her small face reddened once again.

Su Qiubai felt even more sheepish, even though it was just an accident.

“Err… Could I change my clothes in the bathroom? Do you have a hair dryer?” Dong Jiawei realized she looked a bit too exposed, so she raised her head slightly and asked Su Qiubai softly.

“There’s a hair dryer, but your clothes…” Su Qiubai was afraid of her mistaking him as a pervert, so he stopped talking half way through.

“No worries, I can do it by myself…”

Dong Jiawei had probably already understood Su Qiubai’s intentions. She was so embarrassed that she barely heard he said in the end.

Su Qiubai slowly helped her to the bathroom. There, he placed a stool for Dong Jiawei to properly sit on, before leaving the bathroom and closing the door.

Once again on the sofa, Su Qiubai’s mind was unsettled, especially when he heard the soft sounds of someone undressing.

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Darn it… I’m a gentleman! Don’t you dare look, don’t you dare listen!

While muttering to himself, the old driver couldn’t help but peek at her direction.

He couldn’t resist. Dong Jiawei was really beautiful! Her figure and appearance were no less inferior to a movie star!

From the sounds of it, she should have finished taking off her clothes, then the hair dryer sounded in the bathroom. Su Qiubai drank a mouthful of water to calm himself down, daring not imagine how she would look like in there.

This is a sin!

Once everything became quiet, Dong Jiawei’s voice sounded from the bathroom, “I’m done, you may come in now.”

Without hesitation, Su Qiubai ran towards the bathroom and gently pushed open the door.

Sure enough, Dong Jiawei had already put on her clothes. The old driver was somewhat disappointed but tried to cover it up by remaining calm.

Slowly holding Dong Jiawei’s arm to help her walk out of the bathroom, he could smell a fragrance emitting from her body.

After helping Dong Jiawei to the sofa, Su Qiubai hesitated and said, “Let me have a look at your foot. If it’s swelling too much, I’ll send you to the hospital.”

However, Dong Jiawei rejected him awkwardly, recalling what had happened earlier.

Su Qiubai was also a little embarrassed. He really had no other intentions apart from examining her swollen foot. Besides, she was the one who came over just to thank him. He couldn’t just leave her alone after she hurt her foot!

While dwelling on what he could do to help her, he was suddenly struck with inspiration!

If I’m not mistaken, there is a medical ability in the navigation system’s skill adding interface!

Su Qiubai became elated and used his mind to search for the skill. As a matter of fact, he found that the medical skill itself came in many different types!

After browsing through all the different choices, he chose the massage skill and added twenty growth points to it.

Suddenly, he felt his mind widen the skills of a masseuse, especially the knowledge about the distribution of acupuncture points and tendons in the human body. It felt like all the information had been led in his brain the whole time.

He anxiously told Dong Jiawei, “Let me have a look at it. I’ve learned some massaging techniques before, I may be able to treat the swelling.”

Su Qiubai’s words were honest and sincere!

Dong Jiawei was taken aback. The of silent had made her inexplicably nervous and scrambling to find a reason to excuse herself; Mr. Su, who had been sitting facing her, never uttered a word.

After being silent for a long time, he suddenly announces that he knew massaging techniques before… Could he be…

With that thought, Dong Jiawei rejected his offer and reassured Su Qiubai that she would just paste on some medical plaster after going home.

But how could Su Qiubai just agree to let her leave in that state? He didn’t even get the opportunity was too precious to let go.

So he insisted and slowly walked towards Dong Jiawei.

This flustered Dong Jiawei even more. She really wanted to refuse, but he did save her father. He might have good intentions after all…

After much effort, Su Qiubai finally managed to take off her high heels.

Dong Jiawei shivered when Su Qiubai placed his hand on her foot. She had never let a man touched her feet before. She felt ashamed and annoyed at the same time.

But in the next moment, a special energy passed over from his big hand. Dong Jiawei could feel the pain reduced as a little numbing relief spreaded across the swollen area.

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But, her foot was still in unbearable pain. If it wasn’t her efforts to stop herself from screaming out loud, she was certain that she would have embarrassed herself in front of him.

Su Qiubai didn’t notice Dong Jiawei’s reaction. He just felt that her foot was not as stiff now.

He immersed himself fully in the task of massaging her foot as the swelling began to dissipate under his careful observation.

Dong Jiawei’s foot had really swollen up a lot. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have caused her so much pain that she couldn’t walk.

The two of them were in a very tantalizing situation, but due to the seriousness in Su Qiubai’s actions, Dong Jiawei didn’t feel apprehensive anymore, instead she had a natural sense of comfort.

She even felt a little dejected left her foot.

“You’re done?” Seeing Su Qiubai got up, Dong Jiawei asked softly.

“Yes… The swelling is healed. Try walking.” Su Qiubai grinned in satisfaction.

Dong Jiawei gently stood up after wearing her high heels again. Initially, she still had some wariness, but after taking a few steps, she realized that she actually felt a lot better. The pain was gone!

“It’s really recovered! You’re so talented!”

Astonished, Dong Jiawei praised Su Qiubai with widened eyes.

Su Qiubai smiled in embarrassment, he didn’t know what to say. He would always shy away whenever he was around ladies, not to mention the fact that she was such a beautiful lady.

Both of them felt closer with each other after that.

They continued to chat for a while more before Dong Jiawei’s cell phone rang all of a sudden. She felt very uncomfortable after seeing the phone number.

A disgusted sound could be heard after she picked up the call.

“Ms. Dong, you refused to watch a movie with me yesterday. Do you really want me to teach you a lesson?”

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