Chapter 131: Mutual Exchanges

No one seemed to be able to make out what type of person Xia Jinyuan was because he was mysterious to the point of making people wary although he himself also remained very much genuine.

He always had his tricks to make people submit to him of their own volition. While others were still rejoicing at the thought of becoming closer with him, he would widen the gap between them in just a moment.

Facing a man who was capable of manipulating his emotions with such ease, Ye Jian’s first thought was, So troublesome!

The tip of her nose was still warm from the heat of his fingertips, and without changing her expression, she smiled and said, ”Excuse me, I really was not imagining things. First of all, I have no time to. Second, I’m still young, so I don’t understand. Third, I still remember what Captain Xia said—that I should keep my distance from men.”

“Captain Xia is also a man—one who is much more outstanding than a small boy, that is why I have to keep an even larger distance between Captain Xia and me.”

What a bright and eloquent lass. Her traps are as good as those set by adults, and she even knows how to stop me from saying anything.

However, the car came to a stop with a groan, and as he pulled the handbrake, Xia Jinyuan had already gotten so close to Ye Jian to the point that she could clearly see how thick his eyelashes were…

His deep eyes stared directly at her hibiscus-like face which carried a slight smile on it, and he lightly laughed, “No, you can keep your distance with every single man, but you can’t keep your distance from me.”

His voice contained a chilling coolness when he suddenly spoke, as if a guqin was being played.

That type of deep yet clear voice was so unique to the point that every sentence and word was branded with the charm and elegance of the man named Xia Jinyuan.

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Alcohol could intoxicate others, but he too could do the same to people.

Ye Jian did not lose her calm because of his sudden approach. Conversely, the more he did, the better she was at maintaining her wariness, and her pupils became calmer.

“Of course, I can’t distance myself from you because…”

He was so close to her that she didn’t need to mind further closing the gap between them. Ye Jian inclined her body forward while speaking with a slight smile.

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Not only did their breaths start to overlap, but they were also so close to each other that if they even twitched their noses a little, they would have touched the other. “Because… I understand what Captain Xia means.”

He really had to admit that the lass was quite cunning. By closing in towards him, he had no way to pursue this further.

This secret match… What should he do? He seemed to have lost against her.

Her clear eyes which resembled the night sky had a gaze that seemed to reflect that he was the only thing in existence. Xia Jinyuan curved his lips into a meaningful smile, and he intentionally slowed down his speech as he spoke in a gentle voice akin to that of a lover, “My intentions are like this now, but I do not know if they will still be the same in the future.”

He had always been indifferent towards girls and mundane objects, and yet he met someone who was still underage and whom he was reluctant of being snatched away by someone else… This gave him a headache.

Ye Jian thought, It is still unknown if we will even meet in the future… The smile on her face unchanging as she said, “Who knows what will happen in the future? We have other pressing matters to attend to. I still need Captain Xia to mentor me well.”

Could they still keep their distance after she had asked him to be her mentor? Evidently, it was impossible! The ‘intentions’ that he had said aligned exactly with the ‘intentions’ that she had said.

The two of them ultimately ended their ambiguous chat with their minds still highly aware. When the car drove into the provincial army camp, Ye Jian started hearing shouts of vigor from the practice field.

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