Chapter 130: Who Became Whose Prey

Looking at her cheeky smile, she is retaliating against me… Tsk tsk tsk, sure enough, she’s a little fox. She already knows how to counterattack in such a short amount of time.

“This is getting interesting, Student Ye.” Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows while stating that sentence with a faint smile on his face. Then, he drove the car while being urged from the traffic behind.

The lass was smart, yet she didn’t know that men in actuality were born hunters.

Whereas he, Xia Jinyuan, was one of the more outstanding people among hunters. The more she became as cunning as a fox, the more his interest was piqued.

Ye Jian did not understand, so naturally, she also did not understand the so-called “thrill of the hunt”amongst men, but she subconsciously felt that the “this is getting interesting” vibe coming from his tone… had already exceeded the parameters of regular communication.

If she had to say, having mutual exchanges with an elegant yet dangerous man was indeed… quite interesting.

Her ink-like brows rose up slightly. She tilted her head as she braced her elbow on the window to support her lower jaw. With a smile on her face, she looked in askance at the man who had a great side profile, and between his brows lurked nobility and pride. She dragged her pronunciations, “What should I do~, I am also starting to find this interesting~”

“Captain Xia, what do you say? Who is more interested in the other, hmm?”

Who is more interested in the other? That can’t really be determined precisely, at least for now… Xia Jinyuan hooked his lips up, and he lazily laughed, “Student Ye Jian, you are only fourteen years old, yet you are discussing with a fully grown twenty-year-old man about who is more interested in the other. What do you say? Who is more interested in the other, hmm?”

The words of central China were so broad and deep, and even though it was the same sentence, it would harbor different meanings coming from different mouths.

Ye Jian slightly squinted her eyes; she was not just fourteen years old. But before that, she still had yet to completely capture the point when he said, “This is getting interesting.”

But now, after looking into his eyes, which resembled the galaxy, overflow with vigor, she realized where the interest of the elegant man in front of her in herself was coming from.

If this was indeed a hunt, she didn’t mind giving it a try and seeing who would eventually become whose prey.

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Straightening her body, she immediately leaned towards the man who was driving. She looked at him with a smile on her face, and as she twinkled her eyes, the starlight seemed to shimmer in her ripple-like eyes.

“Captain Xia, I’m different from you. I’m only fourteen years old, so I don’t understand everything. When you said who was interested in whom, by this ‘interest,’ what type of interest do you mean? Is it okay if you explain it?”

Her distance from him was very close, to the point where her orchid-like scent swayed at the tip of his nose.

Her pretty pupils that had distinct blacks and whites were pure like stars, yet they harbored the enticing charms of a woman.

It is precisely this unique beauty of hers that made myself unknowingly see her as a woman and not as a fourteen-year-old underage girl.

Am I tempted?

No, he very clearly understood that when he said that it was getting interesting, his interest had nothing to do with being moved. Rather, it was just “curiosity”—the curiosity that he, as a man, had towards a woman.

Again, he fully understood that the woman he was curious about was only fourteen years old; therefore, his interest in her consisted of pure motives, and it had nothing to do with lust. It was the kind wherein he wanted to take good care of her as he waited for her to bloom until she was fully grown.

“Silly lass, stop having arbitrary thoughts.” Xia Jinyuan raised his hand, and he lightly pinched the tip of her nose which looked pretty. His clear voice contained three parts seriousness and seven parts laughter as he acknowledged, “I am interested in you, but it’s not the type of ‘interest’ you are thinking. Little girls should not be thinking of random things all day long.”

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