Chapter 129: Males are Born Predators

At 6 pm, the sunset gathered back the last gleam of its rays, only leaving a red hot rosy cloud behind before disappearing behind the layers of clouds.

During the evening, Provincial High, which just entered the summer holidays, appeared to be peaceful. Even the two pairs of mandarin ducks that lived in the swan lake were staying in the water weeds, crossing their necks and enjoying the tranquil moment.

Ye Jian, who had walked out of the school compound, opened the car’s door and sat inside… The time was 6 pm sharp; she was not a minute too early, and she was also not a second too late.

She was punctual to the point that Xia Jinyuan felt slightly helpless. This lass has grasped her time a little bit too accurately!

Not one minute less, not one second more—she got in the car on time. Just… how badly did she not want to be with him for even one more minute?

“Grasping your time so precisely, aren’t you afraid of any delays happening while on your journey?” Starting up the car, Xia Jinyuan was wearing a smile as he started asking Ye Jian who was still in her school uniform, “You were so punctual for three consecutive days. Student Ye Jian, how badly do you not want to be in my presence even for one more minute?”

It was the same thing when returning. After exiting the car, she would just say, “You’ve had a long day. Goodbye.” She would then coolly leave with the view of her back against him without turning her head back.

On the first day, he was expecting that once she had entered the school compound, she would turn her head back and wave towards him. On the second day, he had hoped that she would appear around ten minutes early. On the third day… he didn’t even dare to wish for anything anymore. The lass simply became heartless, and had he fussed about the details, he would have been annoyed to the point that his liver would start hurting.

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Sometimes Xia Jinyuan would have a vague smile like a slight ripple, yet it was deep like an ancient well, and in general, he would be surrounded by an air of mystery that people couldn’t figure out.

At his roots, he was an extraordinarily refined and elegant man. If he continued to smile at her again every so often, Ye Jian would only feel that… every time she was together with him, the surrounding air would become too thin to the point that every time she inhaled, the air would be filled with the minty scent that originated from his body.

If it was just getting along with other people, she was generally able to deal with it leisurely. On the contrary, when dealing with Xia Jinyuan… she only had a feeling of uneasiness.

Hearing his inquiry, she hooked her lips. Maintaining her usual calmness, she blandly said, “I’m a very punctual person. Captain Xia can also be punctual and get here at 1800. There is no need for you to wait too long. Even if there were something that would delay me during my journey, I would not allow myself to break a promise.”

“But I like to get here earlier to wait for you. What should I do?” The traffic light switched to stop, and Xia Jinyuan tilted his head after he had stopped the car steadily in front of the pedestrian lane. After seeing Ye Jian’s pale complexion, he slightly raised his brows and offered, “Should I turn up the air conditioning? You… seem hot.”

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Naturally, I’m hot! She pinched the time to run all the way here. Even though the sun had already set, the day was still hot, and there was still residual heat in the air!

Furthermore, the guy who was sitting beside herself always liked to say stuff that would cause people to misunderstand. As a girl that had already matured, is it not normal for her to feel awkward?

Only after mumbling “twenty years old” multiple times in her heart did Ye Jian sweep away the awkwardness that appeared every time they met.

Once her heart had calmed down, her expression became clearer. The moment the light turned green , Ye Jian turned her head and smiled towards Xia Jinyuan who was still releasing his manly charms towards Ye Jian. “Of course I’m hot. I ran all the way here, so what should I do? Because I didn’t want Captain Xia to leave me behind, I could only tax myself a little bit more.”

Her smile was like a flower blooming—enchanting yet so pure. The dark pupils that were staring at him were so pretty to the point that the night sky that was hanging in the heavens above was incomparable to the beauty of her pupils.

Just like that, while he was caught unprepared, her smile together with her “What should I do?” ruthlessly rammed into his eyes, and he felt as if it had left an imprint on his heart.

“Captain Xia, if you don’t start driving, the traffic police uncles will have to come over.” His dazed expression made Ye Jian raise her lips, and her jet black pupils started to ripple along with a slight smile. Heng! She knew the tricks that were up his sleeves, too!

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