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Chapter 128: Understanding from Contact

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“Do you want to know why?” His lips slightly curled upwards, and without his army uniform suppressing his honorable and rhetoric temperament, Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine could feel what it meant to be extraordinarily exalted.

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The outline of the side of his face was exceedingly perfect. His smile and the corners of his eyes curved upwards, revealing a subtle hint of evil. It was the kind that would make a girl’s heart beat faster and the sort of manly charm that would hypnotize them to follow him with their gazes subconsciously.

Maybe, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon himself was conscious of this fact, so his smile would at most be just a slight raise in the corners of his mouth, yet his deep eyes would remain as still as ever.

Still, whenever he faced Ye Jian, there would always be much indulgence and many exceptions. As long as he was not carrying out a mission, he would not restrict his charm even by a bit, so that he could converse with her naturally with his authentic self.

Ye Jian’s eyebrows creased slightly, and then she said with a slight laugh, “I don’t want to know. Anyhow, I already know about the outcome I want.”

Her response made the smile on his lips deepen, and the corner of his eyes rose slightly, while his dark pupils flashed a trace of a dark light which was gone after only a few breaths.

Although he liked to tease her and look at her face’s vivid expressions, he also knew when enough was enough.

“Principal Chen said that although he is hoping for you to be involved in more actual combat, he is still not feeling relieved.” Facing a lass that would cocoon herself in a hard shell once she sensed something amiss, he could only be more patient with his patience, “At 1800, I will be waiting by the school’s front gate. I will be training you for the next week.”

After hearing that, Ye Jian stealthily drew in a deep breath and then said, “I hope I did not bring you any inconvenience.” That was to say, she would be under his care and guidance for the next seven nights.

“It’s no trouble. On the contrary, I’m quite enthusiastic,” Xia Jinyuan said with enjoyment while leisurely being entertained by the subtle changes of the expression on her face. His abysmal pupils had indeed never tried to cover up that he was enthusiastic about being her instructor.

His tone that kept on poking fun at her gave Ye Jian a most significant headache. He seemed to be trying to express something, while in reality, there was nothing to be expressed, and everything was just her pure imagination.

Once he saw her crease her brows, Xia Jinyuan restrained his expression, and his casual posture revealed an edge that couldn’t be overlooked. “You can now head to the canteen and have a meal. If you do not appear at the gate by 1800 sharp, ride your own car to the shooting range.”

When Ye Jian wanted to open her mouth, she swiftly felt a baleful gaze resting on her. She nodded in response, and her body slightly leaned towards her side, looking towards the owner of the gaze through the corner of her eye.

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“Someone’s behind the tree on your 3 o’clock. A student from the town, female, shoulder length hair.” Xia Jinyuan raised his arm, and his slender hand rested on Ye Jian’s shoulder, creating an optical illusion that looked like he was pushing Ye Jian away, so she would turn around and go back into the school compound.

Due to his actions, Ye Jian was directly facing towards the sycamore tree.

Ye Jian found out who the girl shadily hiding behind the tree was with one glance. Who else could it be aside from Ye Ying?

Ye Ying leaned towards the tree with her body, and as she stared at the guy who was being friendly with Ye Jian without even blinking, her lips curved up into a ghastly yet cold smile.

It is a pity that I do not have a camera. Otherwise, once I take pictures and post them up on the school blackboard, ke. Even if Principal Chen were to appear, he will not be able to explain why Ye Jian is being intimate with a guy!

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